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Exile Chapter 98

As soon as they returned to the Yue Wang residence, Jiang Mao saw Su Qingbai holding Jiang Fanfan, who was asleep, waiting for them in the drawing room.

Jiang Fanfan was wrapped in a small blanket in Su Qingbai’s bosom. As soon as Su Qingbai saw Jiang Mao and his son appear in front of him, he quickly welcomed them.

When the wind blew in the yard, the clothes on Jiang Mao’s which was not pressed properly, flapped out, revealing a small butt egg.

“How did he come back still naked?” During the conversation, Su Qingbai opened Jiang Fanfan’s blanket and thought of wrapping both brothers in the blanket. The result was that Su Caicai was too fat to wrap in.

Jiang Mao took the little ones over and said to Su Qingbai, “Go to the room.”

Entering the familiar room, Jiang Mao placed the two small ones side by side on the couch in the outer room, and without dealing with the dirty clothes, he pounced onto Su Qingbai.

The so-called short partings made the reunion even sweeter than honeymoon.

As a result, he pounce into the air. Then he saw Su Qingbai cupped Su Caicai’s fat white feet like the apple of his eye,and he was holding his son’s fat feet for a while, completely forgetting this husband of his was still standing next to him.

Su Qingbai hadn’t seen his son in a few days that he cared very much. So much so that he touched the growing small body; touched everywhere several times.

The son was fine and Su Qingbai was going to cry for joy. Suddenly, his bottom felt cold. Internally, he said: not good.

“Jiang Mao~” Su Qingbai quickly adapted to circumstances. While he lifted the pants that was peeled off by Jiang Mao, he rubbed against Jiang Mao’s chest and nicely said, “I miss you so much~”

Jiang Mao just smiled coldly. Missed him? Fart!

He was a big living man standing here, but the other person ran to his son without even looking at him.

Jiang Mao didn’t say those words. He only looked at Su Qingbai’s action of leaning into his arms, before seizing the opportunity to pick him up onto his shoulder and kicked open the bedroom door…

After a period of touching emotions, Su Qingbai’s waist had already softened. Might be he was stirred up by the waves, he still recklessly reached out his hand to feel the ever more sturdy muscles of the man. He gasped unevenly, then put his pillow up, sniffed at it and frowned. “What’s the smell?”

As soon as Jiang Mao patted his butt, he buckled the other into his embrace with one hand and his index finger went to drill the indescribable place again, “Oh—— I came back in such a hurry that I didn’t have time to take a bath…”

Jiang Mao had unexpectedly hadn’t taken a bath and got on his bed. All of a sudden, Su Qingbai sat up on the bed with a whoosh.

Without waiting for Su Qingbai to sit still, Jiang Mao stretched out his strong arm and pulled the man into his arms.

Being manhandled, Su Qingbai had to talk him over with a smile, “it really stinks. I’ll go fetch you a hot water to bathe.”

In return, Jiang Mao yet pushed him down on the bed, groped him and nibbled him again.

“Long time no see, but as soon as we met, you ignored me.”

The tone carried grievance that once Su Qingbai heard it, he was so amused. He obliged to coax the other man like Caicai and Fanfan, stuck closer and rubbed against the other man’s neck.

In fact, when did he really ignore him? Holding a big lump in his arms, he could finally ease down his suspended heart of many days. Holding Jiang Mao, Su Qingbai’s heart was full.

Jiang Mao didn’t bother Su Qingbai anymore. There were a lot of things waiting for him outside.

As soon as Su Qingbai walked out of the door, a large number of people surrounded him, and each of them with an extraordinary temperament. Su Qingbai was shocked to jump.

“Where’s Lord Wang, many officers and soldiers are waiting outside the city for him to help them settle down. How can he not appear for a long time?” A handsome yet somewhat acute man pulled Su Qingbai to ask when he saw the person coming out.

They had followed Jiang Mao back to Yue Wang Residence, and drank tea while waiting for Jiang Mao to put down little Shizi before he helped to settle down the officers and soldiers waiting outside the city. Who knows that after carrying the child to enter the house, the man did not come out.

The handsome man was called Xu Qiong. After waiting for a long time, when no one came out, he went to the rear courtyard to find Jiang Mao. Those hundreds of thousands were still outside the city.

In the end, Uncle Liu blocked him from the outside. Others didn’t know what the Master was doing inside. However, how could Uncle Liu not knowing, when he had been serving Su Qingbai for a while.

Just like this, a group of people waited outside for several hours.

Su Qingbai’s face burned when he learned that the group had been waiting outside for several hours.

With great difficulty, Su Qingbai came out. Xu Qiong thought Su Qingbai was the manservant and pulled his hand as he said, “Go, call out your Lord Wang.”

Jiang Mao took off his clothes and lay on the bed, waiting for the manservant to fetch water for bathing, so as to have a mandarin duck bath with his wife. As soon as Jiang Mao heard the noise outside, he randomly pulled out a clothes from the bedside cabinet and walked out.

When Xu Qiong saw the man coming out, he pulled the man to talk before he went out.

Jiang Mao got rid of him and let the others disperse. He turned to Su Qingbai while blocking Xu Qiong’s vision, he kneaded Su Qingbai’s butt. “It’s still unwell. Why don’t you go back to the room and rest for a while. When I get back from work, we can take a bath together.”

Su Qingbai took a look at Xu Qiong, who had not gone out of his eyes. His face was painted red and he glared at the other quickly before he nodded. Fortunately, Xu Qiong didn’t see it.

Jiang Mao chuckled, pinched his chin and kissed him before he let go.

After Jiang Mao left, Su Qingbai didn’t have time to go back to the room. He picked up the two children and washed them. Then each of them changed into crimson dùdōu and were put on the bed to let them continue to sleep.

Jiang Mao brought back two generals from Cangzhou, one was Xu Qiong, the other was Zeng Liu, whose name was almost unknown in the capital, but Su Qingbai got acquainted with him.

Such a person as Zeng Liu, if compared with Su Qingbai, not just in name only, but also in reality he was an evil tyrant. He relied on his distinguished family background to go dining, wining, whoring, gambling and making every variety of trouble exist under the sun. Before the age of 16, he caused a lot of trouble, but the family took the responsibility. At the age of 16, he got on the head of Sixth Prince. A prince was one he should not provoke. Soon, he paid a price for it. He was sent to serve a penal sentence to Cangzhou, and went to the battlefield.

People could not help clapping and cheering. No one thought that the scourge would come back a few years later, who also made only superficial changes in the army, established great merits and became a general.

After settling down the officers and soldiers outside, Jiang Mao brought the two back with him. When the two came back, they did not have a place to stay. Su Qingbai had long ago made people to clean up rooms for the two and heat their bath water.

Su Qingbai was afraid that Jiang Mao would drag him to make a fool of himself in the daytime, so he took a bath before Jiang Mao. Jiang Mao was afraid that Su Qingbai would catch a cold taking a lot of bath, so he had to wash alone.

Uncle Liu was sent to Jiang Jun’s place by Jiang Mao. When Jiang Mao took a bath, Su Qingbai, as the host, came to greet the guests himself.

“My goodness!” Upon seeing Su Qingbai, Zeng Liu didn’t drink tea anymore, he suddenly stood up and walked towards Su Qingbai, clapped him on the shoulder: “Why are you here, boy?”

Zeng Liu’s appearance changed so much that Su Qingbai could not recognize him at all. When he saw the man came up and patted him on the shoulder, he frowned before he shook him off. “Who are you? What are doing?”

“I’m Zeng Liu!” Zeng Liu ignored his attitude and lifted Su Qingbai like a chick to put him in front of Xu Qiong. “This boy is not a good thing, depending on his dad as the prime minister to act tyrannically. He is much more terrible than I used to be.”

Knowing that he was Zeng Liu, Su Qingbai thought: Pah, who can compare with you?

With that, Zeng Liu started again. He slapped Su Qingbai on the shoulder and laughed out loud as he said, “Lord Wang had really good talent, taking us two evil tyrants in the capital under his command and let us do things for him.” He was not ashamed at all to speak of the glorious deeds of the past.

Xu Qiong also lamented the Master’s ability.

During the conversation, Jiang Mao came out after taking a bath.

As soon as Jiang Mao arrived, Zeng Liu was very much well-behaved as he let go of Su Qingbai, sat around the stone table, and took up the teacup to drink.

Meanwhile, when the kitchen’s people saw Jiang Mao, they hurriedly asked people to start serving.

He had only pulled Su Qingbai to sit down, Steward Liu came back, “Lord, Ladyship Lou…”

As soon as Consort Lou was mentioned, Jiang Mao was in a bad mood and slapped his chopsticks on the table.

Xah: My goodness!! Two former evil tyrants were tamed by one person!

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