Exile Chapter 99

Once returned to the capital, Jiang Mao came back to see Su Qingbai directly after finishing the Imperial Court’s business. He didn’t look and pay attention to Consort Lou.

But never expected that Consort Lou didn’t feel embarrassed at all when Jiang Mao ignored her in front of all the civilian and military officers at court.

Jiang Mao was her son, and her son was in a position of power; power that overturned all levels of society. That heart of Consort Lou swelled up again. When Jiang Mao was not in the palace, Consort Lou bossed people around with a look as if she was the Master of the Imperial Palace.

Although Jiang Jun was dissatisfied with her, he had to hold back for a while in consideration of Jiang Mao. He planned to ask Jiang Mao to deal with her when Jiang Mao was finished with his things.

During this period, Consort Lou felt so well-regarded that she taunted and beat people who had not given her a good face for a while.

After a round of glory, Consort Lou asked the servants to prepare a banquet to welcome Jiang Mao.

This was not done for her conscience that discovered her dear son had narrowly escaped death and came back from the battlefield. She just wanted to tell everyone that Jiang Mao’s power was overwhelming and as the mother of Jiang Mao, she was the one in charge of the Imperial Palace.

Watching all this with the tail of his eye, Jiang Jun couldn’t help frowning. Consort Lou was so pretentious.

However, Jiang Jun didn’t stop her. Even if Consort Lou didn’t do the reception banquet, he would do it.


After listening to the servant report, Jiang Mao laughed angrily. If not for he didn’t need to make friends with influential officials in the capital city, not sure how many people would be offended if he did things like Consort Lou.

It seemed that in the future, he couldn’t indulge Consort Lou to go on absolutely unrestrained.

At the reception banquet, almost all the courtiers came. Jiang Jun, who was already the Crown Prince, and Consort Lou, who could not identify her own position, sat on the top seat.

Jiang Mao came with Su Caicai in one hand and Jiang Fanfan in the other.

If it was in the past, Jiang Mao was too lazy to deal with this kind of boring banquet, but for Caicai to have a footing here in the future, it was necessary to let people know that Caicai was his, Jiang Mao’s son, and also let others know that Caicai was not to be easily provoked by others.

It’s rare that Jiang Mao smiled and drank another cup of courtier’s toast. On one side, Su Caicai and his little brother sat on a small seat; one was drinking congee, the other was gnawing at the ‘so tragic of a sight that one could not identify what kind of’ meat.

“Gege~” As Jiang Fanfan was engrossed in drinking, the spoon dropped in. He was about to reach out inside the congee bowl to get it while he shouted to his big brother for help.

Su Caicai looked at his little brother’s dirty hand and face, and thought that his little brother was so humiliating. He pinched his sleeve and wanted to wipe it for him.

The attendant on one side was quick to stop Su Caicai, then took a very delicate handkerchief to clean Jiang Fanfan before Su Caicai, and took another spoon for him.

The action here soon attracted everyone’s attention. A person with aspirations looked at the happy brothers and cupped his hands in greeting before he said to Jiang Mao: “Your Highness, little Shizi is three days now, isn’t it? That day, Miss Lou gave birth to little Shizi in a hurry. It’s too dangerous. I don’t know how little Shizi is now?”

The proud Consort Lou, who had just been smiling, stiffened her face, stopped talking to others and perked up her ears to hear what Jiang Mao going to say.

Consort Lou comforted herself that Jiang Mao had been back for two days, he should know the whole story and in all likelihood he would surely not drop his mother’s face in front of these ministers.

Jiang Mao put down his cup and frowned, “Shizi?” Looking at Jiang Fanfan, who was holding his sleeve, Jiang Mao brought him into his arms, brushed along with his hair, and lovingly looked at Jiang Fanfan. “This Wang doesn’t know that there is another Shizi besides my son Jiang Zhui in Yue Wang Residence?” Jiang Zhui was the official name of Jiang Fanfan.

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