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Fairyland Lovers Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

Lin Xia pushed the door aggressively and was about to give Bai Qi, but was stumbled by a panicked man.

“Ghost! Female ghost! They are All ghosts!” Before waiting for Lin Xia to calm down, Tian Yong seemed to fall into the desert like a evil.

Lin Xia was dumbfounded by him and took out his makeup mirror to take photos. I didn’t have a smoky makeup today, and the lip gloss is also a light velvet rose, which costs more than 300 pieces. The white trench coat and boots are the new season of PRADA and Jimmy choo. A goods also cost her thousands of oceans, if the female ghost is dressed so beautifully, she can die without regret.

“No taste!” She curled her lips and turned to white. “What disease is this man treating? Is it neuropathy?”

Bai Qi sipped the golden wine from Gujue: “It is true that a leg injury may cause vegetative nerve disorders, which can lead to neurological diseases, but I think this case is still more frightened. What’s up you have ?”

If it weren’t for Bai Qi’s reminder, Lin Xia almost forgot about today’s business. She stepped on the high-heeled boots of 10 cm. Like stepping on the world, she stepped on the mahogany floor, flicked the A cargo Chanel handbag to the table, and sat down on the wheelchair left by Tian Yong with great force. : “If you ask me, I still ask you! The rent this month!”

Lin Xia, Miss Lin, is twenty years old this year, a sophomore in the performance department of a third-rate star school, and the only heir to the gold sword Lin’s psychic family.

Most importantly, she is a neighbor and landlord of Bai Qi who is upstairs.

The history of the Jindao Lin family dates back to the middle of the Qing Dynasty. When Huiban entered Beijing, the Lin family’s ancestors were selling drugs and practicing martial arts in the capital. The basic way is to play a gold wire ring knife, punch a punch, sell a circle of medicine, and so on. This career of selling in the rivers and lakes didn’t end until Lin’s ancestor looked at a lady’s infertility. With that expensive consultation, Lin started to buy a pharmacy and martial arts, and eventually became a famous city in Beijing. Beat the doctor.

But according to the speculation of the old father Lin Jiannan, the so-called cure of infertility is actually a handsome and handsome person in his ancestors, and had a child with the noble lady whose old man can’t afford the child. Therefore, the Lin family may still have a silent reproduction in a royal family, just waiting for everyone to recognize their relatives in the future.

This three-storey Italian-style mansion is the ancestral property of the Lin family. After the reform and opening up, it was given back to the Lin family. The name on the property certificate is Lin Jiannan. Although the father Lin Jiannan is extremely unreliable, he is also  filial piety” meaning that Miss Lin is very kind to her father, and her father is very filial to Miss Lin. In short, the father and daughter are both ancestral. In the old house, we lived together and lived in poverty and happiness.

Knowing that Lin Xia was eighteen years old, the father suddenly claimed that he would go out to make soy sauce, but he never went back … Lin Xia has been used to such things. In her eighteen years of life, Dad doesn’t know how many times he has gone missing. Every time it was basically ten days and a half months, and then appeared drunk at the door, but this time I waited for a year. And it wasn’t the dad who came back, but the frost-like cold young man.

“My name is Bai Qi, and we will live together in the future.” When he came to the house, Bai Qi took the preliminary letter of intent signed by Lin Jiannan and said that he had paid the deposit. Lin Xia had always wanted to find a tenant downstairs. She lived in such a big house and wasted her waste, and the old father’s deposit was almost exhausted. The appearance of Bai Qi saved her.

But what is “Let’s live together in the future?” Are you here to rent a house or you want a girl?

Lin Xia pointed angrily at Bai Qi’s nose: “Do you have a girlfriend?”

She said this to Bai Qi because if he had no girlfriend he would be allowed to move in. This little white face might be very beast in the heart? It ’s safer to have a girlfriend. If you don’t have a girlfriend, who can be sure that he doesn’t think about his hot body?

“I’m not here to live, I’m here to open a clinic.” Bai Qi said coldly, “And I’m not interested in third-tier female stars.”

Lin Xia is even more angry! Third-line female star? Her Miss Lin is a third-line female star!

She clearly couldn’t even count the fifth line!

Although he is the heir to the Golden Knife Lin family, Lin Xia does not have any idea of ​​her father’s business. Ever since he was 18 years old and scouted and filmed an ad, Lin Xia has been dreaming of becoming a female star.

The art enrollment of that year was already in sight. She did not have time to prepare and set foot on the examination room of the film academy. Although she was tall and beautiful, she was everywhere in the film academy. If you can’t sing or dance, the performance is even more unsatisfactory. The only talent is the ancestral five tigers broken door knife method. An 18-jin gold wire ring knife makes it a tiger … .. the results can be imagined.

Anyway, there are many acting colleges where you can pay for it now. Lin Xia is still very confident in herself. She feels that she looks like she can punch Fan Bingbing and kick Quan Zhixian. But when I really entered the Academy of Performing Arts, I realized that relying on natural beauty alone is not enough. As the saying goes, people rely on clothes and horses on the saddle, and a girl with a plain look next to her can overwhelm her light as long as she is dressed up.

Lin Xia was anxious, and carefully followed the group of white Fumei people to learn how to dress and how to put on makeup, and suddenly changed from the famous tomboy in Yanyu Hutong into a beauty makeup expert. If you can’t afford a genuine one, you can buy goods A, but the cost of goods A is not low!

(TN : Goods A : is the products top quality aka expensive) 

So despite Bai Qi’s annoyance, Lin Xia reluctantly accepted the tenant. 

Anyway, Doctor Bai really doesn’t seem to be interested in girls …

Lin Xia also feels that Bai Qi is a little weird, but the Golden Knife Lin family is in the middle of the rivers and lakes. When Lin Xia was a child, he also heard rumors that Lin Jiannan talked about all kinds of spirits in rivers and lakes. The vastness of the rivers and lakes is like a parallel world. There are countless strange things in it. If you don’t want to mix with rivers and lakes, then it ’s best not to ask about things in rivers and lakes, Lin Jiannan said so.

Lin Xia didn’t care who Bai Qi was or what, as long as Bai Qi paid the rent on time every month. She pointed to Bai Qi’s rent to buy bags and clothes, and bought A goods to arm herself to participate in various draft activities.

When Tian Yong entered the door, she was waiting online, ready to grab a genuine Chanel bag with a one-time discount. The girl in the school is a Prada or Chanel handbag, but Miss Lin is still carrying A goods today. How can this be worthy of the Lin ancestors? It will also affect Miss Lin’s open star road!

Although some people say that Ms. Coco Chanel was also a small person in her time, but nowadays, when you are wearing a genuine Chanel to interview, the interviewer will look at you more!

Chanel’s bag, Miss Lin, you deserve it!

So Lin Xia waited for two full hours, snatched a discount of Chanel bag into the shopping cart on the occasion of a thousand shots, and just wanted to pay, but was reminded that the account balance was insufficient, and as a result, the duck in his mouth flew away. . She opened her account angrily and realized that Bai Qi hadn’t paid her the rent yet, so she hung down neatly and went downstairs to follow Bai Qi’s theory.

“The time limit for rent payment stipulated in the contract is 5 pm at the end of each month.” Bai Qi said lightly.

Lin Xia was taken aback.

The longest shared rental contract in history was drafted by Bai Qi personally, covering more than 50 pages. It not only stipulates the specific time of monthly rent payment, but also carefully attaches the common kitchen, toilet, living room and garden. Using the rules, Lin Xia looked dizzy and dizzy, turned directly to the last page and signed the name, so now she can only eat a dumb loss.

The degree of Bai Qi’s compliance with the rules is no different from that of robots, which Lin Xia does not doubt.

“I’m waiting to use the money, please let Ali use the online banking to transfer the money.” Lin Xia supported her forehead.

A Li is the only employee in this clinic, looks weirder than Bai, serving as a dentist and midwife. This is the appearance of a pure-American boy who smiles sweetly. He looks like a little boy next door, but he can be dressed like a rock boy. His nose ring, lips ring and earrings are all available.

But Lin Xia likes Ali better than idiot Bai Qi. At least Ali can discuss fashion trends with her. Bai Qi will only watch “Suiyuan Food List”.

“He went to Wangjing today to give birth to a patient. I will go to the bank to transfer money to you later.”

Lin Xia felt cold. She knew that Bai Qi was almost omnipotent in treating diseases, but he would not use a computer, let alone online banking. At this time, going to the bank to queue up had to squeeze two hours with the retired aunts. It seems that the Chanel bag that I got is just flying away.

“Don’t you usually prepare cash?”

“Money is something outside the body.” Bai Qi answered indifferently.

“Come on! Everyone is the same poor ghost! Please can you pay the rent positively in the future! Do you have to wait until the time limit? The rent I gave you is already very low. Recently, there are still bear children smashing the glass every day. I’ll pay you a piece of it for you! “Thinking of the glass that had been smashed one after another in the past few days, Lin Xia’s heart was bleeding with blood.

“According to the contract, you are not responsible for the damage to the house caused by me.”

“Please don’t mention your contract, I have a headache.” Lin Xia said, she knew that she would definitely lose if she debated with Bai Qi.”

Bai Qi raised the quaint wine baron.

Lin Xia understood that this was the meaning of seeing off, and glared at him fiercely. He picked up the A cargo handbag and walked to the door of the room, remembering something and rushed back.

“What else?” Bai raised an eyebrow.

“The guy who just went out is quite familiar, who is it?”

“Athlete, World Champion, name …” Bai Qi thought for a moment, “It seems like Tian Yong.”

“Olympic champion Tian Yong?”

“It should be him.”

“Why didn’t you say it early?” Lin Xia’s eyes widened. “He’s red, he looks handsome, and many directors are stabbing him in acting! He knows a lot of people in the entertainment industry! We are in the entertainment industry, just to know the nobles. ! “

“Does this have anything to do with me?” Bai Qi said lightly. “If this matter is important to you, you can add it when you revise the contract next year.”

Humph! Let you get out next year!

Lin Xia turned around and ran out of the house, passing through the flower garden and the rusty iron gate, calling Tian Yong’s name out loud.

“Brother Yong … Brother Yong …”

There is no figure in the alley. Tian Yong fled too panic, not only left the wheelchair, but also ran away a shoe.

Lin Xia complained to Bai Qi in his heart, but there was no way to do it at this moment. The patients who had come to this clinic in Yanyu Hutong No. 18 were all cured, but they all seemed to be frightened. Thanks Dr. Bai. Inferring from this, Tian Yong will not return to this clinic unless he has broken his leg again. The nobleman flew away like her Chanel bag.

There are still auditions in the afternoon. I’m afraid it’s too late to leave now. Lin Xia walked out depressed … Suddenly there was a click behind him. She was staggering, her heels almost twisted, and she turned back suddenly, only to see a hole in the glass window of her home.

This time she was finally asked to see a mischievous little guy inside. Outside the iron fence door, stood a little boy in school uniform. He had just smashed out half of the brick in his left hand, and he was about to smash out half of the brick in his right hand.

I told Bai Qi about the glass just now, but I didn’t expect to hit the door so quickly. For three days, people came to smash the glass, and six pieces of glass were damaged. . The glass of the old house is also more than a hundred years old, covered with cloud-like lines, which distressed Lin Xia.

“Stop me!” Her trench coat chased after her.

The boy ran around and dexterously drilled in the alley. He did not run slowly, but fell into Lin Xia’s hands, he had no chance of winning! Don’t look at Miss Lin wearing 10cm lace-up high heels, but can the female descendants of the Golden Knife Lin family be the kind of little women who can’t run and can’t jump? Carry her a golden sword and she can immediately become a female general!

She has been in the smoke and rain alley since she was a child. How can she know the little thief who smashed the window here? After chasing Lin Xia, he saw the boy dig into the dead end next to it.

“Silly? Little boy, run with my sister, do you know my golden sword Lin’s family …” Lin Xia was stuck in the alley mouth with his waist, and he was aggressive.

She said that there was a sudden meal here, remembering that the body teacher repeatedly told me that he would never talk on his hips again, unless Lin Xiawei ’s ambition was to play Sun Erniang in the Water Margin. Gestures, long hair flicked and flew: “Every generation has eaten by strength?”

The boy clenched half a brick, the cat bowed his back, his eyes fiercely aimed at Lin Xia, but his eyes made people look dazed.

“Still brick?” Lin Xia looked at him disdainfully, “all real men fight with fists!”

The boy froze for a moment and thought with blinking his eyes. It should have been that he didn’t understand why men fight with their fists, but still throwing their bricks to the ground with anger, and clenched a pair of thin fists.

Still a stubborn species! Lin Xia sneered, bluffing him, he put the murder weapon down, without it, Miss Lin was afraid of him!

Lin Xia took off her coat and took it in her hand, and slowly walked towards the boy, just like the hunter opened the net. The boy was like a frightened little wild cat, staring at her with alert eyes, short of breath. The height difference is too obvious. His short fist can’t hit Lin Xia at all. Miss Lin is 170 cm tall. When she is armed with a gold sword, she is very active. Three or four men are not allowed to get close.

The boy flicked forward, but instead of attacking, he wanted to escape from Lin Xia’s legs. Lin Xia ’s legs, still on high heels, left a gap in the next three roads.

“Hey! Bringing rogues?” Lin Xia shouted.

Lin Jiajin’s surgery, “Tai Gong flag”.

Lin Xiafeng generally fell behind the boy and hugged him. This is what the Lin family ancestors stole from a master catcher. Once caught, there was no room for struggle. Lin Jiannan once lamented that unfortunately the Lin family had no boys, and the essence of this trick could not be passed on … as good as a girl.

“Big bully, what’s the point of you!” The boy gritted his teeth, struggling suddenly, and suddenly felt warm on his body, then looked down at himself wrapped in a coat, white like snow but with a gentle warmth.

Lin Xia only had a thin bottoming shirt, his smooth and white shoulders were exposed to the cold wind, and he still twisted the boy’s face, cursing innocently: “If you don’t raise, don’t give birth!” What the hell are you doing? Let you go out in this cold weather. “

Lin Xia had noticed that the boy was wearing very little. It was early spring now. The weather hadn’t really warmed up. The ice in the moat hadn’t thawed. Lin Xia himself felt cold in his woolen coat, but the boy’s body was dirty except for that one. Outside of the school uniform, there was only a thin single coat.

“I don’t have parents.” The boy raised his head hard.

Lin Xia was stunned, a little bit sad.

He didn’t have a mother, and his father was unreliable. He often forgot to attend the parent meeting. There was a legend in the school that Lin Xia was a kid he picked up. Although Lin Xia can finish the group of bad guys with his fists, he is still very scared. Isn’t a child without parents able to bully himself in the world? Lin Xia went home and asked Lin Jiannan if he had picked up the child. Lin Jiannan solved her doubts very well. Lin Jiannan screamed ridiculously, ridiculously! If you are not my biological daughter of the Golden Knife Lin Family, are you eligible to pass me the Lin Family Sixty-four Golden Knife Thirty-two Empty Surgery? If the hero Guo Jing was not the illegitimate son of Hong Qigong, how could Hong Qigong pass on his full set of eighteen dragons?

After reading “The Legend of the Condor Heroes” many years later, Lin Xia knew that Guo Jing had no blood relationship with Hong Qigong, but she had grown up at that time, and was not afraid of the world, nor did she suspect that Lin Jiannan picked it up from the garbage dump Yes.

“It turned out to be a wild child.” Lin Xia sighed.

“Don’t care!” The boy turned his face away, his eyes fierce and lonely, like a small wild cat lost from the nest, just finished his teeth to the passer-by, and then hid back in the tree hole and licked the wound alone.

“Studying with me!” Lin Xia came again with a little silky hand, dragging the boy through the narrow alley.

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