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Exile Chapter 92

It was already evening when Su Qingbai found Hu Hong. He’s very anxious: “Jiang Jun took the two children away. He’s so unreliable and there’s the shop, I’m not at ease. I’d have to inconvenience you to help me find him and tell him to bring them back.”

On the night of receiving Jiang Mao’s news, Consort Lou took her niece to the palace to ask the old emperor to give a status to the child in her niece’s belly, so that in the future, the child could inherit Yue Wang Residence.

The old emperor could not help frowning after hearing her intention. Consort Lou was too much. Her son’s bones had not yet cold, but she was concerned about his legacy. It was rather too unsightly.

Besides, Lou Jingyu and Jiang Mao were not husband and wife. Who could prove that the child was Jiang Mao’s?

This matter had many implications, and also a lot of inconvenience. The already exhausted old emperor seemed to have no energy to manage it. So he issued a decree; from now on, every big thing that involved Yue Wang Residence, whether Lou Jingyu’s unborn baby was the son of Jiang Mao or not, it was to be checked by the fifth Prince and the state officials to determine the truth.

That fifth son of his was not big hearted; he wouldn’t easily follow Consort Lou’s wishes.

He didn’t have the strength to deal with it, so he didn’t deal with it, only handed it over to let themselves go slowly be implicated.

At this moment, all parties tacitly ignored Jiang Mao’s request to establish the heir, and forgot Su Caicai, who could not bring benefits to all parties.

When Jiang Jun got the news, he immediately sent someone to pick up Su Caicai and Jiang Fanfan. The hard-earned family fortune that was accumulated by his fourth elder brother could not be cheaply taken advantage of by the foe.

Yes, Jiang Jun thought that there was something fishy with Jiang Mao’s case. The fourth elder brother was attacked by an assassin in the area under the fifth Prince’s uncle’s jurisdiction. He couldn’t help but think of it as something to do about the fifth prince.

As for Consort Lou, that greedy woman was even more unworthy. Anyway, about Lou Jingyu’s child; the fourth elder brother hated her so much, so how could it be the child of the fourth elder brother? Even if it’s true, compared with a child who had not yet been born, who fourth elder brother himself was not willing to acknowledge, he would certainly prefer the two little guys who he had watched growing up in the palm of his fourth elder brother.

The account book that Fourth elder brother used to request to establish heir should still be there. Looking at the two brothers who were leaning on the table and appeared to be absorbed in eating, Jiang Jun was immediately confident.

After looking at the time, Jiang Jun went to the two brothers and said, “Have you eaten enough yet? If you’re done, follow Uncle Seven.”

Jiang Jun had forced them to drink a bowl of porridge, but Su Caicai didn’t like porridge. In exchange, Jiang Jun had to promise him a chicken drumstick. At this moment, Su Caicai tore a chicken drumstick, and his oily little hand patted the white satin on his bulging belly, “not full~”

Jiang Jun looked at the oily hand mark left on his stomach and the corner of his mouth pulled up. He then just said that the sky was not morning anymore at this time and if he ate again, he would miss the time of attending the court session.

Jiang Jun came with Su Caicai. When Consort Lou’s people got the news, they reported it to her as soon as possible.

Hearing this, Consort Lou frowned and thought for a moment before she said to the person, “try to get that little thing for this consort. Remember, don’t let the emperor find out.”

… …

Jiang Jun was not idle here either. After he thought about it, in the end he settled down Jiang Fanfan properly and took Su Caicai alone to the palace.

Su Caicai was only under four years old. He got up early in the morning and he was tired after eating and drinking. He fell asleep as he was wrapped in clothes and hugged in Jiang Jun’s arms.

Very soon they reached the gate of the palace. Jiang Jun got out of the sedan chair with Su Caicai in his arms. He was about to walk in, but suddenly froze. There was a damp heat in his stomach, and he knew what it was.

This little brat had peed.

Jiang Jun also regretted it. If he had known it earlier, he wouldn’t have forced Caicai to drink the porridge.

But when he took a look at Su Caicai in his arms, he felt anxious again. Jiang Jun still chose to go back to the carriage. If such a small child was wearing wet clothes, he was easy to get sick. Caicai was a premature baby, how could he bear it?

After some consideration, Jiang Jun got a problem in mind. He went into the sedan chair, peeled off the clothes from Su Caicai’s lower body, wrapped him up in his own clothes, and then told his subordinate, “find a clothes shop nearby, buy one that little Gongzi can wear, and then send it to the palace.”

This Imperial Bodyguard was given to him by the fourth elder brother. Jiang Jun had only instructed him, and he no longer cared about anything else――the fourth elder brother would certainly not give him useless people. Jiang Jun thought he could find him in the palace.

Hiding in Jiang Jun’s arms, Su Caicai’s face was red. He also knew that he had peed his pants, and so he felt embarrassed.

Jiang Jun understood that it’s normal for a kid to pee his pants. He put his hand into his clothes and touched Su Caicai’s fleshy small butt, as he was about to take him out.

All of a sudden, a sound of footsteps came, obviously a group of people came.

“Seventh younger brother came early.” The person outside greeted Jiang Jun with a laugh.

In the sedan chair, Jiang Jun also laughed, then cautiously without a noise he put Su Caicai inside before he came out, “When do I? I’m just a gap between the front and back feet with fifth elder brother.”

However, the fifth prince wasn’t courteous with him anymore. He pulled a sneer and asked people to arrest Jiang Jun directly without any apparent effort.

Jiang Jun said in his heart that it’s not good. It seemed that the fifth prince was preparing for a big move.

That’s right, it was his turn if something happened to fourth elder brother. As long as he died, Imperial Father had to rely on the fifth prince even if he was not satisfied with him and passably would not have to be unwilling to send the throne to the fifth prince.

Facing the current situation, Jiang Jun was most worried about Su Caicai in the carriage.

Today’s move was a mistake, but he must not put Caicai in danger.

As Jiang Jun turned his head quickly, he was glad that Caicai was intelligent and didn’t make a sound.

Jiang Jun looked at the circle of soldiers, his face was pale, his legs trembled and his waist bent as he said, “Fifth elder brother, I know what you want. As long as you spare my life, I will listen to you.”

The fifth Prince smiled disdainfully, “Do you mean the woman whose surname is Lou?” He caressed his ornamental thumb ring on his finger, determined to win, “For the property of Yue Wang Residence, the woman surnamed Lou found a pregnant woman who pretended to be pregnant with the flesh and blood of fourth elder brother, trying to confuse the Imperial Household’s blood, naive.”

Jiang Jun looked up at him. “My bargaining chips are more than that.” Seeing that the fifth prince gave him a look, Jiang Jun continued, “I’ve been with fourth elder brother for such a long time. It’s not just for nothing.” He paused and went on: “even without the threat from that Consort Lou woman, the things left by the fourth elder brother are not more than half of what the fifth elder brother can get.”

There was a trace of interest on the face of the fifth prince, “Fine, your head is reserved first. Come, invite the Seventh Prince back to the residence.”

Jiang Jun was relieved to hear those words. When he saw the soldiers coming to take him, he used all of his strength to get free. “No need for you to exert yourself, I’ll do it myself.”

During this period, Jiang Jun “accidentally” dropped and broke the jade ornament given to him by the old emperor that he had worn for many years, and it didn’t attract the attention of others.

Seeing that the fifth prince didn’t even look at the sedan chair, Jiang Jun couldn’t help but feel relieved.

He only hoped that the Imperial Bodyguard would have brought the clothes sooner and found Caicai in the sedan chair.


As soon as Jiang Jun left, there was a bare butt child climbed down from the sedan chair, then with the support of the wall, he went to hide in the flower bed before he walked in the opposite direction of the sedan chair.

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  1. Consort Lou is a parasite! My gosh man. She hasn’t even seen her son’s supposed dead body and she trying to get her greedy paws on his money!
    Jiang Mao is going to cut off her Damn head for trying to harm his Caicai.