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Fake Holy Sword ch20.1

Chapter 20 I Don’t Want to Face Against Them!!

「W-why are you here….」

Silk asks while shaking her voice.

Primo who receives it laughs with a distorted face happily.

A disgusting fat body and bald head. His face full of beard, only his eyes that look sparkling and it gives a person that looks at it an indescribable discomfort.

「Why? If my precious slave sneaks away night after night, of course I’ll be worried and then come to pick you. Right, Edwige?」

「Kihihihi, yeah, that’s right….」

He said so and talked to his escort, a woman who was standing next to him.

The thin woman with disheveled long hair laughs in a way that can’t be said normal.

Because she’s thin, it’s as if her eyes are bigger and popping out, and Silk that looks at that eyes makes her body tremble unconsciously.

「Oh, Silk… what do you have there?」

「Ah, t-this is….」

Primo said so and pointed to the white dress that Silk held preciously.

Looking at him that approaches while showing a sadistic smile, Silk hugs her dress strongly. Escaping is not allowed because she’s a slave.

「I’m curious. Show it to me.」

Primo stood in front of her and ordered coldly.

If it was Silk up to now, she would have passed it without any objection. But, today she was able to take the first step for her dream, and the dress is also a gift from an important co-actor. She won’t give it easily.

Silk resists at Primo for the first time today.

 「T-this is… I’ve been wearing it some time ago… and I haven’t wash it. It’s not clean enough to give it.」

Primo who being resisted for the first time moves his eyebrows.

However, this way is interesting. It is much more fun to oppress those who have rebelliousness than to oppress those who have given up everything.

 「I don’t mind it. Come on, show it to me.」


Silk resists further.

It certainly is more interesting, but it is not desirable to fall into a stalemate as it is.




Therefore, Primo ordered his escort, Edwige. Unlike Primo and Silk, she who get used to fighting scene succeeded at snatched the dress from Silk that resisting.

Primo narrows his eyes when he received the dress from her.

「What… white dress, huh?」

For him who is a noble, that dress is not a big deal.

Certainly, the quality and appearance are reasonably good… but it’s a shabby dress for Primo, who is accustomed to nobles dresses that always being shown off in high society.

「But, this is… kuku, what a bad product! Such a shabby dress is not suitable for my slave to wear!」


Primo laughed and threw the dress on the ground.

Looking at that, Silk screams unconsciously. The white dress gets dirty on the soil.

Looking at her like that, Primo laughs sadistically, lifts his legs… and steps on her dress.

「Hmph, hmph! What, don’t worry, Silk. I’ll buy you a better dress. A wonderful high-class item that can’t be compared to this poor quality product.」


He stepped over and over again.

The white dress that was pretty, it now gets dirty and worn out by dirt and Primo’s shoes. The first dress Alistar gave. It was supposed to be her lifetime treasure, but it has been changed into a miserable figure.

It is not unreasonably expensive. Certainly, with Primo’s assets, she may be able to easily buy more dresses. But, that is not the case.

It was more valuable for Silk than the finest dresses worn by royalty.

That important thing is being trampled in front of her. Still, even though Silk seems to shed tears, she doesn’t raise her voice. That is, because she is a slave. Because a slave is not allowed to go against the master.


Even if something important that she received from Alistar is being trampled, She doesn’t have the courage to go against it. However, that is a matter of course. If she goes against it here, it’s possible for Silk to be killed.

But still, she embraces an undeniable feeling that she hates herself.

「Now, is there nothing you hide…… hmm? What is that in your hand?」


Primo was immersed in the mood to make the dress tattered, but then noticed that Silk had something white in her hand.

She hides it in a hurry, but it’s too late because it was already seen.

「Silk, it’s too late. Show me that too.」

He says so and reaches out.

As a slave who can’t oppose the master, she obediently hands over the white thing…the letter――

「Y-you can’t. Only this, absolutely…!」


――Or it should be like that, but here Silk resists for the first time. She brushes away Primo’s hand and hugs it preciously.

Because it is a fan letter from her first audience at her first step to her dream. Hand it over is the same as hand over her dream. Only that is something that she can’t do.

「Just give it to me!!」

「I don’t want to…!」

Primo shouts loudly to Silk’s resistance, but she’s by no means giving in. She holds it on her chest preciously and curls up.

Looking at that, Primo feels angry enough that his blood vessels in his head might explode.

「You……! For a slave like you… are you trying to go against me!!」

「Uh! Guh… Ahh!?」

Therefore, Primo strongly kicks Silk’s body.

Silk screams. However, she never let go of the letter.

「Just! Give it! To me! Already!」

「Uhh! ……!! Gaha…!?」

He steps again and again on her. Stepped by the dirty sole, her clothes is getting dirty.

Because she was stepped by a heavy fat body, her slim backbone is screaming. Bone squeaks and dull pain accumulates.

Even though she’s suffering from filthy violence, Silk still keeps her body curl up and protects her letter.

「Haa, haa…!! Kuh… this woman…!!」

Primo’s unshaven face is plenty of greasy sweat, his goggling big eyes become bloodshot.

Certainly, it’s worth oppressing those who resist, but if they completely resist it, it becomes irritating. He doesn’t want to admit his inconvenience, this man has an immature mental.

However, due to his heavy fat body, he can’t even hurt Silk anymore.

「Edwige!! Give her a good beating!」

Therefore, Primo leaving it to others. He orders Edwige, his guard, to hurt Silk.

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