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Fake Holy Sword ch20.2

Chapter 20 I Don’t Want to Face Against Them!! (2)



It’s better if it Primo who doesn’t train at all, but Edwige is a woman who gets used to battle scene to the point entrusted as a noble guard. Silk can’t defend her attacks.

Edwige approaches with a quick movement like a snake, she grabs Silk’s thin neck and lifts it.

「Guh… Kaha…!!」

Edwige’s arms are very thin. However, she lifts Silk’s body with a powerful force that hard to imagine coming from her appearance.

「Aahhh… your face, I don’t like it. It makes me want to crush that sweet face. That white dress too, it doesn’t look good on you, isn’t it? Really, it’s irritating.」

「Ah…… geho…!」

She looks closely at Silk with glaring eyes. It’s a very terrifying sight, but Silk doesn’t have time to feel fear from it because of the pain of being strangled.

「I can’t kill her, right, client-san?」

「Of course! Because I have grudges to her parents… make her suffer rather than kill her…!」

Primo gets angry while sweating a lot with a bright red face.

Confirmed so by him, Edwige sighed disappointedly.

Silk distorts her face due to the smell.

「Well, there you have it, I can’t kill you even if I want to…. But, it’s okay to hurt you, right? For example….」

Using the other hand that’s not grabbing Silk’s neck, she tries to scratch Silk’s face with her nail.

「Make this face messed up…!」


Silk’s body is trembling.

Face is an actor’s life. It would be difficult to get into a theater troupe if you face is injured. No, anyone hates it to leave a lifetime scar on the face. And Edwige trying to do that intentionally, you can know her interior with that.

「Kuhaha…! Yeah, that’s okay. As long as you don’t kill her, I don’t care whatever you do. Don’t think bad, Silk. Because this too is your parents’ fault.」

Primo, who can’t do anything by himself, but misunderstood Edwige’s power as his own, laughs at Silk with a sadistic smile.

In the first place, it is not that her parents are bad or the cause of it… but, the facts have been rewritten inside him for his convenience.

「Kihihihihihi! I’ll make your face and dress into shreds!」

「Uh…… guh…!」

Edwige laughs in front of Silk and strengthens the grip on her neck.

Was it a mistake for having a dream?

Inside her muddy consciousness, Silk thought so.

Wasn’t dream something good for everyone to have?

Was it wrong for the likes of me… a slave dreaming to be an actress playing in a grand theater?

She wants to deny it strongly. But she can’t deny it.

Tears well up in her light purple eyes and flow through the cheeks. With her parents being killed, no one standing beside her now.

Here, nobody knows that she’s quietly being driven out from the stairs to her dream… or it should be like that.

「―――No, it’s not a mistake.」


She heard a screaming voice and a gentle voice. That gentle voice is a voice that she knows well….

At the same time that voice was heard, she was released from the strangling and was about to collapse on the ground.

When she was about to hit the hard ground, there was a man who caught her.

Cough, cough! ……A, listar…?」

Because the supply of oxygen was stopped, she desperately moved her absent-minded head and opened her eyes.

What reflected in her blurred vision, is Alistair who smiles slightly.

To his hero-like appearance, Silk shed warm tears, different from the tears of despair some time ago.

「Yeah, I’ve come to save the future great actress.」

To Silk who sees him with a passionate gaze, Alistar responds it with a gentle smile.

「(I don’t want tooooooo!! I don’t want to face against such disgusting woman and wicked noble you knoooow!!)」

『We’ve come this far, just accept your fate!!』

No one knows his inner thoughts.

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