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Fake Holy Sword 23.2

「(Is there also a monster like her in that guild!? Nooooooooooo!!」『Don’t scream like a woman.』

Alistar raises a scream.

If things go wrong, he might have to fight that guild after this monster woman. He can’t even see Edwige’s movements, and yet there is an existence that even she says strong.

「It’s not time to be stingy huh. I’ll be serious now.」

To her that says it while smiling fearlessly, Alistar begins to shed a lot of cold sweat.

「(Oi, she says such unpleasant words! Kill her while you can!)」


Kill before killed. Still, it’s not with his own power.

「This is my full speed. So….」

Edwige lowers her body further as if crawling on the ground. It’s even lower than when she first showed it….

Faint light shines on her whole body. It is clear that some sort of magic or skill is used….

「――――Don’t die, okay?」

As soon as Edwige smiled fearlessly and said so, a metal sound reverberated again. Her attack was defended by the holy sword.

『That was fast. Her speed has increased further…. That is a big deal. Right, Alistar?』

It seems that the Holy Sword is a little surprised. He speaks to Alistar asking for agreement, but….

「(Hmph! I couldn’t even recognize that disgusting woman’s speed when she’s holding back, you know? Of course, I can’t even see her serious speed. I can’t see both of them, so I don’t understand at all how amazing it is.)」

『I don’t think that’s something you can say proudly though….』

The Holy Sword can feel it’s faster than before because he can see it. On the other hand, Alistar can’t even see Edwige’s movement, so there’s no difference in his eyes. Both, she just disappears in front of him, so it’s the same.

Although, he was able to see Edwige’s appearance just after the attack was prevented, but now he can’t see it at all.

She’s still moving around at high speed. This is bad.


However, that’s if Alistar is alone. Alistar moves the body, but it is the holy sword that actually fights.


『She’s no match for me.』

The holy sword shook his arm.

There, you can see Edwige’s surprised figure….

「(We did it!)」

Alistar smiles, convinced of the victory. But, the smile froze at the next moment.

「――――Too bad.」 

Edwige’s figure was cut off… or that’s how it should be, but the feeling was not transmitted at all. That was her afterimage. No matter how much you cut it, there’s no damage to her body.

And then, the real Edwige was behind Alistair with a terrible smile.

「I can move faster you know.」

The next moment, a dagger was swung down towards him.

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