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Fake Holy Sword ch21.1

Chapter 21 It’s Over…

「……See you.」

I see off Silk that says so while turning her back and start to run.

「(And this was the last time I saw Silk).」

『Wait! Don’t make a disturbing story!』

If that story becomes true… I will no longer need to go to such a boring theater though…

「Well then, Isco-san. I’ll take my leave….」

「Yes. Thank you, Alistar.」

Now, there is no need to be in such a place anymore. I don’t hate children… but it’s hard to keep them company. Well, It’s already late at night, they are sleeping now.

Isco also said that he will properly give me a reward… well, isn’t he a man with common sense? I was impressed.

Now, let’s relax at the safe top-class inn.

When I am yawning lightly while walking….

『Wait a minute! It’s your fault that I worried about Silk! Let’s see her off properly!』

The cursed sword shouted ridiculous things inside my head.

Haa? What is this cursed sword saying?

I shake my head.

Listen here, Silk is a slave, you know?

Because she doesn’t have freedom, it’s obvious that she sneaks away so she doesn’t get caught by that ill-natured noble Primo.

She successfully did it so far, but it will be spoiled if I see her off and then get suspected. Are you fine with that?


The cursed sword lost for words.

Well, it’s strange that she often goes out and doesn’t get noticed though.

If he does notice it and overlooked her, I don’t know what he’s thinking and it’s unpleasant. If he doesn’t notice, then he’s just a fool.

『That’s, right….』

Apparently, I was finally able to convince this idiot.

Haa, good grief. However, things finally progressed conveniently after a long time, so I thought unnecessary things.

From what I heard from Silk, her master, Primo is a trashy bastard. When I think about that, I feel that the theory about him notices but overlooked her is stronger. For example, let Silk shows her hope and dream as an actress and then make her despair or something like that.

The higher it is, she will receive more damage when falling.


Well, it doesn’t concern me.

Is Primo thinks so or no, and what will happen to Silk, I’ve nothing to do with it. They can do whatever they like.

Haa… that Herge, I hope he takes this cursed sword quickly. Then I can go back to the poor village….

When thinking about such things and trying to walk towards the inn… my feet stopped. Of course, it’s not my intention. It’s the cursed sword’s power.

……Oi? Why did you stop my legs?

『After listening to what you said, it obvious that we absolutely have to see her off!!』

I’m startled to what the cursed sword said.

Did he not hear what I said!? It’s bothersome so I don’t want to go…. that’s not it. I said it, right!? If I go I’ll stand out…!

『If so, go see her off until before we reach her place! Come on, go!!』

Ugoooooo!! Don’t move my body without permission you bastaaaaaaard!!

My desperate resistance is in vain, I chase after Silk with awkward behavior.

「You seems to be having fun, Silk」

「W-why are you here….」

Uwa… today of all days, huh….

I’m hiding in the wall while grasping the situation and sigh deeply.

When I thought that I caught up, Silk faced an unpleasant man and woman. The cursed sword is dumbfounded, and now I’m out of control.

I didn’t suddenly come out in front of them, but hidden in the shadow of the building.

Perhaps, the man that Silk facing is Primo Zarate…… I can know he’s an insane guy by just looking.

People should not judge by appearance. Well, many people judge by appearance, but I, a good-natured handsome man, don’t do that.

I don’t…… but, Primo is different. It’s obvious that his personality seems bad and he seems to be twisted. Basically, it’s common that people who don’t have a clean appearance have personality problems. Maybe.

So, this Primo is fat as if symbolize intemperance, dirty-looking unshaven face, big eyes that shine…… ahh, disgusting.

Still, if you can’t afford it, I understand that… but, he’s a noble, right? Despite being able to afford it, why he’s so filthy?

His bad personality is revealing. Let alone come in contact, you must not getting closer to such fellow. In other words, if you don’t get close, you can avoid disasters caused by such people.

I think so and stretch my back.

Fuu… let’s leave quickly. This is a problem between Silk and Primo.

『Of course you can’t!!』

Again, my leg doesn’t move, like a stone.


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