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Chapter 24 Ugyaaaaaaa!!

A dagger swings from behind. Alistar doesn’t know at all, but Holy Sword starts evading at a tremendous reaction speed.

He succeeded in avoiding the dagger that swung to cut his arm. But, he’s not unhurt at all, it just slightly cut his arm.

「Oh, you avoided…?」

Edwige looks at Alistar with round eyes. He already took a distance from her and stares vigilantly. His expression, it doesn’t waver at all.

「You don’t even show a pained face…… are you really just a farmer? Well, you’re a cursed sword user so I can understand that.」

Edwige nods alone.

Sure, Alistar looks at her vigilantly with composure, but….

「(Ugyaaaaaaaaa!! A-a wound on my bodyyyyyyyyy!?)」

『It’s just a scratch! Such an exaggeration…….』

He makes a fuss inside.

As the Holy Sword says, of course, that is nothing serious for his life. If anything, it is an ordinary minor injury that would heal naturally if you leave it alone.

But Alistar, who has no resistant to pain, is in a fuss.

「(What’s exaggerated! I’ve hardly had even a scratch until now!!)」

『From now on, we’ll fight strong opponents like this many times, so get used to it while you can.』

「(Don’t mess with me, Cursed Sword! This is the first and last! I’m not going to put my head on such dangerous things again!)」

What terrible things are you are talking about? I don’t want to fight a woman like Edwige even if you kneel at me. If the opponent is not someone with a rotten personality like Primo, I would have escaped.

「(Rather, don’t do it leisurely and make me take the damage!)」


Alistar’s anger hits the Holy Sword.

Indeed, there is a time where the Holy Sword makes light of Edwige a little.

『But, I never thought that she can move that fast….』

「(Her atmosphere was like she’s about to use her trump card, right!? ‘Let’s kill her quickly,’ I said that, didn’t I!? Holding back is what strong person usually do, you idiot!」


It’s a fair reasoning. Certainly, if you want to beat your opponent, defeat them quickly before they use a trump card is the theory.

That being said, it is subtle when it is said that the Holy Sword is at fault. In fact, the holy sword himself is very strong, so he should have some leeway. The problem is that the one holy sword manipulated, Alistar is terribly weak….

『I-if you say it that much, then I’ll show you! Even if a trash like you, you can become a strong person if you use me!』

「Kihihihi! The strong light in your eyes has not disappeared… you can still fight huh. Good, that’s good. I want you more and more!」

At the same time as the Holy Sword is in high spirit, Edwige says so. Alistar’s acting can also control the light of the eyes.

「But, you can’t perceive my figure. If you can’t hit me, you can’t beat me….」

The skill Edwige uses is called 『Recola』. It is a powerful skill that makes you can move at a speed that can not be seen by ordinary people and can even create afterimages.

Even Alistar would have been made unrecoverable in a blink without the Holy Sword. Well, he wouldn’t have come here to help Silk without the Holy Sword.

「Will you surrender? If not… I might overdo it and kill you!!」

「(Hie, she disappears again!?)」

Edwige says so and uses Recola again. Her body moves at high speed and disappears from Alistar’s sight.

He raises a small scream inside, but….

『It’s okay. I’m already getting used to it.』


Thud! A heavy sound was heard.

At the next moment, to Edwige that appears in front of him with a painful expression, Alistar is about to leak a pee. If a disgusting woman with a painful expression appears, anyone will shudder.

The Holy Sword’s pommel is sunk into Edwige’s abdomen.

「W-why…… can you perceive me…?」

She steps backward while holding her abdomen and asks Alistar. He couldn’t even see her, of course, he wouldn’t able to perceive her, but….

「Hmph, I’m already getting used to it.」

『He stole my lines!!』

For now, he acts cool. Makes the Holy Sword achievements as if it was his own ability.

「Ki…hihihihi……! G-get used to it…? I’ve only shown it once…. T-that’s… than the guild master….」

Aren’t you stronger than him?

She didn’t continue her word, because if so then there’s no way she can’t win. Such things, she can’t accept it.

「I’ll definitely make you mine!!」

Said so, Edwige musters her last power and attacks Alistar with all her might. It’s not as simple as just approaching and slashing at high speeds like before.


This time, Alistar has successfully perceived Edwiges’ figure. Yes, a lot of Edwiges.

She makes full use of 『Recola』, creates a number of afterimages, and simultaneously attacks Alistar. Because it doesn’t have mass, of course, it will not damage Alistar even if he hit by an afterimage. But, he had no idea which is the afterimage and which is the main body.

At this rate, he will be cut by the real one that is mixed in the afterimage. It’s Alistar that’s panicking, but….

『It’s okay. If you sense the main body with other senses instead of seeing it with your eyes….』

There is some composure in the Holy Sword’s voice. And, as if proving that, he moves Alistar’s body that had not moved at all no matter how much the afterimages hit him.

Avoids the approaching Edwige’s attack, turns around and strongly hits her head.


Then, the unconscious Edwige falls to the ground, and at the same time, all of the afterimages is wiped out.


The Holy Sword saw the real Edwige and attacked only the real one instantly.

If you lose consciousness, you cannot continue using skills. 『Recola』 is also canceled, and it’s in the form of Alistar’s victory.


「I-impossible…..!? Edwige is… a member of 『Acontela』 is…… this easily…!?」

Silk’s happy reaction and Primo’s flustered reaction were exactly the opposite.

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