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Fake Holy Sword 28.1

Chapter 28 The Outward Appearance Is Perfect

「Why night…」

I’m grumbling while walking around the royal capital at night.

Since Primo has been arrested and Silk was released from slavery, there is no need to practice drama secretly.That’s why, I can indulge myself in the safe and soft bed instead of unwillingly accompany her in the night, but…

I never thought the enrolment test is at night. Do it in the daytime, damn it.

『Because they accept customers during the day, that isn’t possible, right?』

Like hell I care about their circumstances.What important is about what I think.

『Well, it’ll be fine. There are places with good and bad public order even at night, and I don’t think this one is a bad place.』

That somehow feels like a flag. That’s scary, stop it.

I think it’s okay even if I don’t go, but… when thinking about it, the headache comes so I stop my thought.

Damn…! This cursed sword gradually treats me crudely…!

Well, I don’t know if it because there is a test to join the Royal Capital Theater Troupe, but it’s much more crowded than the usual night.With this many people, even a gray guild organization won’t be able to act flashy.If they make a riot, the knights will be rushing in.

The gray guilds are probably not strong enough to fight and win against state power.Unless they’re an idiot, they won’t do that, and an organization won’t be made with just an idiot.It’s hard to imagine they have a clearheaded and handsome guy like me, but… well, there’s probably a decent guy.

When I was convinced by myself thinking about such a thing, I heard a woman’s scream.

「Kyaaaaa!! A snatcher!」

When I look at the source, there was a woman, whose belonging was stolen, reach out her hand, and a man that ran ahead.

And then, I looked away.

Is that so? How unfortunate. Well, let’s ignore it. It’s better to leave something like that alone.

The snatcher sure is bad, but she that didn’t keep her belongings properly is bad too. That sure is unfortunate. Well, I absolutely won’t forgive it if it was mine that was taken away.

Let’s hurry, go to the Royal City Theater Troupe’s place….

『Let’s go! There’s someone in trouble, you know!!』

…Tch, how annoying. Why do I have to help a person who’s not even my acquaintance? It’s better if it’s someone that seems worth it to sell a favor, but there’s nothing I can gain from just helping an old woman. My only choice is to ignore it.

It’s not like that she carries all of her assets inside that, just think about it as educational expenses.

『Let’s go!!』

Ugyaaaaaaaa!? Stop making a headache right away when I don’t want to do something!!

I will almost do what he told me to with this intimidation. How should I put it… headache is something unbearable. Well, whatever the pain is unbearable for me though.


I say that and start chasing the snatcher. In my heart, I don’t want to catch him at all.

Can you run away quickly enough to convince the cursed sword?

However, the snatcher keeps running away while miraculously maintaining the distance, so I need to keep chasing him.

How useless, damn it.


Uwa, he ran into the back alley. I don’t want to go to there, that place is filthy and there are lots of outcasts. I will be troubled if someone lumps me in.

……After all, can I turn back?

『You can’t.』

An instant reply came when I asked to the cursed sword.

Haa…… this, when that snatcher gets captured, I will properly get the reward, right? If not, I won’t forgive that woman.

While thinking so, run in the dirty back alley.

Although there were a lot of people because of the troupe enrolment test, no people were approaching these places after all.

……How strange. I have a bad feeling.

To answer that, I came out from the back alley to open space. There, the man who had just fled from me was waiting with a fearless smile.

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