Fake Holy Sword c25.1

Chapter 25 What The Hell Are You Doing!!


Looking at Edwige that fall on the ground, I sheathe the cursed sword coolly and then take a breath. Yes, my appearance must always be cool. Because I’m a good-looking guy.

But, in my mind is…… aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!! That was scaryyyyyyyy!! Stop messing with me! Why do I have to fight such a monster woman!! And that’s not for myself, but for others!

『But, it feels good to do something for others, right?』

The root of all evil speaks proudly.

Like hell it is!! Don’t lump me in with such madman!!


That’s my line! In the first place, doing things for other’s sake is should be more…… peaceful, right!? Something like searching for lost children or searching for lost items!

Just who wants to fight against a woman from a dangerous gray guild, you idiot! I’ve never even had a brawl, you know!? Why I have to fight those that strong and specialized in fighting…….

『Hee. Then, in your daily life, you often pull back.』

No, it’s not that I need to knock down the opponent to win. Being hostile to me, who is perfect outside, means turning most of the villagers into the enemy. Even if I don’t do it, if someone does it then I’m fine with that.


「Alistar! Are you okay…!?」

Silk looks up at me in panic. I’m surprised that this woman who always expressionless can express such emotions.

In the first place, it’s because this woman was entangled with Primo, right. Really, stop messing around.

「How about you, Silk? Are you okay?」

But, I can’t say that. Because the talk will be about what I fought for.

「I’m fine…. But, I’ve troubled Alistar.」

That’s right. If you feel sorry, don’t get me involved.

「It’s okay. Because, I can’t let your dream ends here.」

『I don’t want to hear it from you!』

When I say that, silk blushes and turns her eyes away. Yeah, thanks to me. You have to return this favor one day.

Silk’s dream is to perform in a theater troupe. Therefore, let her make a big success and then make her introduce a noblewoman who is rich enough to go to the theater… what a perfect and precise strategy….

「Well, then. You’re next, Primo.」

Thus, it’s this mustache fatty guy that’s in the way. He made me scared by that damn woman, let’s vent it to this guy.

This bearded fatty boss doesn’t look strong at all, he won’t be a threat for me. Okay, Cursed Sword. Make him into shreds.

I pointed the cursed sword at Primo that steps back while being startled.

『You can’t. The bad guys must live and atone for their sins.』

However, such a response comes from the cursed sword.

Haa, this guy is useless.

I think so, but suddenly remember something. What visible in my eyes is the disheveled hair Edwige that collapsed on the ground.

……Speaking of which, did you kill that woman properly?

『Eh? No. As I said, they have to live and atone their sins….』

What are you saying! What are you going to do if she gets more attached to me than now!? Kill her while you can!!

I move my legs and try to go to that woman, but….

『I said, you can’t! If you do that, you will be the same as them, you know!?』

The Cursed Sword restrains my body.

It’s okay. I can be a tragic hero if I do an acting like I killed her after the hard times.

『You’re the worst!!』

When we’re abusing each other inside, I turn to Primo because I see him trying to run away.

「Hey, where are you going?」


You fatty bastard, if it someone slow as you even I can see it.

「W-what!? Wherever I go is up to me! A commoner like you can’t stop a noble like me!」

Primo yells while spitting.

Hah, stupid pig. There are only I, Fatty, and Silk, commoner or noble doesn’t matter. Social status is only possible if there’s a certain number of people, idiot.

 Besides, considering the wickedness of this guy, it is enough to think that if I let him escape as it is, he will eventually turn his blade to me. Future threats must be plucked early.

『Wait a minute! First, it’s about Silk!』

Instead of me, put others first you say…?


『There was a long pause there….』

If it gets hindered here, it won’t come true. In addition, the Cursed Sword made me work in many things because of Silk, it’ll be a wasted effort if I don’t use it and I don’t want that.

「That might be so. But, I will have you release Silk before that. Because she has a wonderful dream waiting for her.」


Silk has to introduce me to a rich and convenient woman. Just hurry release her and let her enter the theater troupe.

「D-don’t say stupid things! It’s my legal right to own Silk as a slave, you know!? There’s no way a commoner like you can overturn that!!」

Indeed. There is a point from what Primo said.

『And you were looking for evidence in anticipation of him saying that, right?.』

You forcibly made me search it. But, it’s as the Cursed Sword says.

「Your legal right, huh…. That’s the words that can be said through a legitimate process.」

When I said so while scoffing, Primo plainly became panic.



I spread the documents in front of him.

Take that. The evidence that I gathered unwillingly.

「Th-This is……?」

「Evidence that you owned Silk as a slave by doing injustice. You’ve murdered Silk’s parents, forcibly crushed their household, and… made Silk into a slave even though she had no fault. It’s those proof.」


Primo repeats the same words while trembling. He’s too scared. Well, it can’t be helped if he’s scared. Because, even Primo is a noble, murdering people is definitely a crime.

If the victim was a commoner, he might have been able to cover it, but he killed Silk’s parents… nobles. If a noble kills another noble of the same position, that will definitely become a crime.

「No way… how….」

「Because it’s for Silk’s sake, so I did my best」

I smile at her as she looks up at me like looking at something impossible. That’s why, please introduce me to a convenient woman.


Primo can’t even refute, he’s angry while shaking his excess flat. It’s super funny, his face is bright red.

Ahahahahaha! This guy, he’s really like a pig!

『Uwaa…… you’re the worst……』

I can think whatever I want in my mind because it won’t get exposed. I make my outward looks good though.