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Exile Chapter 89

“What about Jiang Mao? Where did he go at this time?” Consort Lou roared at Steward Liu, who was kneeling on the ground, “hurry up and call him back.”

Steward Liu repeatedly answered ‘yes’ before he went out to find someone.

Watching Steward Liu leave, Consort Lou, who was panting with rage sat on the stool and breathed deeply. She didn’t understand. Things had been well. How did the patient who had been sleeping for a few years woke up? And even could move?

This was by no means a good thing for her.

Contrary to expectations, this time, that old fool even wanted to assign Jiang Mao to go away, who was the only one she could rely on.

And Jiang Mao?

At this time, Jiang Mao was lying on the big bed of Su Qingbai in the tavern, holding Su Caicai in his right hand and Jiang Fanfan in his left hand. With a grieving heart, he said, “when Dad comes back, if any of you does not recognize Dad, I will beat you to death.”

Su Caicai listened to Jiang Mao keep harping on and went to sleep just like that. Meanwhile, Jiang Fanfan stretched out his paws to Jiang Mao’s chest inside the clothes, as if he was hungry and wanted to suck the breast――The two brothers, none of them listened to Jiang Mao.

Jiang Mao had become more aggrieved.

He had to harass Su Qingbai, who was folding clothes for the two children at the end of the bed.

He hugged Su Qingbai from his back, but in exchange for Su Qingbai’s elbow――he was still angry for Jiang Mao’s going to the battlefield.

“I’m leaving.” Jiang Mao said pitifully. Su Qingbai sighed helplessly; he could no longer be heartless to condemn Jiang Mao.

In the evening, Su Qingbai took a bite on his shoulder when they were lying in bed. “You have to go early and get back early, otherwise…” Su Qingbai took a look at him and threatened: “if something happens to you, I won’t be faithful. At that time, I will have three wives and four concubines, have several mistresses at the same time and let your sons to call someone else a mother.”

Jiang Mao promised again and again that he would come back alive.

Just like that, Jiang Mao left. Before he left, he had a talk with Su Lingchuan. After thinking about it again and again, Jiang Mao asked Su Qingbai to move in with Su Lingchuan.

In the days when Jiang Mao left, Su Qingbai was like a  person who lost his soul. Staying in Su House, he didn’t have the heart to do anything. That is a battlefield, ah.

“Qingbai――” Madam Su sighed. Seeing that he was always in a daze, she called out to him: “come here and help Niang pick vegetables. There is more work than Niang can deal alone.”

“Oh, coming.”

Madam Su gave him a handful of leeks and asked him to sit on the bench and pick them.

After a while…

“Ai-yah.” Madam Su took a look at him and said, “this vegetable is still good. Why did you throw it away? Forget it, give me the vegetable. Go out and play for yourself.”

Su Qingbai stood up and blanky said, “Oh.”

Outside, Xu Qian saw this scene and called Su Qingbai out of the kitchen, “how about going out for a walk? Take the children.”

“Going out?” Su Qingbai hadn’t said anything, but Su Qingtong’s ears were quite quick. He came closer and said, “Good, let’s go together. I’m going to buy paper and ink.”

Xu Qian glared at him for a quick look. How was this man unable to see the fitness of things and unable to see that he was comforting Su Qingbai?

“All right.” Su Qingbai smiled at him. It also was useless for him to worry. He’s a bit in a confused state of mind these days that he had ignored Caicai and Fanfan a bit. The children’s big dad had gone and he as the other Dad didn’t care much about them, how sad would they be? Just by chance, took the children out to eat, drink and play.

Jiang Fanfan couldn’t go. He was too young.

So Su Qingbai and Xu Qian, each held a child and brought Su Qingtong out of the door.

They went to buy writing brush and ink first. Only after Su Qingtong finished buying all the things he wanted, they wandered around the street.

“Here, handkerchief.” Xu Qian looked at the half face of Su Caicai, which was beyond recognition because of the messy eating. He handed over the handkerchief and said, “wipe.”

Su Qingbai looked at the clean and lovely Su Qin in Xu Qian’s arms, and then looked at the child in his own arms. He quickly reached out to wipe his son’s mouth. On one side, he wiped Su Caicai’s mouth while Su Caicai was still chewing.

“Want.” Su Caicai had gone out with Jiang Mao often. He was also a knowledgeable person and knew which shop’s food was delicious. As they were walking, Su Caicai ―who knows what he saw― suddenly pointed to a shop with glittering eyes.

Holding Su Caicai’s small hand and pulling it back, Su Qingbai said: “what ‘want’? You’ve eaten much, already turning into a piglet.”

Su Caicai complained, “Daddy often buys it for me.”

Su Qingbai knew that this Daddy did not mean him.

Su Qingbai sighed, he had no alternative but to yield one more time. “This is the last time, Dad has no money. If you randomly want something to eat again, I will send you to the boss to pay the debt in labour.”

“Boss, give a half catty of this, and…” Su Qingbai pointed to the snacks placed on the shop. While he asked for some of Su Caicai’s regular snacks, he raised his head to say to the boss. In the middle of it, he froze.

The boss was also stunned speechless. Su Qingbai looked back at Su Qingtong and Xu Qian. They were also stunned speechless over there.

The boss was actually Sun Yun.

Her lips trembled as she looked at Su Qingtong who been chatting happily with Xu Qian, slowly coming over. Su Qingtong had came back.

He was dressed in a brocade clothes――this was intentionally worn by Su Qingtong to go out for a stroll. He had his head raised and chest out; he was confident, free and at ease. He totally lost his powerlessness as he had in the mountain village. He was as young and handsome as he was when they first married.

Xu Qian also knew of Sun Yun. He didn’t like this woman very much. When he looked at this woman, he rolled his eyes, took Su Qingtong’s hand in one hand, and acted coquettishly as he said: “I want to eat, too.”

Su Qingtong had goose bumps all over his body. After taking a look at his ex-wife again, he had no waves in his heart. Then he went forward, bought some cakes and handed them to Xu Qian, while allowing Xu Qian intimately wrapped around him.

Looking at Su Qingtong’s leaving back, Sun Yun’s butt fell on the stool.

He was back? Even had a good life? How come? How long would that be?

Su family was out of trouble. Then, what did her departure regard as?

Sun Yun sat there and suddenly cried.

Her whole life had been really harmed by that father and older brother of hers.

“How is business today, madam?” The day’s business ended, and her husband, whom she had been living with for nearly a year, came over while laughing gently.

Lost in thought, Sun Yun sat there looking at her obese husband, who was almost ten years older than her. Su Qingtong’s handsome figure appeared in her mind.

Sun Yun reluctantly smiled, not taking the outstretched hand of her husband, which was too fat.

Could she still be happy? Impossible.

People who used to love her didn’t love her anymore―― Xu Qian liked men, Sun Yun knew of it. Just now, Xu Qian and Su Qingtong were so close and Su Qingtong didn’t refuse at all. Instead, he looked as if he was used to it. What kind of relationship could they have?

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