Fake Holy Sword c25.2

「Primo, atone for your sins. Even if you destroy the evidence that’s scattered there, I’ve got a spare.」


Primo suddenly goes crazy and throws away the documents. As I said earlier, it’s pointless because it’s not the real evidence.

「W-who do you think I am!? Primo Zarate… I’m a noble, you know!! Don’t get cocky, you commoner…!」

Primo turns his angry eyes.

Ahahaha! It’s super funny! You can only say that with a bright red face huh!

If I didn’t have the cursed sword, I wouldn’t have been able to let this guy, who was far above my status, do such a weird thing. I’m grateful for that. As long as there is the cursed sword, I won’t lose to this mustache fatty.

What’s wrong? Huh? Just try doing something.

「I have 『Acontela』 on my back, you know!!」

To those words, my mind that gets cocky calmed down in an instant.

…………Ah, that’s right.

Because I defeated Edwige, I forgot that the gray guild itself is still on his back.

I think that there’s rarely a monster like that woman… but, come to think of it, didn’t Edwige said that her guild master is stronger than her?


I take one deep breath.

It can not be helped. Let’s give up releasing Silk from slavery.

『Where did your vigor this far go!?』

Aahh, what a shame. But, it can’t be helped. Slavery is an established system, Primo-san hasn’t done anything wrong.

『You were ridiculing at him a while ago, right!? Even if you use honorific now it’s useless!!』

「Hahahahahaha! What’s wrong!? Are you scared that much to 『Acontela』’s name!?」


I nod inside to Primo that’s laughing.

「Thank you, Alistar. For saving me.」

When I was thinking about how to escape, Silk thanked me again.

Don’t worry about it. By the way, did you have an easy friend when you’re still a noble? For example, a girl who likes ikemen.

「But, you can stop here. You can’t make an enemy of the gray guild.」


I nod inside to Silk that says it with serious eyes. I agree.

「Seeing you, I also learned the importance of having the will to fight. From here on, I’ll do my best.」


I nod inside to Silk that’s smiling with a frail smile. Do your best.

『Don’t ‘yup’ me!』

「Fuhahahahahaha! What happened!? Where did the vigor just now go!? You, don’t think you can get away with that! I’ll give you a humiliating death!!」

Hiee…… he’s snapped. Why…?

『That’s obvious though…… well, he’s quite irritating.』

Ha? Hey, wait……?

At the same time I feel uneasy about the Cursed Sword’s words, my body starts moving on its own. And it’s heading Primo’s way.

……H-hey, you’re kidding, right?

T-think again! If you do that… If you do just like what I imagine, my life will…!!



I can see Primo and Silk are dumbfounded. 

Rest assured, because I’m also dumbfounded.

I desperately trying to stop my body, but the cursed sword’s curse that devours my body raises my arm….


And my fist sunk into Primo’s plump cheeks. With the power boosted by the cursed sword’s curse, his huge body flew away. It’s impossible with my ordinary power.

Scattering tears and nosebleeds, the wicked noble that dominating Silk fall on the ground.

『Fuu, I feel refreshed.』

W-w-w-wh-wh-wha-what the hell are you doing!!

【In many cases, the goodness of the Hero has been revealed, but the first thing that often appears among various legends is that he saved the slave girl Silk. A girl whose parents have been killed and fallen into slavery even though she has no sins, and she couldn’t even pursuing her dream.

Everyone feels sympathetic, but few can actually take action. Because if you oppose a noble, you’ll endanger your life. How many that can help others that is not a family or an important friend equal to that without regard to the dangers?

Alistair, the bearer of the Holy Sword, was a person who could do it. His goodness might have been a factor that made him recognized as a suitable person for the Holy Sword. 

He defeated the wicked noble Primo and exposed his sins. Afterward, the hero Alistair went on a battle with the gray guild 『Acontela』 just to save the slave girl Silk. The hero, he was fighting 『Acontela』 together with Saint Magali.】

Excerpt from the second chapter of 『Holy Sword Legend』.

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