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Game of Gods – Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Temporary Team Member

This was the game of the Gods, this was the arena of the Gods, so the Gods were the audience!

At this moment, with the opening of the arena, a viewer of the gods also appeared in the audience.

The noise was also heard in the arena of the gods.

“Is the first duel coming out now? It’s really faster than I expected.” A rumbling sound echoed over the arena.

Clearly speaking, it’s a strange non-human language, but Li Zhanjun found that he could understand.

“This… what is this?” Li Zhanjun had never seen such a scene, completely shocked.

“This is the game of the Gods. Naturally, there is a purpose. They want to watch the duel, we will show them.” Yuan Chenfei replied.

“Hey, it’s not a duel, it’s a competition.” Li Zhanjun shouted.

“Of course, you can admit defeat.” Yuan Chenfei replied.

“Fuck, it is you who admit defeat!” Li Zhanjun replied.

“So we still have to fight.” Yuan Chenfei laughed.

“Give up, you are not my opponent.” After waking up from the shock, Li Zhanjun also let go of his mind: Motherf*cker, is it just being watched by the gods, why so serious? It’s just that these gods are also blamed. They want to watch the competition yet the gamer himself has to spend money to enter the arena. Who is so stupid? A thousand White Crystal Coins…

But isn’t there a person doing this right now?

Wait, is this guy really stupid?

That’s unlikely.

Is that opening the arena beneficial?

Li Zhanjun could not help but think.

Unfortunately, before he could think carefully, Yuan Chenfei has already attacked.

His attack was very simple, directly summoning three big roosters.

Yes, three.

In the past two days, Yuan Chenfei killed more than 90 Commander roosters, 600 Elites, and got a total of fourteen Blood Orbs. He added ten skill points to Duel Space so that his Duel Space has reached level 12. The other four skill points were added to Enhancing Vitality. Yuan Chenfei was still afraid of death.

So he could have three pets now. And all three were Elite pets.

An Elite monster alone could deal with a level 3 warrior, not to mention three.

Seeing that Yuan Chenfei summoned three roosters, Li Zhanjun was stunned: “You are not a warrior, but a summoner?”

He immediately remembered that a summoner of the other party could even be equal to himself in strength.

Doesn’t that mean…

His face changed dramatically.

Unfortunately, without waiting for him to say anything, Yuan Chenfei has ordered three Elite roosters to attack.

Li Zhanjun did not have time to think more when he saw it. He waved his blade, which suddenly set ablaze and formed a flame blade.

This was a class skill of Berserker – Flame Slash.

the first two class skills of Berserkers: Heavy Weapon Mastery and Flame Slash. The former made Berserker be able to skillfully use heavy weapons and gain a little extra bonus damage when using it. The latter could add a flame effect to the weapon so that the attack has additional fire damage, which was relatively powerful in the early skills of the Berserker.

Li Zhanjun had Heavy Weapon Mastery level 1 and Flame Slash level 2, so the flame power attached to his blade was not weak. If the target was hit, the attached flame was enough to burn the opponent badly, not mention the power of the attack itself.

In fact, the Berserker was considered to be a relatively strong class in the early stage. In normal circumstances, a normal Beastmaster definitely could not be a Berserker’s opponent.

Unfortunately, his opponent just happened to be Yuan Chenfei, a level 4 Beastmaster with three Elite pets.

At this moment, as Yuan Chenfei ordered, the three Elite roosters leaped and slammed toward Li Zhanjun, such as the eagle. Li Zhanjun hurriedly dodged and cursed: “Fuck!”

Although his Flame Slash blocked one of the attacks, it couldn’t hold the other two. The elite rooster’s beak attack was not weak, Li Zhanjun felt like than being stabbed by a small knife. Li Zhanjun was a Berserker, who was quite tough but he was still being wounded. After releasing several Flame Slashes and seeing it’s ineffective, he held their heads and shouted: “I admit defeat, I surrender!”

There was a huge boo from the audience.

An angry voice sounded: “This is the lowest level of fighting I have ever seen, no fighter spirit!”

Then there is a clear voice: “This is not strange, right? Elicelis, the game has just begun, people have not adapted to the new world and new rules. It still takes time to see the picture of the tragic and full of killing beauty. As for now, it’s fine to see the farce.”

Another voice answered: “Adamro is right, look at the farce is also right. And you don’t feel very interesting? It took only three days, a human being opened the arena, and has three Elite pets. Looks like there are some surprises?”

“It’s not surprising, right? If there is that guy, there must be surprises.”

“There are surprises means there are funs.”


“Let’s wait and see what surprises he can bring us.”

“But before that, we have to endure this boring battle.”

“Even if it is a boring battle, it still follows the rules.”

“That is of course, if not, where is the surprise?”

“So be it.”

With the loud noise of a large group of noisy arguments, the images on the audience disappeared one by one. Instead, a row of numbers appeared on the high platform.

Score of 2128…

Before Li Zhanjun could see clearly, he was transferred back to the Tower of God.

People still came and went around, it seemed that no one has noticed that he has left.

And Yuan Chenfei stood there, looking at himself with a smile.

Li Zhanjun trembled in his heart and walked over and said, “You will not spend a thousand White Crystal Coins for a fight for no reason. What have you got?”

Yuan Chenfei replied: “You have too many questions. Which answer do you want to know? Am I the first to enter the tower? How do I get the chicken skin? Why do I duel? I will only give you one answer. But I suggest you think before you ask. Remember, this answer is very important to you, you better think about it.”

Li Zhanjun looked down for a while and then said: “I want to know how to get the chicken skin.”

Upon hearing this, Yuan Chenfei smiled: “Smart question.”

Regarding the answer to the arena, Li Zhanjun could also buy a Dueling Invitation himself, so he could get the answer through actual operation in the future.

But the chicken skin was different, it’s related to its current interests and could indirectly enhance the strength of Li Zhanjun.

So Li Zhanjun asked this.

Yuan Chenfei told him about his Lifestyle Job.

“There are even Lifestyle Jobs?” Li Zhanjun put his eyes on the light.

Although he has been in the Tower of God for three days, he really did not know that.

Yuan Chenfei has said: “I have some information and a piece of advice about Lifestyle Jobs, do you want to hear?”

“What conditions?” Li Zhanjun asked.

Yuan Chenfei smiled and said: “Simple, just duel with me twice more.”

“Do you still want to fight?” Li Zhanjun was surprised. This kid still has money to spend?

Yuan Chenfei nodded very seriously.

Li Zhanjun thought for a moment and nodded and agreed: “Let’s get started.”

“No need now.” Yuan Chenfei said: “Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, still at this time, how about that?”

“So the benefit of the arena is one per day?” Li Zhanjun understood.

If he guessed it correctly, then the score should be ranked, although he didn’t see the ranking order, Li Zhanjun guessed that Yuan Chenfei was definitely the first.

Because at this time there would be no one to compete.

Yuan Chenfei replied: “This is the advice I want to give you. I suggest you not to open the arena. It is useless to you.”

“Why is it useful to you?” Li Zhanjun is still not convinced.

“Which mountain is the highest?”

“Mount Everest.”

“Then which mountain is the fourth highest?”

Li Zhanjun couldn’t answer.

Looking at Yuan Chenfei’s smile, he understood: “So in the arena, only top rankings are meaningful? The stronger you are, the more benefit you get?”

“It does not only depend on strength. You will understand it in the future. In short, don’t waste money. 1000 White Crystal Coins isn’t a small amount, not worthy of being thrown into the water.”

Only those who spent money to buy a Dueling Invitation to initiate a challenge were eligible to rank, and the invitee was not eligible for ranking.

Li Zhanjun has no money now. When he had money, he has lost the best chance.

Therefore, Yuan Chenfei did not advocate that he go to the competition.

But if he was smart enough to know the timing, he may be able to seize one or two opportunities, that depended on himself.

“Thank you, I know.” Li Zhanjun nodded.

Yuan Chenfei continued this way: “There are many kinds of Lifestyle Jobs: Collector, Chef, Builder, etc… Each Lifestyle Job has branches, mainly related to all aspects of life. Choosing a Lifestyle Job is best to match your personality and ability, if you want to live safely, then find a rear Lifestyle Job, most of the time living in the Tower of God is also a good choice. If you want to take a break outside the world, then Collectors, Map Drawer, Builder… are more suitable. In addition, there is no competition in Lifestyle Jobs, so if you want to do it, you will be hurrying, even if it affects the level, it doesn’t matter… Anyway, this game has no top prize.”

Upon hearing this, Li Zhanjun has already understood: “You’re the first to enter the tower, aren’t you?”

Only the first place could confirm that there is no top award.

Yuan Chenfei just said: “How do you choose now?”

Li Zhanjun thought for a moment and scratched his head and smiled: “The world has changed dramatically. Everything has to be disrupted. Although human society now seems to have order, subversion is a matter of time. Everyone got an opportunity. Going out and fighting with the monsters is dangerous, but it is the only chance to get out of the crowd now. I don’t want to miss it. Find a stable Lifestyle Job and live this life… No, this choice is for the old men. I will not need it.”

Yuan Chenfei listened to him with a slight smile.

Although this person was somewhat reckless and curious like a baby, he was not stupid, knew what he wants, and was willing to pay for it.

“In this case, I wish you good luck. We will see you this time tomorrow.” Yuan Chenfei said and turned away.

“Hey.” Li Zhanjun suddenly called him.

“What’s up?”

“Is there any interest in teaming up with me?” Li Zhanjun asked, pointing his finger at himself: “Berserker, Level 3, the fourth to enter Tower of God, is also the fourth to reach level 3.”

The monsters were not good to deal with, so forming a team was becoming a common cognition.

In fact, in the game of the Gods, most people had a team, it’s really difficult to play solo.

As for Li Zhanjun, he was originally the third, but after knowing that Yuan Chenfei was the real first one, the ranking was automatically reduced by one.

Yuan Chenfei thought about it and said, “I don’t have a fixed team. I will only set up a temporary team according to my needs in some special circumstances. If you want, I can consider you. But if you want to be a member of my temporary team, it is best not to choose to be a Collector, to avoid duplication of Lifestyle Job and competition for the resources within the team. If you can’t accept it, then forget this.”

“Can only become a temporary team member”, “can not choose Collector as the Lifestyle Job”, the requirements of Yuan Chenfei can not be said to be not strict.

However, Li Zhanjun, after thinking about it, nodded: “Okay, I agree!”

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