Fake Holy Sword c26.1

Chapter 26 What Did You Say Just Now?

I’m Magali. My outward appearance is a perfectly beautiful girl.

I don’t know what happened, but I was taken to the royal capital because it seems I was selected to the worst position, a saint.

Well, I would have escaped if Alistar did not disturb me. There’s that, but there’s no way I would allow him being happy alone, so I somehow managed to take him along.

It was really pleasant when he brought out a strange sword. That sword seems to be important to the country, and Alistar was forced to stay in the royal capital. That’s a good thing, but putting it the other way around, once the sword matter is settled, he can shake his hand and return home.

Then, he becomes happy and only me that’s unhappy…… I won’t approve that!

That’s why, what I need to do now is to go to Alistar, look at him that might be annoyed, ridicule him, and come up with a plot to drag him here but….

「Your Majesty! I brought this generation Saint, Magali-sama.」



Why am I facing the king who is the top person of this country? Eh, wait… isn’t it too sudden? I can’t stop my cold sweat.

I somehow haven’t exposed any unsightly behavior thanks to my refined acting skills, but it’s wearing me out.

「Nice to meet you, Saint. I’m the king of this country.」

「Y-yes, I’m Magali….」

I know even if you don’t introduce yourself!

If someone doesn’t know, that’s probably Alistar!!

Aahh… honestly, I don’t want to get attention like this. Thinking about when will my acting come off….

Or rather, what do you mean by kill if not suitable as a saint!? Even though you’re the one who arbitrarily chose me, aren’t that cruel!?

「Fumu… she sure is looks like a woman suitable as a saint. I have seen so many people, so I have an eye for people. You, both of your appearance and personality is suitable as a saint.」

Are you blind? Just what have you seen so far…?

No, well, if my true nature can be seen through I’ll be killed, please don’t see into it. But, If I want to resist, I can only do it here…!

I’ll give you Alistar, so please let me go home…!!

「Your Majesty. With all due respect, I don’t think I’m worthy to be a saint. There should be another person that more qualified than me.」

「Well, you’re being modest.」

You’re wrong!!

In the first place, I don’t want to work as a saint for the people and the country’s sake. Why can’t I work for my sake?

When you become a saint, it will be natural to do something for others or the country. In fact, I know from reading books that the saints so far have been doing such activities. I absolutely don’t want to spend such life!

「Sure, I don’t know if you’re worthy to be a saint or not. It was an abrupt oracle anyway, so I didn’t have time to do a background check.」

T-that was dangerous…. Probably, if I had been given a background check, they will make me into a saint without any questions. Because my exterior is perfect. I’m a beautiful girl, I acted as a person with a gentle personality that cared for others to match my appearance.

Fuu… I never thought that I’ll dig my own grave by my acting to catch a convenient man…. But it’s okay, I haven’t become one yet. I’ll escape with the form of not suitable while not being executed…!

「So, there’s an easy way to find the suitability.」


What the….

As I tilt my head, a knight draws near to me. He is holding a seemingly majestic board with both hands, there is a ring on it. He puts that in front of me… eh, what?

「Put that on, Saint.」

The king who looks down at me says so.

……Eh, I don’t want to. Somehow I have a bad feeling. This is not a cursed equipment, right?

But, this air… everyone here is looking at me…. There’s no way I can say that I don’t want to put it on!

Especially, the pressure of the king’s eyes looking down is amazing! Really, if I’m not worthy to be a saint, I will be killed, aren’t I!? I don’t want to be killed…! I want to enjoy a moderate luxurious life, and then dying an ease death in my sleep…!

I stretch my arm that’s trembling with fear and tension and put that ring on my finger….



A tremendous light was emitted from the ring.

My eyes…… My eyeeeeeeeeeeeees!?

It was a cursed equipment after all!? It burned my eyes at such a close distance!

You damn King! Letting me put on something like this, what is your purpose!?

When I try to glare at the king with a squalid eye….

「Oohh…! The ring is reacting…. As expected you’re the saint of this generation!」


Eh… you can understand I’m worthy or not as a saint with just putting on this ring? With such a simple way……?

How should I put it, this ring is a piece of junk. I don’t think I’m suitable as a saint no matter how you see it.

「I’ll have you received an education as a saint after this. I’m sure you’re a qualified person, but you still need various education after all.」


What you can tell just by wearing such ring!? Check out about me more!

…No, I’ll be executed if everything were investigated, so investigate me to the extent I’m not suitable as a saint.