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Game of Gods – Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Nightmare

Yuan Chenfei saw Liu Yang for the first time in his own office.

At that time, Liu Yang wore a gray old folder and a hat in his hand. His hair was unkempt and his face was awkward.

His two eyes, which were empty and straight, looked at Yuan Chenfei.

“Mr. Liu?” Yuan Chenfei took the information and shouted carefully.

Liu Yang shocked like he just woke up from a dream. His eyes have gained some fascination. He slightly nodded: “Hello, Dr. Yuan.”

“Hello, please sit down.” Yuan Chenfei pointed to the big sofa in the room.

Liu Yang carefully sat on it, but he didn’t sit still, as if he could jump up at any time.

“You look a little nervous. But please believe me, okay? You can relax here.” Yuan Chenfei said to him in a tone that’s as friendly as possible.

His attitude surely softened this apparently nervous man.

Liu Yang nodded.

“So…” Yuan Chenfei sat on the opposite side of Liu Yang, looked at the information in his hand and said, “Mr. Liu, you said on this, recently, you have been having nightmares frequently, so that you can not sleep well, right?”

“Yes.” Liu Yang nodded hard: “I always have the same dream. The scene in my dream is very real and it scared me. I can’t sleep well every night. Unable to rest, I don’t have the mind to work. Always sleepy…”

When Liu Yang said that, his face once again showed a scared expression.

“Then you have come to the right place, I can help you make a good dream.” Yuan Chenfei took a pocket watch from his clothes, shaking in front of Liu Yang: “This can help you fall asleep.”

Liu Yang’s face changed: “No, I don’t want to sleep. I will enter that horrible world when I fall asleep. It’s too terrible.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t let you have a nightmare.” Yuan Chenfei comforted him: “Oh, before that, can you tell me the content of that dream?”

Liu Yang hesitated, for a long time, he said: “That is a very terrifying dream.”


“Yes.” Liu Yang looked straight at him with his eyes: “I dreamed… The gods and the demons came, the world changed dramatically.”


Out of the office, Yuan Chenfei saw that Liu Liu had finished eating her meal and was looking at the chicken legs in his meal.

“WTH!” Yuan Chenfei shouted, rushed and grabbed his meal.

“Meanie.” Liu Liu muttered in dissatisfication.

“If you can’t eat enough, you can call another one. Why do you always want to grab from someone else?” Yuan Chenfei looked at his assistant.

If he came out a bit later, the chicken legs would be gone.

Liu Liu snorted and replied: “I don’t know why, if I order one more, no matter what, I will have no appetite for it. But if it is someone else, then I will want to eat very much. You are a psychiatrist, can you tell me what is my mental illness?”

Yuan Chenfei shook his head: “That isn’t a disease, it is a problem of your character.”

Liu Liu listened to it, and looked up and laughed. Her feet were shaking, and her laugh was like screaming “Hey, Hey, Hey”, like a madman.

After a while, Liu Liu stopped to watch Yuan Chenfei, saw him eating very slowly, knowing that he was thinking and shouting: “We have a strange patient again? What is this time?”

Yuan Chenfei was obviously stagnant, and he thought for a while before saying:

“This patient’s name is Liu Yang. He has been having a nightmare about the apocalypse since a month ago.”

“Having the same kind of nightmare repeatedly?” Liu Liu’s eyes lit up: “That shows that the dreamer has a psychological problem that has not been solved. The term of psychology is called ‘sentiment’, which is the popular saying of ‘heart knot’. It directly related to the theme and mood of the same dream. For example, repeating the ‘test dream’ may be related to the psychological factors of ‘accepting recognition’ or ‘anxiety’…”

Yuan Chenfei smiled: “Well, don’t show off your psychological knowledge. If that’s the case, things will be simple.”

“Oh?” Liu Li came to the interest: “Where isn’t it simple?”

“His dream is very systematic.” Yuan Chenfei replied.


“It’s a very specific, very fulfilling dream.”

“How specific is it?”

Yuan Chenfei replied: “Complete architecture, accurate time, sufficient characters, rich plots… just like a movie, no, TV series.”

Liu Liu heard it.

It is necessary to know that the dream itself usually does not have a complete story. It is only an inevitable physiological phenomenon that occurs during the fast wave sleep period. It is an active physiological process, and its manifestation has an appearance and perceptual nature. Memory activities and supernormal associations.

Therefore, most dreams are fragmented, abstract, neither real nor systematic, and there is no complete architecture and system.

Now, Yuan Chenfei said that some people’s dreams are as specific as TV dramas, and there is everything in the time and place. This was incredible.

“All dreams are like this?” Liu Li asked.

“No, it is based on different plots in the same context, just like a person’s experience inside. On the first day, he dreamed of a great change in the world, and the whole world has unexpected changes. The next day, he had a new experience. On the third day, he continued to extend on the basis of the dream of the second day… He had a dream of thirty days, but spent thirty months in the dream, experiencing rough times. It’s even worse.”

“The content of all these dreams is related to each other?” Liu Li was surprised.

“Yes. Surprised, right? It’s like writing a novel in a dream, day by day… I have never seen such a case.” Yuan Chenfei was excited. He did not expect that his psychological clinic was opened less than half a year, but he has encountered such a mysterious case.

In the field of psychology, mysterious cases have never been lacking, and all kinds of incredible mental illnesses often refresh the three views and insights of psychologists.

What happened to Yuan Chenfei was undoubtedly one of them. If he could treat this case and make detailed records and analysis, it will definitely help his future work and fame.

Liu Liu seemed to be a lot calmer. As a skeptic, she conceived all possibilities.

She squinted and asked, “Is there a possibility that the guy is making a story? You know there are some patients like this…”

Yuan Chenfei interrupted her and said, “You know I can see if a person is lying.”

Good psychologists were usually lie-detectors. They were good at judging whether the other person is lying or not. They were sophisticated lie detectors.

As a high-profile student at Stanford’s psychological profession, Yuan Chenfei was one of the best.

“Is it possible that he came up with the story during the day and then reappeared in the dream at night?” Liu Liu still does not give up.

Yuan Chenfei smiled: “Indiscriminate guessing does not help to improve your psychology. This patient’s case is very rare. It is not suitable for any conclusion now. It needs long-term observation. I used hypnotism for him and let him sleep for a while. ……”

When his words have not been finished, a very loud screaming came from the office.

Yuan Chenfei put down the meal and rushed to the office, pushed open the door and saw that Liu Yang had rolled from the sofa to the ground.

He screamed and desperately grabbed his own neck, almost to kill himself.

Yuan Chenfei rushed over and forced him to pull his hands away.

Finally, Liu Yang’s arm was pulled open. Liu Yang’s desperate coughing, his pupils were widened and his eyes were filled with fear.

“Liu Yang! Liu Yang!” Yuan Chenfei shouted loudly.

Liu Yang seemed to have finally awakened.

His eyes have gained a sign of consciousness again.

He stared at the ceiling, not saying a word.

“You have a nightmare again?” Yuan Chenfei asked.

Liu Yang did not say anything.

“Can you tell me what happened in your dream?”

Liu Yang finally looked at Yuan Chenfei.

He swallowed and said:

“They… cut my head.”


After that day, Liu Yang has never gone to Yuan Chenfei’s clinic again.

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