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Game of Gods – Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Blood Orb


A stream of blood spouted.

Yuan Chenfei took a few steps back, held his chest. The knife in his hand fell to the ground.

There was a deep, bloody wound on his chest. It’s the result of the Commander rooster.

Its skill Crazy Beak Attack was indeed crazy, every time it pecked, it’s no different from a steel lance. In addition, this Commander also has the skill Flying Claws, jumped up and grabbed the enemy, and it’s no different from being caught by iron claws.

All of that was done under the physical exertion due to two days of hunger and the previous battle. If it’s the heyday, even if Yuan Chenfei was three levels higher, holding weapons, and possessing a pet, it was still almost impossible to be the opponent of this rooster.

Fortunately, Yuan Chenfei eventually won.

Taking a series of preparations, weakened the strength of the rooster, Yuan Chenfei barely be able to kill this Commander rooster.

At this moment, watching the monsters falling in the pool of blood, Yuan Chenfei didn’t take a break, directly cut the monster’s body with a knife, looked for something carefully. After a while, his face showed disappointment: “There is nothing.”

Killing this Commander rooster had no additional benefit in EXP, that’s to say, this difficult battle was in vain.

Yuan Chenfei did not care, just sighed, and then began to treat the wounds on his body, and also applied some medicine on his own pet.

The Game of Gods naturally sold medicine, but most of them were expensive.

With the current financial situation of Yuan Chenfei, he couldn’t afford to buy it.

Fortunately, the drugs produced by human were still usable. Although they were not as good as potions produced by the system, they could still be useful as non-combat drugs.

Therefore, he prepared a large number of drugs before.

Because although these medicines were useful, with the wide range of power grid fallout and the production of potions, they’re basically no longer produced in the later stages. As for now, their price was getting more and more expensive.

After done with treating, he put thirty roosters into the cage, started a new round of bloody battles.

After the battle, a new Commander rooster was born.

Yuan Chenfei was almost recuperated at this time, as two levels of Enhancing Endurance greatly improved his recovery ability. Once again he entered the cage with his pet.

It was another difficult battle, and the winner was still Yuan Chenfei.

It is a pity that when he cuts off the chicken again, he still harvested nothing.

“Hey!” Yuan Chenfei was still just sighing.

Once more!

Yuan Chenfei was like a tireless warrior, making many blood fights in a cage.

With each killed rooster, Yuan Chenfei’s body received more wounds.

His face, body, and everywhere are traces of bites and scratches, and his whole body was covered by bandages and drugs. But Yuan Chenfei did not give up, still stood up and fought again and again.

He had more and more injuries, getting more and more tired, but his eyes were still determined.

After having bloody battle for day and night, his expression became a bit more fierce, merciless, and cold!

Anyone who killed so many lives in such a short time would become hard-hearted.

Anyone who has experienced so many hard battles in such a short time would become stronger.

This was the case with Yuan Chenfei.

In addition to reaching level 4, he seemed to gain nothing, but his personal willpower and combat experience have actually been greatly improved.

Moreover, Yuan Chenfei gradually became familiar with the fighting style of roosters.

If it wasn’t for the long-term battle that drained his physical strength too much, he could have been more relaxed.

When the sky was bright, Yuan Chenfei confronted a Commander rooster for the ninth time.

After another kill, Yuan Chenfei still habitually cut open the body. He didn’t expect anything, but at this moment, a round red ball came out of the chicken belly.

Seeing this thing, Yuan Chenfei’s body trembled, he grabbed it and cried: “Blood Orb! Haha, you finally came out!”

Yes, Yuan Chenfei worked hard all night and killed hundreds of chickens for this thing.

He didn’t want to wait for another second, regardless of the blood on it, he swallowed it.

As the blood ball entered the stomach, a heat rises in the body and quickly forms an energy mass. However, this energy group did not enter his body, but directly poured into the chest and entered the totem mark on his chest.

Then in the totem mark, a number appeared after the skill point: 1.

In other words, Yuan Chenfei now has a skill point.

Yes, that’s the effect of Blood Orb.

He spent a whole night, gave up the opportunity of a quick level up, used so many chickens and a precious potion to get such a skill point. Was it worth?

Yuan Chenfei’s answer was: yes.

Because the game just began, many people still didn’t understand the rules and characteristics of the game of Gods.

According to the rules set by the Gods, the gamers had a maximum of one hundred levels, and each time they leveled, they got one skill point, which meant a gamer naturally could get only 100 skill points.

How many skill points did a gamer need?

The answer was: a lot.

There were ten general skills, each skill had 20 levels, which needed 200 skill points.

There were 21 class skills: 20 regular skills and one ultimate skill.

Regular class skills also had 20 levels, which needed 400 skill points.

The ultimate class skill only had three levels, but each level required five skill points, that is, fifteen.

Add up to exactly 615 skill points.

The natural growth only gave 100 skill points, and the full-point demand was 615. This was the bleak status of the gamers.

Of course, besides using skill points to upgrade, there was another way to increase level of skills, that’s training.

But that efficiency… it could only be said to be “slow as hell”.

So what was the other method of acquiring skill points besides natural upgrades?

That’s Blood Orb.

Only monsters above the Elite rank could drop Blood Orb.

In the Game of Gods, the monsters were divided into five ranks, namely Common, Elite, Commander, Lord and King.

Common monsters didn’t drop Blood Orb; Elite monsters had a 1% chance of dropping Blood Orb; Commander monsters had a 10% chance; Lords had a 100% chance. For Kings of monsters, they had a 100% chance of dropping Blood Orb Essence, which was worth 10 skill points.

But killing monsters above the Lord rank was very hard. Just looking at how much effort Yuan Chenfei spend to kill a weakened Commander, the difficulty of killing a Monster Lord or Monster King was imaginable.

Moreover, these monsters were not alone, but have a lot of minions. If the Commander Yuan Chenfei killed was not kept in a cage, with a roar it could call a group of rooster to besiege Yuan Chenfei.

Especially Monster King, which was the leader of the pack, and a race of monster always had only one Monster King.

As long as a monster become a King, it would always be surrounded by at least four Lords, dozens of Commanders, thousands of Elites, tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of Common monsters.

Such a lineup, even if formed by level 1 monsters, could massacre a city.

In short, under the current circumstances, with so many advantages, Yuan Chenfei could deal with only Commander monsters at most.

Even so, he only successfully got a Blood Orb with a lot of sweat and blood, showing that how difficult it was.

The supply of the market was very low, yet the demand for the gamers was very high. This huge gap made the high price of Blood Orb.

According to Liu Yang’s notes, although the game would have new changes every time, there were many new discoveries, but the demand for Blood Orb has never decreased.

It’s always the best-seller on the market, the most valuable and never depreciating currency.

Compared to it, the Purple Crystal Coin was nothing.

In the future, one Blood Orb was valued as an entire building.

Someone may think it’s not worthwhile to spend a whole night to get a skill point. But think from a different point, if you earned a building in one night, was it not worthwhile?

Unfortunately, this building has been eaten by Yuan Chenfei.

Gods opened his eyes and gave himself the opportunity to get a lead in this tide of change.

In this case, Yuan Chenfei naturally has to make good use of it.

What he wanted was not the building, but the might.

To become the winner in the cage!

Only in this way he could be qualified to pry into the world outside the cage and fight for freedom.

So he did not hesitate to eat the Blood Orb.

After getting a skill point, Yuan Chenfei added it to Duel Space.

After the duel space reached level 2, the strength of the war pet also increased, originally only a quarter of the combat power, this time unlocked a quarter again, with half the strength.

Yuan Chenfei did not continue to fight, but to clean up and go to sleep. Even with his endurance, battles through the night still let him tired.

He needed a rest.

During this period, Liu Liu made a call, told him that she had become a gamer.

Yuan Chenfei wasn’t surprised. Although the information she obtained was not as much as him, she still had some important pieces. After confirming that Liu Yang’s nightmare was true, Liu Liu knew what she should do. But killing so many creatures in such a short time was not an easy task.

Liu Li didn’t kill level 0 monsters like Yuan Chenfei, but started directly from level 1 monsters – she ran to the market and bought thirty ducks, killing them after they became level one.

The system encourages leapfrogging, and the leapfrog experience reward was also good. Therefore, although the ducks bit all over her body, Liu Liu succeeded in doing it.

However, this kind of thing could be done now. After the monster’s level was higher, it would become less and less possible.

Sleeping for four hours, when Yuan Chenfei woke up, it was almost noon.

After eating breakfast, he came back to the cage and was ready to start another round.

After the battles last night, the strength of Yuan Chenfei was significantly promoted, and these chickens were also hungry for three days. Becoming monsters let them not starve for death, but the weak state always exists.

The difference between them made the fight at least much easier than last night.

However, considering the quantity, Yuan Chenfei felt that it was not easy.

There were originally 3,200 chickens in the farm. After a night of killing, he solved about 440 or so and there were less than 2,760 left. Counting the ratio, that’s just enough to create 92 Commander roosters.

According to the probability, he could get about nine Blood Orbs.

For him, it’s enough. Having ten additional skill points before level 5 would absolutely be a great help for the strength of Yuan Chenfei.

But the key was to be fast, and it must be done within two days.

The strength of monsters has been growing. After two days, a considerable part of the monster would undergo further evolution, some of which may be promoted to level 2.

A level 2 commander was not something that the iron cage could imprison, so Yuan Chenfei must solve these animals before then, and then went outside to find opportunities.

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