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Fake Holy Sword 27.2


「Hello, Silk.」

Because of the cursed sword insisting to let her in, I unwillingly invite her to the room. Then, she goes inside and comes closer.

Aren’t you too close?

「…I came to say thanks again to you. Because of you, I’m free. Thank you very much, Alistar.」

「No, don’t worry about it. I just did what I wanted to do.」

『I don’t want to hear that from you. Rather than that, can you ask Silk what she will do after this? I become worried because of your words…』

To Silk that lowers her head, I return it with a smile. I’m not listening to the cursed sword’s words.

「Silk, what will you do after this? Rebuilding your household?」

By all means, I want you to do that. And then, I want you to introduce me to an upper-class woman. An ikemen-loving woman that is easy and will pamper me. I’ve confidence to make her fall for me.

「…After all, It’s difficult. Rebuilding a collapsed household would need a great achievement…」

Unfortunately, Silk denies it.

Haa… she’s useless, isn’t she?

Great achievement… maybe the one that easier to understand is war merits?

Well, now this country isn’t in any war, and I can only see her being killed if she’s taking part in the war. That means, Silk’s household won’t be revived anymore…

『No no. There are many other ways to contribute. Cultural contributions for example.』

「…That’s why, I’m thinking to aim for my dream, joining a theater troupe.」

As if using the cursed sword’s words as a basis, Silk declares so expressionlessly.

I see, theater is one of the cultures, and I can’t say there’s no other way at all. Hee… But, I’m not interested at all. Well, I’m sure that’s impossible. How long will it take to revive a noble by getting your cultural contributions recognized?

I can’t wait that long.

「…There will be a test to join the Royal Capital Theater Troupe tomorrow.」

Is that so…

Silk reports happily, but I’m seriously not interested. If she can’t be used, I have to use other ways to find a convenient rich woman…

「Those that take the test are mostly wealthy girls who had been piling up efforts since childhood with joining the troupe as a landmark. But, this is my dream… I’ll try my best.」

Is that so.

Rather, instead of that prestigious place, she can just take the test from a smaller place though. To be honest, I don’t think Silk that has been a slave for a long time will be accepted.

「Because it’s a dream that Alistar protected, I’ll cherish it and do my best.」

Hmm… Well then, just do your best? I don’t care though.

『Do care about it!!』

Don’t be absurd. I don’t have time for that, because I have to find a woman who is convenient for me. I don’t mean to get in her way, so it’s fine.

「I’ve been told the play for the test. 『Elias Story』.」

Silk tells me so, like a kid talking desperately to let her parents know about herself.

I said I don’t care, so just do as you like… I don’t even know that 『Elias Story』.

『It’s like an old-fashioned fairy tale. It’s a story about a common royal road. A story where a hero helps a heroine who falls into a pinch. It was famous before I was sealed. So it was made into a drama.』

I’m not even interested in listening to that. If the bookworm Magali, she might know about it.

Still, what kind of life is she having now? I am glad if she’s suffering.

「I see. Good luck. I’m rooting for you.」

I say so with a smile to Silk, trying to end the talk.

Come on, get out. I don’t have to go out practice drama with Silk anymore, I’m going to spend my time in this top-class inn until Herge picks up the cursed sword.

Ah, should I look for a rich woman? Because it is a royal capital, leave aside during the night, the security is probably not so bad during the day.

「…About that…」

Then, Silk hesitantly says so while blushing.

……What. I can only feel a bad premonition, a troublesome one. Can I pretend I didn’t hear that?

「This, will you take it…?」

「This is……?」

I can’t knock down what Silk nervously presented, so I unwillingly pick it up. It’s a piece of paper with some letters written on it.

I’m a peasant, so I don’t receive an education, but I was annoyed about getting mocked by Magali, so I can read letters. Well, I don’t need an education. I’m perfect by birth.

「…It’s a ticket that allows you to watch the enrollment test. The truth is it’s an invitation for parents, but I don’t have one.」


I can’t say anything to the expressionless Silk.

Do you want me to come to see that badly? You’ll be embarrassed when you fail, is that okay?

「If you can… will you come to see it…?」

Silk looks up at my face and asks nervously.

I don’t want though…

The moment I tried to answer so, a terrible headache attacks me!

『Silk did her best to muster her courage to invite you! Also, no one but you that can come to see her! It’s the first step to her dream, you know!? It’s obvious that you have to go!!』

Ugyaaaaaaaaaa!! U-understood!!

I can only yield to the violence of the cursed sword.

What an unlucky ikemen… If there is god, please connect me with a rich and pampering woman…

「Of course. I’m looking forward to your acting.」


When I smile and approve it while having a lot of cold sweat caused by a headache, Silk gives a broad smile happily. Not that I want to see it though. Thus, I have to watch her play unwillingly.

Well, this time is not that I’ll fight a monster like Edwige, so I didn’t reject it that much… but it’s still bothersome.

『Well, if there’s someone Silk can rely on, you’ve to be separated. Someone like you isn’t worthy for a good girl like Silk.』

I’ll kill you.