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Fake Holy Sword c22.2

Despite being stuck in the forest for hundreds of years, the holy sword is more knowledgeable than him. Alistar is astonished in his mind after being taught that.

‘Do I have to face against that insane organization?’, he’s trembling.

But, it’s too late to escape now. Rather, he knows that Primo is a man than won’t forgive him even if he escaped. His only choice right now is to face against them.

「It doesn’t matter what organization she’s in. I’ll protect silk no matter who my opponent is, even if it’s a gray guild.」

If that is the case, first, he tries to act cool.

Although he’s dripping cold sweat inside, but it’s safe because no one notices it.

To him that looks cool only in appearance, Silk looks with admiration.


On the other hand, Primo is annoyed. He wanted to see Alistar’s unsightly appearance, but he stands in front of them with a strong determination. He doesn’t like it.

「Kihihihihi! Aren’t you amazing? Being able to say that even after hearing 『Acontela』’s name. It seems that Client-san hates you but, I like you.」

「(Say that you don’t like me!)」

Alistar is astonished by Edwige’s words.

‘I was praised by just hearing its name and not run away, just how dangerous 『Acontela』is’, Alistar is shuddering.

「After making that Silk into shreds, I’ll cut your tendons on both hands and feet and make it into a doll!」

「(Then, please take care of Silk while I run away!)」

『Oi, you trash! 』

Alistar got angry to the intolerant Holy Sword’s abuse. Inside his mind unfold a violent quarrel. And then, Primo and Edwige also had a light quarrel.

「Edwige! Don’t just do whatever you want…!」

「Client-sa~n. You can’t interfere with us that far, right?」

「Ugu…! J-just do whatever you want…!!」

The quarrel is over easily.

Edwige is just accepting an escort request, she’s not a subordinate that can be ordered to do whatever.

If he goes beyond that range… even to the noble Primo, 『Acontela』 won’t hesitate to do any harm. Therefore, he turns around while sweating a lot.

「Alistar, please run away…!」

「(I want to!)」

Silk repeatedly asks Alistar to escape. She wants to save him and doesn’t what will happen to her. It can’t be compared to Alistar who has a trash thinking in his mind.

But, no matter how much she says it, he can’t escape here.

「Rest assured. I’ll save you.」

There, Alistar acts cool as usual.

「How cool! I’m getting more and more want you!」


Silk blushes and looks up at him, at the same time Edwige praise him with a distorted laugh. As for Alistar, his face stiffen.

Edwige doesn’t notice it, she lowers her body with her hands on the ground. It’s like a ferocious beast that going to rush.

Of course, the amateur Alistar cannot even catch up with it….

「That’s why… just obediently let me cut both of your legs and hands…!!」

At the next moment, Edwige disappears completely from Alistar’s sight. Immediately after he’s surprised, his arm move by itself and pulls out the holy sword.

Then, a piercing metal sound reverberates.

Together with the shock that transmitted to his hand, Edwige appears in front of him.

What she held in her hand is a dagger. The holy sword prevented it from trying to cut Alistar’s arm.


Apparently, Edwige did not expect it to be blocked, she was amazed. But, it is the same for Alistar who prevented it.

「(…I don’t understand at all of what happened)」

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