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Fake Holy Sword 27.1

Chapter 27 I Don’t Want Though…


In a top-class inn’s room, I scream while burying my face in a fluffy luxury bed that even the village chief in my hometown doesn’t have.

That is, of course, a regret. When humans scream with their faces buried in their beds, most of them recall the past when they were ashamed or helpless. But, if you ask me if I did something embarrassing, that’s not the case.

I mean, that is impossible. Because there’s no way my iron-wall acting will collapse in a public place.

Then what is the cause? That’s of course…

『Aahh… it feels good after doing something good.』

It’s because of this damn cursed sword that says something stupid carefreely. I tried to throw it to the ground but it causes a headache, so I put it gently.

I mean, what kind of carefree is that!!

「Why are you saying it like it’s someone else’s problem!? Listen here… we’ve defeated a disgusting woman like Edwige, so the gray guild might put their eyes on us, you know!?」

Yes. The other day, I defeated a disgusting woman from the gray guild 『Acontela』, knocked the nobleman Primo, and rescued Silk. Not that I want to do that, not that I did that, everything was done by this cursed sword.

I want to shout the truth out loud, but if you look from the side, no one will notice that I’m a handsome man who is being manipulated by a cursed sword. It’s too vicious….

『Well, they will certainly put their eyes on you. You’ve crushed the gray guild’s request, and if the guild where trust matters are to be smeared, of course, they will angry and aim for you.』

T-this guy…… saying that like it’s someone else’s problem…!!

Targeted by a guild where someone like Edwige is common, isn’t that the worst…!?

If this is for my own security or for my own sake, then I can understand that. But, it’s not my intention, and it’s for other person called Silk, I turn those dangerous guys into enemies and make them aim for my lives. I don’t want that…!

Why I have to do that……

『Well, a bad organization like a gray guild should get a bit of pain. It just right』

Is this guy really a holy sword? He’s saying something that doesn’t seem like a holy sword at all though.

That’s not good! I’m just an ordinary handsome guy, you know!? I don’t think I can escape from a gray guild that has various know-how……

I can just flee back home, but if they find out and chase me, it will be checkmate. If so, it’s better to stay in the capital where it’s easier to rely on knights or adventurers.

『But, I’m glad that I could release Silk. Now, she’s free.』

Cursed Sword says so with a voice that contains a sense of accomplishment.

Indeed, after that we handed over Primo that has swollen face to Herge, together with the evidence of his wrongdoings. No matter if he’s a noble, he can’t escape with such clear evidence.

Rather, how about my treatment? When I asked Herge, they are now busy with the saint……. Magali’s treatment or something like that….

Well, if she’s suffering, that’s fine… but, I wonder if he can pick up this cursed sword soon?

……I wonder if I can somehow see Magali’s frustrated figure? Aahh…… sneer at her in the last moment, and then I won’t meet her again forever. Perfect.

Thus, Silk who had been illegally degraded and owned as a slave was released, but…

……Is this guy didn’t think about it at all? Free he said… what should she do when she has no relatives……


I’m not interested so I didn’t ask about it, but if I’m not wrong Silk’s parents were killed and her household was crushed, right? Well, I’m fine with her being free, but what after that?

Haa… don’t think about anything after helping, and then fall into self-satisfaction of being a helper, that’s the most thing you must not do.

The cursed sword is bullshit after all.

『T-that’s… you support her, or something like that…?』

Screw you. Rather, I’m looking for a woman to support me. Even though my objective hasn’t achieved, there’s no way I can support Silk. In addition, I’m just a peasant from a poor village.

When I feel irritated by the cursed sword’s stupid idea…

『Alistar-sama. There’s a guest visiting. Would you like me to bring her here?』

A servant’s voice comes from the other side of the door.

A guest? No thanks. I won’t meet anybody if there’s no appointment. There will be only trouble.

『For now, just ask who’s come.』

Umm… well, if it that much.

「Um… did she say her name?」

When I ask so, the able-servant of the top-class inn answers immediately….

『Yes, her name is Silk….』

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