Game of Gods – Chapter 11

Monster rank: Common, Elite, Commander, Lord, King.

Chapter 11: The Predicament In The Cage

Back to the farm, Yuan Chenfei started his slaughtering level up again.

He turned off the phone and refused all external contacts. Of course, because of the reason for the power outage, most people are now unable to contact with their mobile phones. The movement between people has increased dramatically.

However, when all of us were panicked by the coming of the Gods, tried to warm up and comfort each other, Yuan Chenfei had begun his “closed-door cultivation”.

In cultivation novels, the experts had to do closed-door cultivation for hundreds of years. Although Yuan Chenfei couldn’t do that, at least three years was no problem.

Of course, in the Game of Gods, three days progress was equal to three years…

At this time, almost all rabbits were killed, thus Yuan Chenfei began to kill the chicken.

Because he was already level 3, these chickens were only level 1, so his job was particularly easy. In fact, the chicken had a long neck, the vitality was low, so they’re much better targets than the rabbit.

The downside was that chicken skin was not worth much, almost ten pieces of chicken skin can sell a white crystal, far worse than the rabbit skin, only better than the mouse heart. However, Yuan Chenfei had a perfect level Peeling, five can be replaced by a white crystal.

Yuan Chenfei didn’t care anyway since he has already made up enough of his own needs.

Soon, Yuan Chenfei reached level 4, this time he did not continue to increase endurance, but lit up Duel Space.

After lit up Duel Space, Yuan Chenfei could pull the designated monster into the duel space for a duel.

If he won, the monster would become his pet. If he failed, the only outcome was death. Therefore, the goal of the duel must be carefully selected, otherwise, it’s suicide.

Moreover, in order to be fair in the duel, the injured monster would return to full HP the moment it entered the duel space, so the method of injuring the target and pulling it into the duel space wouldn’t work.

However, everything had loopholes.

After preparing well, Yuan Chenfei did not directly start the duel but took out the Bloodlust Potion.

At this time, the big cage in the field finally came into play.

Yuan Chenfei first placed five chickens in a cage and then poured into the cage a drop of Bloodlust Potion. As the potion was emitted, all the chicken’s eyes turned red, and then they began to fight each other.

Inside the iron cage, there was a scene of the fratricidal killing. The five chickens fluttered with each other, blood and chicken feathers flew.

After a fierce battle, only one chicken eventually became the final winner. As the other four chickens died, the remaining chicken inhaled the energy of the companion, and its original wounded body began to recover. Not only that, its body became taller and the height quickly caught up with a person.

The red cockscomb has risen high and every step was very fascinating. If it walked down the street, it would definitely attract the attention of countless people.

In fact, this rooster has a great increase in power at this moment, and ordinary people were probably not its opponents.

Despite this, the rooster has not been leveled up and was still at level 1.

Only if using identification items to see it, the introduction would be: Rooster, level 1 monster (Elite).

Yes, although it’s level 1, this chicken has become an Elite monster.

According to the rules of the game, the attributes of the Elite monster were about 1.8 times the Common monster of the same level.

This gap was quite big. A level 2 monster’s attributes would never be twice of a level 1 monster. It meant a level 1 Elite monster was actually stronger than a level 2 Common monster or even some kind of level 3 Common monster.

The most disgusting thing was that killing such an Elite monster wouldn’t give any extra energy growth.

In other words, the EXP an Elite monster gave was as same as a Common monster. Even if a gamer only killed Elite monsters, he also needed to kill 100 monsters to level up.

At this moment, seeing the elite rooster that he spent a long time trying to get out, Yuan Chenfei first took a breath and then activated Duel Space.

The next moment, the newly-winning elite rooster found itself in a strange space and the man who had previously held it and starved it was looking at it.

Without the obstacles of the cage, encountered the enemy, this big rooster fluttered with wings and flew over. The speed was fast and the momentum looked terrifying. In fact, after becoming an Elite monster, the rooster’s power is not weaker than the eagle.

Weapons were not allowed in the duel space, and Beastmaster must confront the target beast in the fairest state, so Yuan Chenfei could only dodge sideways, and at the same time made a punch against the rooster.

This was his first duel in the duel space. He was challenging an elite monster, so he was also under great pressure.

But he believed that he will win.

“I am level 4, and you are only level 1. Your attribute advantage does not exist in me. And you are hungry for two days, your physical ability has dropped drastically, and you have just experienced a hard battle, which should drain your stamina. Even if you become an elite, it is also your weakest moment, so you can not be my opponent!” Yuan Chenfei said coldly and threw a punch at the rooster.

No skill, no trick, just the most primitive and brutal style of attack.

However, Yuan Chenfei actually wanted this.

Only such this “fist to the meat, exchange injury” was the most stable way of fighting. The stronger would be the winner.

If the rooster was in its prime, it may still be able to fight against Yuan Chenfei, but as Yuan Chenfei said, it’s hungry and tired, thus it could not exert its strength at all, so the battle was leaning toward Yuan Chenfei’s side.

This was the loophole that Yuan Chenfei found. Hunger was not an injury. A hungry monster could be pulled into the duel space without being restored to full.

After enduring several beak attacks from the rooster, Yuan Chenfei vanquished this elite monster by his own iron fists.

The next moment, the duel space disappeared, Yuan Chenfei has returned to the outside, followed by the rooster, but now it has become his pet. The duel space was also its hiding space, Yuan Chenfei could put it there when it’s not in use.

At this moment, Yuan Chenfei looked at its state, and it was still hungry.

This time, Yuan Chenfei threw out a few pieces of meat: “Eat.”

The rooster has been eaten unkindly. After becoming a monster, even herbivores would start eating meat.

Yuan Chenfei looked at his skill bar again and saw that Duel Space had been darkened, indicating that it could no longer be used.

Yes, after gaining a pet, Yuan Chenfei could not have the second one for the time being.

Beastmasters could have up to five pets, but normally it could only be done at level 17.

Duel Space also had 20 levels, and every 4 levels it would increase the number of pets.

More exactly, at level 1 Duel Space could tame one pet, but it only had a quarter of its original strength. At level 2 it had of its original strength, at level 3 it had 75% and so one. So at level 5 Duel Space could tame another pet, but that new pet would still have only a quarter of the usual strength.

This was why Yuan Chenfei did not plus the skill at the beginning – a level 1 monster with a quarter of the strength, it didn’t have any use.

But after becoming an elite monster, it’s different. Even if having only one-quarter of the strength, it still comparable with a Common monster of the same level. That’s because one-quarter of the strength was not a quarter of attributes. All attributes of an Elite monster was 1.8 times higher and converted to strength, it’s equivalent to three or five times a Common monster.

Yuan Chenfei also took advantage of the level advantage and state advantage to successfully conquer this elite monster. Under normal circumstances, if he encountered an Elite monster of the same level, his only choice was to flee.

While the rooster was eating, Yuan Chenfei repeated the chicken fight.

But this time the scale was bigger.

A total of thirty roosters were put into the large iron cage, and even the amount of Bloodlust Potion increased significantly.

A larger chicken fight began.

Thirty roosters in the cage attacked each other in madness. The chicken flesh was sliced ​​into pieces and the chicken feathers flew.

“A group of crazy chicken…” Yuan Chenfei sighed, he thought this joke was very funny, but unfortunately, no one accompanied him to feel.

Thinking of this, he couldn’t help but look up at the sky.

At this time, were the Gods also watching them?

Just like the Yuan Chenfei himself observed the roosters in the cage fighting each other, the Gods were also using the Earth as a cage, observing the mutual killing between people.

Because the feelings of killing between people were too monotonous, they spared no effort to give humans special abilities.

So is it possible that people will one day get rid of this predicament and gain true freedom?

While he was thinking, there was a “BANG!” sound came from the cage.

Looking back, he saw an extraordinarily strong and tall rooster was using its head to slam at the cage. The steel pipes which were as thick as a human’s arm gave a bumping sound under the impact.

Obviously, the outcome has already been determined that the rooster that’s hitting the cage was the final winner.

Thirty roosters fought each other, and the final winner was no longer an Elite, but a Commander. Its attributes were twice of Common monster, not much higher than an Elite monster, but it had skills.

At this moment, it was using one. The beak released a faint white light, each time it hit the iron cage, the steel pipes received one more dent. It could be seen that the attack power is strong, and the sharpness was no less than a knife or an ax.

Even so, it still couldn’t break the cage.

It’s only level 1 after all.

Despite this, it still madly attacked, while looking at Yuan Chenfei with eyes full of viciousness and hatred.

“So, you are also hoping to get rid of this predicament, right? For this, you will not hesitate to risk your life. This is really interesting. I am eager to rush out of the cage, but in any case, I can’t let you out. Because if you’re out, then I’ll suffer. You are destined to fail because you are not strong enough to break the cage…so there is no right or wrong in the world, only the mighty decide right or wrong. ‘Might makes right’, hahaha…”

Yuan Chen fluttered.

Although I have known this truth for a long time, I have never felt it as clear as this moment.

If you can’t get out of the predicament, it can only be a reason, that is, you are not strong enough.

So, to be free, you must first make yourself strong enough.

Become the strongest in the cage first, only after that you have the opportunity to get rid of the predicament in this cage.

Thinking of this, Yuan Chenfei’s eyes were full of determination.

“Next, it depends on your confrontation. Kill me, you will get rid of the predicament in this cage and gain freedom. If you fail, you will die!”

Tightly grasped the steel knife in his hand, Yuan Chenfei opened the cage door.

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