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Fake Holy Sword c22.1

Chapter 22 Say That You Don’t Like Me!

「Oh my? Did you come to help this woman? If you didn’t come out, you won’t die though.」


Alistair is trembling as Edwige said so while bending her neck. However, his feigning skill is amazing, his cowardice doesn’t come out at all. He looks like a warrior stares at her vigilantly.

「You’re… the guy that mentioned in the report. It looks like my slave, Silk, was in your care recently… I was thinking to give you a reward.」

「(Eh, a reward? Money? Is that money?)」

To Primo’s words, Alistar rejoices in his mind.

What. So it was worth it to accompany her. After all, someone will always watch.

「A reward, you mean something like giving him a painless death, right?」

「If he dies without suffering, it will be a reward, don’t you agree?」



Although, Alistar rolls his eyes immediately to Edwige and Primo’s conversation.

「(They are insane……. I think they should study again.)」

Leave aside Edwige, Primo who received education as a noble, he uses words that like a peasant who never received education even once.

「Now, if you turn your back and run away right now, I won’t chase you. That’s if you’re running miserably.」

Primo sneers. He loves to see a good looking man like Alistar to run away with a desperate figure.

「……Don’t mind about me. Please escape, Alistar. If you go against the nobility…….」

Silk also advise Alistar to escape. Even though she understands what will happen to her If he escapes here….

She’s has a good personality that she chooses to throw herself away for him that she thinks important.

「(Eh, really!? Okay, let’s run away!)」

『Don’t you have pride!? 』

Still, Alistar’s personality is the same as always.

The Holy Sword raises his voice, but Alistar calms him down.

「(Of course I’m just joking. After all, those nasty fellows, they will sneer at me and then kill me if I run away.)」

『Also, we can’t abandon Silk, right!』

No, I don’t care about Silk.

Alistar would have happily run away if Primo has a personality that will let him escape. But, there is another strong reason why Alistar remains here….

「(I won’t forgive them for making fool of me. Those trashy insects…… I will make them regret for being alive…!」

『Your pride is so high!!』

The Holy Sword takes back his previous statement. Alistar’s pride or perhaps, narcissism is amazing.

「I refuse. I will beat you and save Silk.」


Since only his outward appearance is cool, Silk looks up at him as if he is a messiah. Well, from the situation, she’s saved from being killed, so it might be right…….

「You’re an idiot. Do you want to be a hero? Or do you want to act cool in front of a woman? In any case, you’ll suffer and die because of that decision……. Edwige.」

「Yes ye~s.」

Looking at them, Primo laughed while shaking his jaw. Courage and recklessness are different. And Alistar’s choice was undoubtedly the latter.

「Edwige is my escort… but she’s not a knight.」

「(That’s obvious from that disgusting appearance.)」

Primo proudly introduces Edwige.

From her disheveled hair and thin appearance, and then her eccentric way of talking, Alistar thinks something rude.

Seeing Alistar says nothing, Primo continues his word to make him more scared.

「She is, a member of that gray guild, 『Acontela』.」

「(What is that?)」

There’s no way Alistar, who just came out of the poor village recently, could know the name of that guild. Also, how scary that 『Acontela』 gray guild in this capital is….

『I don’t know about them, but… a gray guild is a guild that, unlike ordinary guilds, does crimes without hesitation. That’s why, they are different from regular guilds and they don’t get any support from the country….』

「(What… did you say….)」

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