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Exile Chapter 95

The main hall, which had just been noisy, suddenly quieted down.

The fifth prince hooked up his lips and said to Consort Lou in a helpless look,”Ladyship Lou, no one has ever heard the matter of fourth elder brother going to establish heir.” 

Consort Lou’s face was white, she couldn’t figure it out; how could the obvious evidence be completely destroyed?

“Considering that fourth elder brother just died and Ladyship Lou is too sad to be in a confused state of mind, this prince will not investigate her. But there was a lot of delay in one’s proper business on this day. This time, it’s fine, but only this time alone, it’s not to be repeated.”

He was no longer looking at Consort Lou. Consort Lou was ambitious, but she had no ability to match her ambition. Twenty years ago, the birth of Jiang Mao saved her life. Twenty years later, with the power of Jiang Mao, Consort Lou did not die in the capital. Now Jiang Mao had gone, let’s see how long could she able to make trouble?

“Anything else? If there’s nothing, then let’s break up the meeting.” With that, after seeing no one came out, the fifth prince waved his sleeve and said, “let’s break…”

“Your servant have something to present.” Seeing that all the officials were going to leave, Li Jing ended up couldn’t get over the barrier in his heart and so he knelt down in front of the palace hall.

After taking over the memorial from the palace eunuch and looked at it, the eyes of the  fifth prince turned cold.


All the officials stood still in the hall, their tired feet trembling, but no one dared to speak out. Who could have thought that Li Jing would have the account book of Yue Wang in his hand when things had taken a new turn.

Consort Lou was proud now. She straightened her waist and waited for Su Caicai.


When Jiang Mao arrived in the capital, he went straight to Su Qingbai’s tavern, but was told that Su Qingbai was not there.

Then, Jiang Mao went to the Su House and learned that the children had been taken away. Su Qingbai also went to find them. Without stopping to rest, Jiang Mao went to Yue Wang Residence.

At this time, the eyes in the capital city were all on the Imperial City, and no one paid attention to the very minor Yue Wang Residence.

Going in through the back door, sure enough, he saw Su Qingbai.

It had been several months of not seeing each other. If it was in normal times, Su Qingbai would have been throwing himself at Jiang Mao and let loose joyously, but he didn’t have that kind of mind at present.

Su Qingbai was anxious; Caicai was taken into the palace, which he didn’t know how. As soon as he saw Jiang Mao, he immediately saw hope. Su Qingbai was embracing Jiang Fanfan, who slept like a pig in his arms, as he welcomed Jiang Mao. “Jiang Mao, you’re back. Caicai is taken to the palace, you go think a way to bring him back.”


Holding the sword, Jiang Mao looked towards the Imperial Palace with unclear expression. At the next moment, Jiang Mao called out to his subordinates, “GO!”

A group of people set out following after Jiang Mao. The direction was exactly of the Imperial Palace.

Jiang Mao originally planned to let the fifth prince relax his vigilance, knock out the influence of the fifth prince’s maternal family one by one, and rush back to the capital to take him down as soon as the fifth prince’s Uncle pleaded guilty. But now Jiang Mao couldn’t care about the previous plan. He just wanted to enter the palace as soon as possible and find Caicai. Then made those who provoked him pay the price in three-fold four times, whether it’s the fifth prince or Consort Lou.

Jiang Mao hurried into the palace. It’s hard for such a large group of people not to be noticed.

Because the old emperor cherished his life, most of the defenders of the capital city were sent to guard the city walls. He was afraid that all the local army were taken away and no one was blocking the rebel army along the way, he was afraid that the rebel army would come to the capital city. There were still some soldiers around the old emperor. Although there were not many, they were all elite.

Jiang Mao and his people took a small path to enter the Imperial City quietly. At this time, they went straight to the Imperial Palace, but not many people stopped them and they also were not afraid of being stopped. After being bathed in the war, each and every officers and soldiers under his hand were already the best quality personnel.

O the way, the palace maids and eunuchs, who knew Jiang Mao, were all shocked. They wanted to report the news quickly, but were scared to the ground by the soldiers under Jiang Mao’s hand.

Jiang Mao was in a hurry to find Su Caicai. He almost ran into the palace. No one dared to stop him and even if they did, they couldn’t stop him.

“Fourth elder brother——” This was said by Jiang Jun who saw Jiang Mao from afar. He just waited for his subordinate before he escaped.

As soon as Jiang Jun approached, Jiang Mao raised his foot and gave him a kick. After nearly a year staying in the military, Jiang Mao’s strength increased a lot and he kicked Jiang Jun to the ground.

Jiang Jun covered his sore spot, crawled up to sit and said nothing. If Jiang Mao didn’t hit him, he would like to hit himself. After escaping from the fifth prince, Jiang Jun hurriedly came to find Su Caicai. But when he went back to the sedan chair, where was the sign of Su Caicai’s presence? Jiang Jun blamed himself very much.

At this time, Jiang Mao didn’t have time to question him. He turned around and didn’t look at him again. He took the soldiers forward.

“Go and get Yin Cheng.”

Yin Cheng was the second uncle of the fifth prince. The two brothers of the Yin family, one took literature arts and the other took martial arts. The eldest led the soldiers outside, while the second Yin Cheng was not in good health and although he was not an official, but he stayed in the capital city and did not lack to put forward plans and ideas for the fifth prince. And the eldest had been captured.

“Fourth Elder Brother.” After Jiang Jun got up from the ground, he hurriedly limped to catch up with Jiang Mao. “Are you looking for Caicai? I know where Caicai is now… ” After that, he told Jiang Mao everything that happened in the palace.


After waiting for a thousand and so on, eventually a few palace eunuchs brought over Su Caicai.

In the main hall, Su Caicai, who was asleep and wrapped in quilt, was held by a eunuch with both hands. Then the eunuch carefully went up to the hall and presented him to the fifth prince.

Fifth Prince didn’t know how to hold the child, so he didn’t pick the child up. Looking at the small clothed bundle in front of him, the fifth prince pulled up his sleeve and opened the corner of the quilt. Impressively, inside was the sleeping Su Caicai.

It’s still spring at this time. Su Caicai, who was wrapped in a quilt, had adapted to the temperature of the quilt. However, his small legs and small butt were suddenly exposed which then made him quiver in cold that he couldn’t help lift up his foot, stick out his birdie and peed.

The water column was even shooting high. It happened to fall to the side mouth of the fifth prince.

The face of fifth prince suddenly turned blue. He had grown up and yet he had never been so humiliated.

The group of ministers in the palace hall were also shocked to jump. Looking at the small thing and then again at the fifth prince, their hearts could not help but tremble.

The fifth Prince violently breathed in. The next moment, he raised Su Caicai up, wanting to throw him to the ground.

“Jiang Zhu, you dare!” All of a sudden, a loud male voice came to shout, and the owner of the voice was Jiang Mao.

When Su Caicai was lifted up, he was still a little dazed. When he heard Jiang Mao’s loud shout, he immediately woke up and was shaking again. In front of the Imperial’s civil and military officers, the birdie quivered for a while, and a few more drops of water came out.

Xah: Anyway… Fifth Prince was baptist in Golden Shower~

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