Fake Holy Sword c26.2

「Herge, you did great! With this, Magali, the saint appeared in our country! Light has appeared in this country!」


With the king’s exaggerating words, the knights and nobles in the surrounding leaked admiration breath and clapped.

And I’m at the center… with dead eyes, somehow trying to make a smile….

N-no way… I just wanted to catch a man with a decent wealth and personality, and live in self-indulgent….

Even though I don’t want to be a saint, an existence that saving others even though killing oneself as if it’s something obvious…..


That’s right. Everything is that man’s fault that I fell into such situation!

Because he has the same thoughts as me and we knew each other’s nature, so we both thinking about each other unpleasantly, but… he drove me to the capital and trying to live leisurely…!

I will never forgive the one that chose me using oracle, but first is Alistar. I… I will never let him escape…!!

To find a way to bind him to this royal capital, to see him getting annoyed, first I have to go to Alistar….

「Father! What are you doing!!」

When I was thinking about a way to entrap Alistar, *bang*!, there was a man intruding with a loud noise. He looks strong-willed and walks with a very confident way of walking.

His well-ordered handsome face is looks displeased.

「Oohh, it’s the first prince…」

「It’s Eria-sama…」

I can hear the contents that other people whispering.

……T-the first prince!?

N-no… this is a place where the king is, so it’s not strange there’s a prince… However, I have no intention to approach such high-social-standing existence, so I was flustered.

「What’s wrong, Eria.」

「There’s no need to ask! Why did you believe such incomprehensible oracle, and then choose something like a saint from the commoner!? We don’t need a saint in our country!」

Prince Eria yells when the king asked.

From what I heard, the content is…… anti-saint faction!? I don’t know if there is such a faction… but this is a chance! Just press the king as it is, and make him think that a saint is unneeded!

…If there’s really an anti-saint faction, aren’t I in danger? My life won’t be targeted, right?

「Eria, you say that because you’ve never seen a saint. The former saint is beautiful and innocent…」

「The former generation is different from the current generation, right? If you put such unknown existence in national politics, it will be an everlasting disgrace!」

That’s right! Say more, Eria!

I don’t mean to brag, but I’m only thinking about myself and a way to entrap Alistar!

「Don’t say that. The saint is already here.」

The king sighing deeply and turns his eyes on me. Don’t look over here.

As the king looked this way, Eria naturally turned his face here…

Uwaa…… it’s a very annoyed face.

「What!? You b*tch, are you trying to take over this… country…?」

Hiee…… he’s really angry……

…… I mean, what do you mean by b*tch!? A convenient man could be a virgin freak, so I haven’t thrown it away!

When I’m imagining about killing the prince many times in my mind, the angry voice that I was waiting doesn’t come. When I look at him, he’s looking at me with openmouthed blank-face.

Eh, what… scary…

「Err, Prince…?」

For the time being, I tilt my head and turn an anxious face toward him to show that I’m not hostile.

Then, Eria finally talks to me…



What did you say just now?

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