Fake Holy Sword c18.2

Chapter 18 The First Stage (2)

「This is…….」

It is not like the highest grade that royalty or high noble wears. However, for Silk who has fallen to a slave, it has a value where she can’t wear it in her lifetime.

She predicted that it was comparable to her favorite dress she had when she was a noble.

「How do you get this…? Are you rich…?」

「No, that’s not it. I subjugated a monster and earned money (I didn’t expect I charged to a Wyvern… I won’t forgive you.)」

『Are you still complaining about it? But, if it not Wyvern, we have to subjugate monster many times, and you hate it, right? Besides, if I’m here, such a monster won’t be a match for me.』

 「(It’s scary even if I don’t lose! I’m an ordinary farmer in the first place! To begin with, why do I have to go that far for Silk…!!)」

Even if his inner thoughts are abusing violently, his expression fixed with a smile… it shows Alistar’s real ability.

「D-doing dangerous thing that far… why…?」

Silk didn’t understand. Why did Alistar doing that far?

She doesn’t know much about monsters because she doesn’t have any experience in combat or battle knowledge. However, the monster called Wyvern is a dangerous monster that you will hear many times because of its strength.

Now… she has no parents and has no one that will save her.

It should be like that but, why would he be kind enough to take such a dangerous thing…?

Alistair smiles gently at her.

「Because this is the first step to your dream.」


Thump, Silk felt that she had fallen into something.

「An orphanages that can’t be said as theatre, and the audience are not nobles or upper-class people, but orphans who don’t know about art…. Certainly, it may be a modest stage that an actor from Royal Capital Theater Troupe don’t want to do for their first stage.」

But still….

「This is an important big moment for the actress, Silk that will perform in front of people for the first time. As a co-actor, I think I’ll become a burden so…. at least, if it’s the clothing, then…」

Still, he stood in front of the Wyvern while crying inside, and when he bought the dress he complaining severely. However, Silk could not see through the iron wall of feigning innocent.

She embraced the pure white dress given by Alistar in her chest and cherished it.

That’s by no means top quality. When Silk was a noble, she had a higher quality than this. But still…… this dress….

「Thank, you……!」

She was happier than ever. Silk shed tears that have stopped since her parents were murdered.

I mustn’t let the dress given by Alistar with trouble get dirty.

Still, she couldn’t look directly at his face, Silk can only shed a large drop of tears with her face down.

After that, the play was a big success. It was so wonderful that the children who never seen a theater before, and Isco who had seen Royal Capital Theater Troupe’s play absorbed in it.

The appearance of Alistar and Silk is excellent, and Silk’s acting ability may be great. However, they may not have been fascinated by that alone. The thing that took most of the children and Isco’s eyes was the beautiful silk that put on a pure white dress and performed happily from the bottom of her heart.

The orphanage was in great excitement to Silk’s full bloom smile that would make you happy with just looking at it.