Exile Chapter 96

Upon seeing Jiang Mao, Jiang Zhu was shocked and couldn’t say a word. How could Jiang Mao appear?! Hadn’t he died?

“Give me my son!” Ignoring the astonishment on the civil and military officials’ faces, Jiang Mao, who dressed in martial attire, held his sword in one hand and extended the other hand to the fifth prince.

At the side, Consort Lou wanted to put in a few words, but no one paid attention to her. Even Jiang Mao didn’t look at her or the baby in her arms when he came in.

The adults were in a state of mutual hostility. Su Caicai straightened up his waist in the hands of the fifth prince. He was three years old and nearly four years old, he believed that he was a big boy and knew to feel embarrassed. He was a little shy being stark naked in the face of so many people.

Su Caicai raised his head to look down at the most handsome man, and he knew that the man was his dad, who always caught him for a bath. Although they were separated for almost a year, Su Caicai was relieved at the sight of Jiang Mao. He struggled to get off from the Fifth Prince Jiang Zhu’s body.

At this time, the fifth prince was sluggish; thinking that Jiang Mao really could not be offended, he let Su Caicai slipped down.

As soon as Su Caicai came down, Jiang Mao strode forward and carried him into his arms like a baby egg.

He touched Su Caicai’s small white butt, it was a little cold. He looked at Jiang Zhu in front of the hall and handed Su Caicai to Jiang Jun standing beside him. Next moment, he pulled out his sword and put it on Jiang Zhu’s neck.

Fifth Prince was a little sluggish. He had just digested the fact that Jiang Mao was still alive. Before he could think about the next step, he was held at blade point on his neck by Jiang Mao.

Pulling out a laugh, Fifth Prince pretended to be calm and said, “Fourth elder brother, what’s this supposed to mean?” He was a bit unclear. What’s Jiang Mao planning to do?

Jiang Mao turned to all the ministers and said loudly: “Fifth Prince Jiang Zhu harbored errant thoughts. In this year, he sent people to assassinate me many times and obstructing me from putting down the revolt. Capture him!” He said to his soldiers.

The palace hall was in a riot, shocked by Jiang Mao’s words. But a lot of people loyal to the fifth prince came forward and said, “Wait!”

This was said by a 70 year old minister, who seemed to have a great position among the group of ministers. “Your Highness Yue Wang, you are making irresponsible remarks. As soon as you opened your mouth, you poured such a basin of sewage on the fifth prince. This is the same as you not taking His Majesty and us, the Imperial Court’s civil and military officials seriously.”

The so-called dragon had reverse scales. Once touched, it certainly be furious. In Jiang Mao’s mind, Su Qingbai and his sons were his reverse scales. God knows that when he saw the fifth prince holding Su Caicai and was about to drop him, he really wanted to kill the fifth prince immediately.

Jiang Mao’s command did not changed. He snorted coldly and said to the fifth prince, “Do you want evidence? Jiang Zhu’s uncle has already pleaded guilty.” As he spoke, a group of soldiers who had stormed into the main hall had gathered around.

“Impossible!” The fifth prince turned white. At the moment, his mind was a little disorderly. Still, he didn’t know the specific situation and in any case, he would never admit it before seeing his uncle.

Although the fifth prince intended to do so, yet he believed in Jiang Mao in his heart: Jiang Mao came back, but his uncle didn’t come back…

Jiang Mao snorted coldly and stopped looking at him. Conveniently, he summoned a eunuch to bring a small seat for him to sit and then he waited for Yin Cheng to come.

With Jiang Mao’s confidence, the fifth prince became more and more nervous. Thinking of the military forces in Jiang Mao’s hand, he couldn’t help clenching his fist. Such Jiang Mao, who held the massive military force, survived. Was there any hope for him?

He couldn’t help but look at the figure where Jiang Mao was sitting.

Sitting in the palace hall and waiting for Yin Cheng, Jiang Mao had nothing to do, so wanted to play with his son. He went to stare at his Su Caicai, who were looking at him round eyes, and clapped his hands.

Before Su Caicai could react, Jiang Jun brought over Su Caicai in his embrace with a meaningful glance.

Just now, Jiang Mao couldn’t attend to Su Caicai and had to leave him with Jiang Jun. At this moment, as soon as Su Caicai saw Jiang Mao was going to hug him, he wailed as he swoop into Jiang Mao’s arms——Although he hadn’t see Jiang Mao for a while, but he was most familiar with Jiang Mao among these people in the palace hall.

Jiang Mao supported Caicai’s jolting little butt and chuckled as he asked, “Does baby miss dad?”

Such intimacy, and then compared with the little baby that no one was interested in the hands of Consort Lou, Consort Lou’s face turned a little ugly. But Jiang Mao didn’t care about her.

When entering the palace, Jiang Jun had told Jiang Mao everything. Thinking of what Consort Lou did, Jiang Mao sneered at her. He used to be too taken in consideration for reputation. Now, he dared to lead his soldiers into the palace and it didn’t matter whether he had a good reputation or not.

Su Caicai didn’t forget that he didn’t wear pants. Facing a group of strangers, he was uneasy and shy. At this moment, in Jiang Mao’s hand, Su Caicai put his chin on Jiang Mao’s shoulder, and his whole person fell into Jiang Mao’s embrace. When he heard Jiang Mao ask him, he nodded slightly.

Although the movement was light, Jiang Mao could feel it on his side. Jiang Mao brushed along with his disordered hair and covered his small butt and small fat legs with warm big hands, while his small feet were stuffed into Jiang Mao’s clothes.

Jiang Mao kneaded the small fleshy dango in his embrace. In front of the ministers, Jiang Mao simply restrained himself from having an intimate father-son relationship with Su Caicai.

Soon, Yin Cheng was brought. Before coming, he was taught a lesson.

“Master, here is the person.” A handsome man in white brought a person in. “This old boy almost escaped.”

Escape? This was to escape, afraid of being arrested for a crime. This time, no need to question via torture.

As soon as Jiang Mao appeared in front of people, Yin Cheng got the news. He soon realized that things had failed.

It’s said that Jiang Mao broke into the palace with his soldiers, and so Yin Cheng was not calm. He did not dare to expect Jiang Mao, who dared to lead his soldiers to enter the Imperial City, to take the fifth prince in consideration and spare his whole family.

While he hurriedly packed up his belongings and prepared to escape, he sent someone to inform the fifth prince. Who would have thought that he was surrounded by a group of soldiers before even leaving the house. Yin Cheng then knew that nothing much could be done about it now.

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    Aww bless JM he’s trying so hard bot be intimate with his son in front of everyone just shows how much of a cute, loving father he is??