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Exile Chapter 88

Holding the beauty in his arms, the young manservant’s heart kept beating out loud. First, because he was afraid. Second, because Lou Jingyu was really a beauty. Such a beauty in his arms didn’t wear much clothes, only few men could be indifferent to this situation.

Obviously, he couldn’t.

Fortunately, it was late, and not many people saw him.

It was good that no one saw, but now the problem came. He seldom went to the back of the residence. He didn’t know the room where Miss Lou girl lived in, and there was no one to give him the way. What should he do?

He wanted to cry without tears. In the end, he couldn’t find a way and brought Lou Jingyu to his room. He planned to spend the night outside.

After throwing down all the bedding on his bed, he put the quilt wrapped Lou Jingyu onto the plank bed. The young manservant practically closed his eyes when he covered Lou Jingyu with a quilt.

He tucked in the quilt corner for Lou Jingyu. Before the young manservant could breathe a sigh of relief, his hand was suddenly held by something soft.

“Hmm~~ Cousin~ Why did you come only now? I’ve been waiting for you till midnight.” In the dark, Lou Jingyu said with faint breathing.

Following after, she pulled her ‘cousin’ to the bed.

The young manservant was trembling with fear. Just as he was going to scamper off double-quick, he saw Miss Lou suddenly undo the few clothes on her body and snuggled him. Then a pair of smooth thighs wrapped around him.

… …

Jiang Mao didn’t care about this night’s event anymore, except that he hated Lou Jingyu even more, because later, he was busier.

The first time he saw the old Emperor awake was a few days later. Unexpectedly, the old Emperor didn’t make things hard for him, but compared with other princes, the old Emperor was very indifferent to him.

This attitude was also expected by Jiang Mao. If not for the old Emperor was muddleheaded, he would not be here at this time――The Imperial Court’s talented people were withered; none could be of use, and none of the princes could make things difficult for him.

Of course, the other princes here didn’t include the fifth prince. In his hands, he had the life of Third Prince and almost killed Sixth Prince. Up to now, he had also imprisoned the sixth prince. In the first place, the old Emperor didn’t like this prince with ordinary qualifications, but now he didn’t like the fifth prince even more.

But in addition to Jiang Mao, Jiang Jun and fifth prince, the remaining princes were still young, and the oldest was only ten years old.

The old Emperor’s attitude towards the fifth prince was mainly based on ‘out of sight, out of mind’.

In this regard, the fifth prince was relieved. In fact, he didn’t need to worry as much as before. Except for the fourth son, who Imperial Father didn’t like since he was a child, he was the only son who was mature and healthy. Even if Imperial Father was dissatisfied with him, what could Imperial Father do? Imperial Father couldn’t live long, and couldn’t touch him at this time, right?

Thinking in such a way, the fifth prince felt that the old Emperor could not leave him, and so he acted more and more presumptuous.

However, the old Emperor actually was as the fifth Prince had expected; all along bearing with him.

Until after a month, the fugitive Du Cheng colluded with the neighboring country in armed rebellion.

It had to be said that Du Cheng had long planned for rebellion. Many officials of the Imperial Court had been drawn to him. Besides, now that the third prince was gone, the sixth Prince was in prison, and the old Emperor was dying, the Imperial Court was a bit disorderly. So when he rebelled, many people he had drawn in, responded to him.

Imperial Court.

During Du Cheng’s stay, he killed many officials who did not want to deal with him, in addition to the storm that Su family had to deal with before. Now, there were few capable people in the Imperial Court. As soon as there was a rebellion, the Imperial Court was in disorder.

Although Jiang Mao went to the court session every day, he seldom took part in political affairs. He didn’t do much, namely, he ran through the affairs of Su family and applied to establish Su Caicai as heir. Up to now, this had not bore a result.

This time, Jiang Mao didn’t plan to get involved.

However, the old emperor and the fifth prince, who usually didn’t put their eyes on Jiang Mao, thought of Jiang Mao at this time. Merely to say that Jiang Mao, who once led the army and fought in wars, was the most suitable person for counter-insurgency.

Jiang Mao sneered in his heart and of course, he could not agree: “Imperial Father, Son had merely a small scale battle before, how can Son undertake the task? Son wants to recommend a person, who will surely shoulder this big responsibility.”

The aging emperor rarely dragged the sick body to the court: “Who is it?”

“Bai Canning, Bai Daren.” (Daren is title of respect toward superiors)

“No.” The old emperor refused without thinking.

Bai Canning was the one he retained to guard the capital city. With Bai Canning here, he didn’t need to worry too much about the capital city. How could he let Bai Canning out?

Met with forced request to take over the counter-insurgency commander-in-chief seal, Jiang Mao had no real feelings for the old emperor, even though he was the biological father of this body. In his eyes, the old emperor was the same as Consort Lou.

“As for you, consort mother…” The old emperor twirled his beard with his finger as said to him, “after you leave, she’ll be alone in the residence, and you won’t be at ease. Let her move to the palace.” Jiang Mao’s consort mother meant Consort Lou. (there is a lot of consort mothers in the palace)

Everyone else knew that Jiang Mao was a great filial son, and the old emperor thought so. He planned to use Consort Lou to exchange for the command seal back later.

Was this threatening him with Consort Lou?

Jiang Mao was sneering in his heart, but on the surface, he showed struggle. Finally, he had no choice but to take the command seal.

When Jiang Mao walked out of the palace, he  held the command seal as he sneered. All the time, he did not fight. He only wanted to spend his life with Su Qingbai, Caicai and Fanfan, but others only thought he was weak and easy to cheat. At this stage, he couldn’t bear it any longer.

… …

The Imperial Court was in a state of mutual hostility, but it didn’t affect people outside the palace at all.

After leaving the palace, Jiang Mao went to Su Qingbai’s tavern.

Seeing Jiang Mao, Su Qingbai was very happy, but he still asked: “didn’t just stay here yesterday? Why are you coming again?”

Jiang Mao said with a smile, “isn’t because I miss you?”

Jiang Mao was rarely being corny, but Su Qingbai couldn’t take it on. He pulled Jiang Mao’s sleeve and sat down. “Recently, for some reason, there are many people coming to the capital. The food and wine are not enough.” He turned over the account book with a smile. “I made a hundred taels more than last month.”

The more he talked, the more pleased he was. Su Qingbai couldn’t help but plan with his fingers. “When I have saved more money, I plan to buy a hundred mu of land next to my dad’s. Besides, I think the travelling caravans also make a lot of money……” (100 mu is about 16.5 acre)

No matter what Su Qingbai said, Jiang Mao nodded and followed him.

When he finished, Jiang Mao took him to the second floor. Sitting in Su Qingbai’s bedroom, Jiang Mao said to him, “Qingbai, I have something to do and going to leave for a while.”

Su Qingbai blinked: “how many days? Or a month?”

Jiang Mao struggled to say: “maybe longer.”

To be honest, Jiang Mao had no talent to lead soldiers to war. At best, he had read some military books.

Fortunately, when he was in Cangzhou, he had won the support of talented people. That’s why his very small Cangzhou could develop steadily.

In addition to Jiang Mao, as the perfectly justified counter-insurgency Grand Marshal, the old emperor also promised him in the Imperial Court, to assign the regional generals  to him, except for Bai Canning and the defenders in the capital city.

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