Game of Gods – Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Dueling Invitation

Two days later, early morning.

Today was the fourth day of the arrival of the Heavenly Palaces.

The game of Gods has been around for three days, and people are gradually adapting to adapt. Some of the people who have the spirit of fighting were adapting to the environment in advance and becoming a gamer early.

Therefore, the Tower of God has become more and more popular. In the tower on the outskirts of Wen An, there are already hundreds of gamers, and even some people have already reached level 3.

Li Zhanjun was one of the level 3 gamers.

He was originally a butcher. Before the gods came, he still killed pigs on his own farm. Even if he saw the arrival of the Heavenly Palace, this nerve-stricken guy did not give up his work. In his words: as long as the world is not destroyed, do what you should do. Even if aliens arrive, don’t expect them to support you. Only you can support yourself.

This simple idea made Li Zhanjun one of the first beneficiaries of the game. Even before the game of the Gods was officially announced, Li Zhanjun was promoted to level 1.

In fact, the vast majority of the earliest gamers were related to their profession. Killing pigs, killing dogs, killing ducks, and the early pioneers were mostly a group of butchers, chefs, etc. This fact made everyone feel helpless. Fortunately, the rules of the game made the grinding level more difficult than any game they know, and the advantage of the pioneers was limited to this. If there was no further fortune, it’s difficult to expand it.

So after killing the pigs in the slaughterhouse, Li Zhanjun could only go out and find his own prey. This also made the difficulty suddenly increased, it took him two days to successfully promote to level 3.

Despite this, standing between a large group of level 1 gamers, Li Zhanjun was still standing out from the crowd, and his heart has an unspeakable triumph.

The world was changing, it’s an opportunity for everybody.

Those who used to be at the bottom finally waited for a reshuffle opportunity in life, so they also tried harder to seize this opportunity. Instead, for the originally high-ranking people, because many of them could not adapt to this drastic change, a large part was destined to be eliminated.

At this moment, Li Zhanjun stood in the middle of the Tower of God and looked around with a high spirit. He was wearing a “clothing” that he had just bought from the store.

Although it looked no different from a normal shirt, it’s still an item, which has the effect of reducing a little damage.

Li Zhanjun showed the function of the cloth, and he enjoyed the envy of the audience around him.

It felt so good. At that moment, Li Zhanjun seemed to be the county magistrate of their hometown. Anyone passing by must pay attention to the ceremony, and they must envy and bow their heads.

Until the arrival of a person in the distance.

Afar came over a young man whom Li Zhanjun felt familiar with. He suddenly remembered: Isn’t this the young man I saw in Tower of God on the first day?

At that time, I thought that the young man was new, and congratulated him. I didn’t expect that’s the second time the young man come here. I was desperately asking him to be the first one, but he ignored me.

Li Zhanjun was somewhat dissatisfied when he thought of being ignored by the other party. At this moment when seeing that guy, he paid attention to it.

Yuan Chenfei walked all the way, not wasting time, went directly to the small shop in Paroro.

“Here is chicken skin and chicken meat.” Yuan Chenfei handed over a material bag full of materials.

“Oh, it turned out to be a distinguished guest.” Paroro obviously remembered Yuan Chenfei, opened the material bag, and was obviously taken aback: “Your harvest is really a lot…”

Yuan Chenfei shook his head, and Parolo did not say anything more, just quickly counted a large number of Green Crystal Coins.

Yuan Chenfei has killed 3,200 chickens, among them, there were about 600 Elites and about 100 Commanders. Monsters sometimes gave special materials. The higher the rank, the higher the probability. Strictly speaking, Blood Orb was also a kind of special material, but it’s the one with the highest value.

Selling all these materials, he got more than 6,000 White Crystal Coins.

Parro put the crystal coins in the hands of Yuan Chenfei: “Thank you for coming, do you have any needs?”

“Not here.” Yuan Chenfei replied.

“That’s a pity, I look forward to your next visit.” Paroro was polite.

Just out of the store, Li Zhanjun has come over and said: “Hey, boy, where did you get the chicken skin? Why can I only get chicken meat when I kill the chicken?”

He followed Yuan Chenfei, so he heard about chicken skin and was very interested.

Yuan Chenfei looked at him like the last time, and he ignored him.

Li Zhanjun followed Yuan Chenfei: “Hey, hello, I’m asking you, say something.”

He grabbed Yuan Chenfei’s arm.

Yuan Chenfei was pulled by him and stepped back a bit.

Although he was one level higher than Li Zhanjun, the Strength growth of a summoner was really not as big as a warrior, so right now his Strength was not comparable to Li Zhanjun’s.

Li Zhanjun grinned: “Your Strength is not as high as mine? It seems that you are level 2, not bad. But you still have to work hard, don’t be full of yourself.”

Yuan Chenfei looked at Li Zhanjun with a strange look.

Who need to work hard here? Are you still embarrassed?

Li Zhanjun especially said: “Hey, tell me where the chicken skin is coming from. Damn it, this world has changed now, everything is traded with crystal coins, but it is too difficult to make money. I killed more than a hundred monsters, plus some other piecemeal harvest, only got more than 400 White Crystal Coins. The meat of the level 1 monster1 is really worthless! The problem is that the medicine is also very expensive, a bottle of the cheapest Recovery Potion cost hundreds of White Crystal Coins, more than I can afford. If you tell me how the chicken skin comes, I will tell you a good place to find monsters.”

He said bluntly, refused to let Yuan Chenfei go.

Yuan Chenfei looked at him and thought for a moment: “Well, I can tell you how the chicken skin came, but I don’t want you to tell me the place to find monsters. You just need to promise me one thing.”

“What’s it?”

“Duel with me.”

Li Zhanjun was happy: “I am level 3, you are only level 2, you can’t beat me.”

“It doesn’t matter anyway, this is just a sparring, not a life-and-death fight. How about it?” Yuan Chenfei asked.


Since it’s not a life-and-death fight, Li Zhanjun did not mind teaching this kid the manner.

“Deal! Now you wait for me, I need to go shopping.” Yuan Chenfei went to a small shop.

“What do you want to buy?”

Yuan Chenfei did not answer, went directly to the store, said: “A dueling invitation.”

“How much?”

“One thousand White Crystal Coins.” Yuan Chenfei placed money on the table.

Li Zhanjun saw this scene, he could not help but shocked: “What is this? Why so expensive?”

All his money wasn’t enough to pay half the price of an invitation letter, but the other party bought it like nothing, that shocked him hard.

If he knew that Yuan Chenfei had more than 5,000 White Crystal Coins, his legs would be soft, let alone compete with Yuan Chenfei.

“Using it, you and I can enter the arena for competition.” Yuan Chenfei answered.

“Just for competition?” Li Zhanjun was stunned.

Yuan Chenfei nodded very seriously.

Li Zhanjun swallowed: “It is totally unnecessary. Let’s find a place outside and have a sparring. Is it necessary to use this stuff?”

“That is my business.”

“…well, you have money, you are rich.” Li Zhanjun shook his head. “But I must declare first, this is just a friendly duel.”

“Of course, if you can’t beat me, you can raise your hand and admit defeat.” Yuan Chenfei has directed the invitation to Li Zhanjun, and a light column shone on him. In front of his eyes appeared a message.

“The gamer Yuan Chenfei send a duel challenge to you. Do you accept it? Yes/No”

Li Zhanjun smiled and said: “It is you who admit defeat.”

He chose Yes.

The next moment, the scene changed, Li Zhanjun found himself not in the Tower of God, but in a huge round arena.

This arena looked like an amphitheater, was divided into five areas, each with a mark. If someone has seen five Heavenly Palaces, they would find that the five marks were exactly the same as the five Heavenly Palaces.

Just after Yuan Chenfei and Li Zhanjun entered the arena, in the auditorium on the arena, figures began to appear one by one. They were covered in fog and the two could not see the specific appearance. They were only vaguely aware that their form was not much different from that of human beings.

“This is…” Li Zhanjun was puzzled.

“Arena.” Yuan Chenfei answered.

“Who are they?” Li Zhanjun pointed to the auditorium.

“They?” Yuan Chenfei’s mouth showed a smile: “They are the audience.”

“The audience? Where do they come from?” Li Zhanjun instinctively asked.

Yuan Chenfei asked: “Whose game is this?”

Li Zhanjun trembled and blurted out: “The Gods?”

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