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Fake Holy Sword chapter 19

Chapter 19 Fuu, That Was Dangerous

Silk and Alistar are in front of the orphanage. There’s Isco bowing to them.

「Thank you, Silk-san, Alistar-kun. Thanks to you, it will be a wonderful experience for the kids.」

「……I had fun too.」

「(I had not).」

Silk and Alistar urge Isco to raise his head with a smile. The latter is thinking about the worst things, but it’s safe because it’s not exposed.

「…Thank you, Alistar. Thanks to you, I….」

Silk looks away from Isco and looks up at Alistar that standing next to her.

「…Is it okay for me to receive it?」

A pure white dress is embraced carefully in her arms. Primo will find out if she keeps wearing it, so she took it off and carries it.

However, since it is reasonably expensive, Silk asks Alistar again whether it’s okay for her to receive it.

「Yeah, I’ll be troubled if you return it to me (I can pawn it if you return it though….)」

『I won’t let you do that awful thing.』

Alistar pleasantly nods.

「……Thank you.」

Silk, who doesn’t know the Holy Sword efforts, thanked Alistair. With a slightly reddened face, she doesn’t realize that he’s abusing the holy sword in his mind.

「Right, Silk-san. Please take this….」


Isco gave something to Silk.

Looking at what she received, Silk was surprised, stared with wide eyes.

「This is…… a letter?」

It’s a small folded paper.

It illuminated by the moonlight when she expands it. For Silk who received education, what she looks is poor-quality letters. However, she knows who wrote it and doesn’t even feel like to make fun of it.

「The kids seemed impressed with the performance… they started writing right away. I want you to take it.」

「……Of course.」

Silk’s chest was filled with warm things.

She was able to play in front of people for the first time, she got a white dress from Alistar, and she even got a letter from her first audience.

It’s definitely the happiest day after she became a slave

「…I wanted to play and my dreams grew again. I got this letter and got a dress from Alistar….」

She tried to make the warm feelings into words. However, although it may be disqualified as an actor, she couldn’t express it by any means.

Therefore, Silk wrapped Alistar’s hands with both hands, and begged with an expressionless expression that flushed a bit.

「……Please take care of me after this too, Alistar.」


If you look it from the outside, it was something pleasant, but in Alistar’s mind, he really hates it. That’s why he couldn’t react to Silk’s movement.


Silk that stretched her back while standing on tiptoes, had her trembling fresh lips on Alistar’s cheeks. It was a momentary event and the contact was released immediately.

However, the feeling remained, Alistar touches his cheek and Silk touches her lips. Alistar is dumbfounded and Silk looks away, embarrassed while stays expressionless.

「Oh my.」

Isco, who is looking from the side, is just smiling pleasantly.

「……See you.」

It was a thanks for him who accompanied her practice and gave her a dress. However, it may have gone out of control and expressed mistakenly.

Silk couldn’t show Alistar her face that turned red, said so. She turned her back and started to run.

I will be able to meet you at that place again tomorrow.

And Alistar who sees her off….

「(Fuu, that was dangerous. If I have to say it, it was the worst. Even if I find a woman who I can parasitize, it would be troublesome if she is an idiot who minds about a first kiss. Well, that’s if she can find out about the first kiss though).」

『You… after all you are the lowest』

He’s thinking about an awful thing without being perturbed as usual.

The Holy Sword sighs with a voice that only Alistar can hear.


On the way back, Silk can’t endure her smile.

Until now, she has never had such feeling when returning to ‘that’ place. A cramped place where she can’t even says her dream, a place where she’s being worked hard as a slave.

When she was going back to such a place, I couldn’t have been able back with a high spirit.

But now she has a sense of accomplishment and happiness. The first step for her dream by performing a play in front of many people, and being able to receive wonderful gifts such as a dress and letters from those who support her.

This alone seems to be able to withstand Primo’s severe abuse for a while.

「You seems to be having fun, Silk.」


There, she lost those feelings when she heard the voice that she doesn’t want to hear the most.

When she turned around, a man that she doesn’t want to see the most and one guard that accompanies him stood there.

His name is Primo Zarate. He’s the present master who murdered Silk’s parents, made her into a slave and makes her work hard.

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