Fake Holy Sword 23.1

Chapter 23 We Did It

「Hee, not bad. Being able to block my first attack…… did you learn to fight somewhere?」

The surprised Edwige takes a distance from Alistar and smiles slightly while asks him that.

However, it’s not a smile that comes from a leeway, it’s like trying to probe the opponent while being cautious.

Her first attack almost never fails. Since she looks like a lanky and fragile woman, there are many patterns where she suddenly speeds up and the opponent can’t react to it and then being torn off.

This time, she didn’t intend to kill, it was an attack to seal both hands and feet… but still, she was surprised that it was prevented.

That’s because it was done not by chance, but by confirmed the coming attack.

Actually, it was not visible at all for Alistar, and if there was no holy sword, his arms would be easily cut off.

「No, I’m just a farmer.」

「I don’t think that was an attack that can be blocked by the likes of farmer though….」

Alistar said so with a triumphant look. That’s not your strength, you know.

However, Edwige doesn’t know that he is being manipulated by the holy sword, so she misunderstands that it is his pure ability.

And that ability is a threat to her.

「In addition… that sword.」

Edwige takes a glance at the sword that Alistar holds.

Not only his ability, what attracted her eyes above all is the sword with its ominous blackness.

「That ominousness, that’s not a normal sword, right?」

Edwige asked to confirm it. To her, Alistar frankly nods and admits it.

「Yeah, it’s a cursed sword.」

『I’m a Holy Sword!!』

He calls the holy sword as a cursed sword with a composed face. And his inner thoughts are as usual.

「C-cursed sword!?」

The one who raised a surprised voice is Primo.

Cursed Sword….. It is a different kind of sword that gives great power to the owner. However, it usually asks the owner a compensation for the power. Therefore, the user must have a resolution for it….

Primo has a desire for the cursed sword. That’s because if he has a cursed sword that holds great power, he will be able to do whatever he wants.

You need to pay the price to be its user… but he doesn’t even think about using its power by himself. He just needs to take a citizen and let them use the cursed sword. That way, he can get that power without getting his hands dirty.

「Cursed sword huh. That amazing thing is not something a farmer can obtain, you’re not an ordinary human after all. If you’re a cursed sword user, them I’m convinced why my attack was prevented.」

If you have a cursed sword, you can wield great power. She understands why her attack was blocked.

Even if you are a farmer, if you have something like a cursed sword, you can deal with the gray guild that experienced in battle.

「If it’s now, you can still withdraw from here. If you don’t put your hands on Silk, there’s no point for me to fight.」

Alistar says cool things while pointing the Holy Sword to Edwige.

「(Go somewhere!)」

But he’s scared inside. Really pathetic.

「I can’t, Client-san wants you to die, besides…」

Edwige briefly rejects Alistar’s proposal. Then, her glittering eyes peek from her disheveled hair.

「I like you so much! I’ll definitely take you home!」

「(Crap. I can’t see her.)」

Along with her loud declaration, Edwige disappears again.

It’s not that she disappears by magic or skill. She’s just moving so fast that it seems like she disappears in Alistar’s eyes.

Well, she might be using magic or skills to assist her movement, but most of it is her own physical ability. It can’t be compared with Alistar who always ditching farm work.

『It’s okay. I said leave it to me, right?』

「(Cursed Sword!!)」

『It’s Holy Sword, okay.』

Hearing the holy sword’s reliable words, Alistar’s face brightens.

Still, 「If you didn’t bring me to this place, I don’t need to fight that disgusting woman」, because of that reason, he doesn’t feel any gratitude at all.

『Sure, this woman’s speed is a big deal. Many people could be killed even before they understand what happened. However…….』

Alistar’s hand that holding the holy sword jumps by itself.


Immediately after that, Edwige’s small scream and metal sound reverberate.

She appeared behind Alistar’s back. The dagger that she swung was repelled once again.

『You picked a fight with the wrong person. I’ve fought many times with someone stronger than you.』

「(Was there only monsters in your era?)」

Alistar who does not know the existence that stronger than Edwige, he’s shuddering at the holy sword’s monologue.

I don’t want to know such existence.

「Ki-kiki… kihihihihihi! Amazing, you’re amazing! It’s the first time for a strong person other than our guild master!」

Even all of Edwige’s attack was prevented, she’s not frightened and shows a gruesome smile.

Alistar’s face is stiffening to her that laughing while shaking her long disheveled hair. Also, he heard a word that he can’t ignore.

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