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Game of Gods – Chapter 10

Chapter 10: The New Era (Part 2)

“Wei, Wei!”

Under the night, Duan Feng whispered to the window on the fourth floor.

Then a girl’s head came out from the window, looked around, and made a shushing gesture to him.

A bed sheet appeared from the window, one tied to the window sill and the other fell to the ground. The girl grabbed the sheets and prepared to slide.

Duan Feng looked nervous: “Be careful!”

Zhang Wei’s proudly said: “Do not worry, this girl is a hero, this little thing can’t object me… oh…”

When saying that, she did not carefully hold the sheets and fell down.

Duan Feng was shocked and reached out, but with his small body, if he really caught her it could press him to death.

Just at the moment of Zhang Wei’s fall, a powerful hand grabbed her.

Zhang Wei looked up: “Big brother!”

It was a familiar, serious face and with some indifference to hers.

Zhang Cheng glared at his sister, swept over her head and looked down. Duan Feng shrank her neck and stepped back.

Five minutes later.

Zhang Wei and Duan Feng, like a pair of children who are doing something wrong, shrinking their necks and standing in front of the regulations.

Look at the sister in Zhang Cheng, and look at Duan Feng: “You’ve really grown up, even dare to sneak out from the window?”

Zhang Wei quickly said: “Have you heard the news? This world is changed dramatically. It is an opportunity for all mankind. I heard that we can become immortal…”

“Who said what?”

Duan Feng was busy explaining: “There are superpowers, and someone has already obtained it. You can get it by killing a hundred monsters.”

“Can that guy live forever?”

“That’s not… it’s a big deal.” Zhang Wei whispered.

“So kill a hundred monsters, can you have a little physical strength? You can do it if you eat more.”

Zhang Wei slammed hẻ mouth: “You are really brother, why are you so disappointing?”

Zhang Cheng sighed: “You think I will not understand? You’re thinking that changes mean chances. Look at history and you’ll know. Even if there is a big chance, it can only be the chance for superior ones. Such people have usually been successors in the old days.”

Duan Feng was not convinced: “Even if this is the case, for those who’re at the bottom, it is always an opportunity. Take risks, it may not necessarily make you the big man. Don’t take risks, you’ll have nothing for sure.”

Zhang Wei also said: “Yes, brother, this is the opportunity for everyone. Now many people are still watching. If we hestitate, we miss the opportunity!”

Zhang Cheng saw the same sister: “Have you ever played online games?”

“Yeah.” Zhang Wei nodded.

“Then have you ever passed the final stage without losing a life?”

Zhang Wei shook her head: “How is that possible?”

“Then how do you know that in the game of the Gods, you can pass the final stage without losing a life?”

Zhang Wei was dumbfounded.

Duan Feng replied: “Maybe we can’t do it, but it doesn’t say that we have to pass the final stage, right? Life is not a game. We understand this. Participating in the game of the Gods is dangerous, we also know it. But going slower is always better than not going at all. Rest assured, Cheng brother, I will take care of Wei.”

Although Zhang Cheng has always felt that Duan Feng was not reliable, at least this moment, what he said still touched his heart.

After a little stagnation, Zhang Cheng sighed: “It seems that it is unrealistic to stop you. But you have to ask my opinion, I am not worried about taking risks anyway.”

“Big brother!!!” Zhang Wei cried.

Although she was still only a young girl, Zhang Wei has her own dream.

At the moment when the Gods appeared, when the rules of the game were announced, Zhang Wei realized that the games she loves to play on weekdays can really be unfolded in reality.

It may be dangerous, but Zhang Wei was willing to try.

Zhang Cheng always thought that Duan Feng enticed Zhang Wei, but he did not know that in this matter, his sister’s will was actually more determined.

Looking at Zhang Cheng slowly stood up, Zhang Wei’s heart fell into a trough.

After the death of the parents, the brothers and sister lived together. In any case, she did not want to violate the idea of her brother, but she was also not willing to give up.

Then she saw Zhang Cheng pick up the two choppers he had prepared and said, “Let’s go.”

“Hmm?” Zhang Wei was surprised to see her brother.

Zhang Cheng slowly said: “I can’t stop you, I can only go with you. Who made me have such a sister?”

“Brother is the best!” Zhang Wei excitedly into the regulations.


Shanglin Alley.

Luo Ruo Er carried a bag and walked in the alley, carrying a paper box in her hand.

After walking through the dark path, she came to a house. Before entered the door, she already heard the familiar mahjong sound.

Through the window, she could see Luo Da, who was playing mahjong with others. The smoke was lingering, and there was a strong alcohol smell in the air.

At this time, they still have the mind to play mahjong. It’s really a terrible thing.

Luo Ruo Er snorted into the door and went straight to her room.

Lou Da saw that, patted the table and shouted: “Bitch, why do you come back so late, do you know what time is it?”

Luo Ruo Er did not care, shut the door.

“Hey, talk to you, can’t you hear it. Look at this girl, what is it like now? There is no education at all, how do you teach children? 8-man.”

Li Caifeng’s feet were placed on a chair next to her: “Damn you, when it comes to education, you always blame me. Are you her father or not? 4-pin.”

Lou Da’s eyeballs almost popped out: “You dare to talk with me like that?”

Next to her, Lou Da’s little sister comforted: “Ok, you two, stop fighting, focus on play. 7-pin, pong.”

“Pong? Sorry, Ron!” A big belly man turned the card down and opened his hand.

“Damn, why do you always fall to his hand?” Lou Da shouted at his wife.

“Stupid, this lady is playing this way.”

“Yes, you’re the stupid old lady!”

The quarrel screamed and slammed into the door and rushed into the ear.

In the room, Luo Ruo Er was teasing her beloved thrush bird.

“Little Mi, I didn’t come one day, I guess you are hungry again? It’s no way because you have such a master. But don’t worry, after today, you will be free.” Luo Ruo Er said while opening the paper box, which contained little chickens. While speaking, she also took out a knife from the bag.

Thinking of something, Luo Ruo Er turned her head and said to the outside: “Don’t have to cook for me, I have eaten outside.”

After a moment of thinking, Lou Da carefully played 8-man in his hand and then angered: “Hear? That little bitch has eaten outside. Where do you take money from to eat outside?”

Lou Da’s little sister immediately said: “Do you really need to ask? It must be that a man treats her. She’s a little girl, as long as willing to pay something, eating a meal is not quite hard. 2-sou!”


“I know that, but do you?” Lou Da’s little sister was very dissatisfied with being eaten, and the tone became more sinister.

Li Caifeng was furious: “Luo Ruo Er, you are only sixteen years old, yet already gone to eat with men? Say, are you pregnant? Why don’t you go out to eat with a little bit of food? 7-pin…not…”

“Let it down! Ron!” Lou Da yelled.

“Fuck your ‘let it down’, I haven’t .”

“Have you ever heard about ‘never regret once the card is out’? Do you have any shame?”

“Regret? Your daughter goes out and fools around sleep with men in exchange for a meal. Are you regret?”

“She is also daughter!”

The couple was having a big fight.

In the room, Luo Ruo Er took a knife and cut the necks of the chickens one by one. The chickens were fierce, but they couldn’t be Luo Ruo Er’s opponent, and the blood quickly dyed the red cardboard box.

The thrush bird jumped in the cage, apparently frightened by this scene.

“Don’t be afraid, I won’t hurt you, Little Mi.” Luo Ruo Er said to the thrush bird while continuing his own slaughtering.

Her movements were fast but very stable. It didn’t look like a newbie.

With each small chicken died under her hands, Luo Ruo Er’s eyes became more bright.

After killing the last chicken, Luo Ruer frowned: “Why don’t I level up?”

She was somewhat puzzled, raised her head.

In the sky, the Heaven Palaces were still there.

Luo Ruo Er looked down at the chicken and began to count: “One, two… fourteen… twenty-eight, twenty-nine… twenty-nine?”

Luo Ruo Er stunned.

She counted again, but it’s still only twenty-nine.

Damn profiteer! She is actually giving me one less.

Luo Ruo Er is amazed.

It’s no longer realistic to want to buy it at this time. When she left, the live animals on the market were basically bought out, and it’s hard to buy them later.

“Just lacking one…” Luo Ruo Er grinned.

She slowly looked up and looked at the thrush bird.

The bird was jumping more and more.

Luo Ruo Er ran into the cage, although the birds tried to escape, in this cage, it had no space.

Luo Ruo Er took the bird out and stroked its head: “Little Mi, you have been with me for so long, why are you afraid of me? Do you think that I will hurt you? Am I that kind of person?”

The birds struggled desperately.

Luo Ruo Er’s face suddenly showed cruelty: “I am!”

The left hand grabbed the bird’s neck and slammed it, and the thrush bird’s neck was broken.

The long-awaited voice finally sounded in the ear, and Luo Ruo Er closed her eyes, revealing an intoxicating expression.

She could feel that power was surging in her body.


The door was knocked open.

Li Caifeng made dissatisfied snoring: “I’m asking, why don’t you answer? Who is the man you sleep with?”

Luo Ruo Er slowly turned back.

Li Caifeng saw her eyes and could not help but shivered.

Then she immediately realized: What am I doing? I’m her mother, why do I have to afraid of her?

A strong make-up mentality made her rush over and slap in the face of Luo Ruo Er.

But before the slap hit, her arm was caught by Luo Ruo Er.

“You…do you dare to fight back?” Li Caifeng was shocked.

Luo Ruo Er made a swing, Li Caifeng flew out and smashed the door and flew directly to the street.

Several people who’re still playing mahjong stopped, and Lou Da looked at his daughter with eyes full of fear.

Her voice was cold: “From today, I don’t belong to the Luo family anymore. Luo Ruo Er is already dead, only Rou Wa remains in the world.”

She left the house and never returned.


TL’s note: Both “Er” and “Wa” mean “child/baby”

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