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Game of Gods – Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Chaotic Situation

Leaving Li Zhanjun, Yuan Chenfei came to the bottom of the tower.

Below the tower was a hall.

Here was the trading platform of the Game of Gods, and the gamers in different locations can conduct cross-regional transactions through the trading platforms of the towers.

Because it’s public information, after Yuan Chenfei came here, he saw that many people are already here, looking for the above trading information.

Yuan Chenfei went straight to a console and began to input information.

“Buy Blood Orb, 300 White Crystal Coins each.”

First, he put the picture of the Blood Orb in the message, then choose to spend ten White Crystal Coins to publish it, and finally put 4,200 White Crystal Coins for acquisition. So even if he was not there, the trading platform would help him buy it automatically, until all the money was spent or the message was canceled.

Yes, what he has to do is to buy Blood Orbs directly on the trading platform.

The world was so big, there were eight billion people. The huge population base made that there would always be some people encountering Elite monsters; there were always some people who killed Elite monsters for various reasons; there were always some people who would be lucky enough to get Blood Orb; some people would keep it because they didn’t know the purpose or for other reasons; and those who keep Blood Orb could see the information he posted.

Finally, some people who saw the information would choose to sell Blood Orb because they had an urgent need for money.

Nowadays, the public was still not fully aware of the game of the Gods. Although they knew that they lacked skill points, they didn’t know how serious it was. In the subconscious, they always felt that there were other ways to obtain them because they thought the Gods would not let them have skills but cannot use them.

Currently they only knew that a skill required 20 skill points, and they could get one skill point each level, but they didn’t know how many skills a gamer had or how hard it was to get a Blood Orb – for most people who got a Blood Orb at the beginning, their psychology should be: hey, we can get this thing at the beginning, it doesn’t look too difficult.

Therefore, there would always be people who are confused about the “high price” of 300 White Crystal Coins and were willing to sell.

There were 8 billion people in the world, even if the chance to meet such a person was 0.000001%, Yuan Chenfei could buy 80 Blood Orbs.

As for the specific amount, Yuan Chenfei also couldn’t predict.

He could only hope that the more the better.

By taking advantage of the information asymmetry at this stage, he would get a big harvest.

Blood Orb was now like Bitcoin. When it’s cheap, two thousand Bitcoins can only buy one burger, who would have thought that it would cost $20,000 each?

The same was true of the future of Blood Orbs. There was only one difference – unlike Bitcoin, it won’t crash.

After entering the information, Yuan Chenfei went around, buying some other things, then finally went back to Wen An City.

The animals on the farm have been slaughtered all, Yuan Chenfei naturally gave up and returned to the city.

Because of the loss of energy source, Yuan Chenfei’s car also became useless, so he directly walked there -he could activate the car by using a White Crystal Coin, but Yuan Chenfei could not be reluctant.

Anyway, going back from the suburbs was also close.

At this time, Wen An has been greatly different from before.

Although the coming of the gods did not cause any harm to human society, the real impact was enormous.

The first was the erosion of the spiritual level.

There were already hundreds of people in the Tower of God, but compared to a city’s population it’s still a small part.

More people actually haven’t adapted to the new world.

The advent of the gods subverted most people’s outlook on life and science and made them feel at a loss.

The decline of the energy industry that followed has also caused all factories and enterprises to come to a standstill.

Although the crystal coins were more efficient as a new energy source, at the current stage, due to the scarcity of the gamer, the production of the crystal coin was not high enough to restore the production of the factory enterprise.

Even those who adapted to the new rules of the new world in advance, the crystal coins were used to buy medicines, weapons and other items that could make them stronger, rather than being used as energy sources in household appliances.

Therefore, the factory enterprises during this period were basically completely paused. It had a long way to recover.

The number of unemployed people has soared.

The increase in the number of unemployed people has brought about an increasingly chaotic social situation.

In the past three days, a large number of public security cases have appeared every day.

There were killing chickens and killing dogs, as well as killing humans.

No one knew who released the rumor which said that killing human could also improve the level and the efficiency was higher, thus there were people who’re mad enough to believe and find someone to kill…

There was a large group of people who can’t adapt to social changes. They cried everywhere that the end was near, the world would be destroyed.

But the truth was that the Gods have not killed anyone so far.

Everyone’s death was caused by human beings themselves.

This was a great irony.

When Yuan Chenfei arrived, he saw such a scene with his own eyes.

On the long roads, there are scrapped vehicles everywhere, all the way to the city.

People everywhere in the city were fighting and looting.

In three days, a small number of people are trying to upgrade, and more people are fighting and robbing, artificially creating the end of the world.

With the advent of the Gods, the government’s prestige and appeal have also dropped to the lowest point – if there were Gods, who still listened to the government?

Although the government was still trying to maintain the situation, the fact was that the civil chaos and resistance have increased in extreme drama, and the government’s executive power has shown a cliff-like decline.

Many government officers have even left the organization and joined the chaotic army.

The entire human society has fallen into a collapse.

This was the source of Liu Yang’s nightmare.

However, Yuan Chenfei knew that this is only the pain caused by social changes. With the advent of the Gods, the adaptation of people and the arrival of a new pattern, human society would soon have another appearance.

By then, people would still survive, as usual. Working, resting, life, and business development would still exist, but the decision to social development was no longer belong just a big man with extraordinary brainpower, but a strong gamer who has mastered extraordinary strength. By then, human society would become an era of both intelligence and force, and many powerful people would become the amnesty of the times.

People were no longer just talking about making money, but also ranking.

The level was the new ranking.

Many new companies were directly linked to the game of Gods, which would result in many new businesses.

However, whether it’s the development of business or other aspects, the requirements of the gamers would be imposed, and the gamers will be spread across various industries to influence the entire human society in their own way.

However, all of this needed time to come true.

At least at this stage, human society was in a period of chaos. The society in the chaotic period was terrible. If the nuclear bomb was not banned, it may be doomsday now.

Without the blasting weapons, there was no large-scale killings, but small-scale killings was everywhere.

Without guns, people had knives and weapons from the system.

Street brawlers becoming more and more.

There was no government control, only the new order brought by the gods.

And the new order was that “the strong is the ruler”!

Maybe this was what the Gods want to see?

They were playing a game.

A game that targeted humanity.

In this game, no matter how people struggle and work hard, they are just the pieces in the eyes of the Gods, the tools that brought the fun.

“Since you want to watch the show, please show it enough.” Yuan Chenfei whispered.

In the cage, Yuan Chenfei did not have the power to choose, he could only adapt to it, until one day he broke out.

At this moment, he walked on the long street of Wen An, looking at the shouting crowd.

They may have been a hard-working worker, or formerly a serious young man, or a squatter who was a shut-in otaku. But this moment they all turned into rioters and came to the street to vent their dissatisfaction and panic.

This was the inevitable result of group panic, even if it is a coward person, under the baptism of group consciousness, they would become crazy and inciting.

On the contrary, those talents in the Tower of God were a minority.

Although Gods gave everyone the same opportunity, the real ability to grasp the opportunity would always belong only to a minority. Most people indulged in their anger and panic, and eventually, continue to be the cornerstone of others’ paths.

At this moment, a group of young people was yelling on the street. The courage brought by the cluster also made them fearless.

A young boy rushed inexplicably, grabbed a passer-by and beat him, and the others only sneered.

Fortunately, they still had restraints. Although the order of the old days went away, the bondage and morality of the old days have not been completely rid of, so after the unlucky passers-by have fainted, this group of young people went in other directions.

Just at this time, Yuan Chenfei over.

The group of young people saw Yuan Chenfei, and their eyes could not help but shine, just as the hunters found new hunting targets.

A young man shouted: “Hey!”

“Go!” Everyone shouted together and rushed toward Yuan Chenfei.

Yuan Chenfei’s mouth corner gently showed a trace of disdain.

At the moment when the headed young man approached, Yuan Chenfei had already made a kick toward under the young man’s armpit. The young man immediately fell down.

He only used 30% strength on this kick, but the man could not bear it.

As a level 4 gamer, his power has surpassed the mortal.

At the same time as the foot was retracted, Yuan Chenfei grabbed a fist that the young man had beaten. The young man’s arm was broken by him.

His shots are simple, simple, and neat, but they made serious injuries.

A total of seven young people, Yuan Chenfei made seven strikes, the result was that seven people have all lie down, all with heavy injuries.

“Fuck, he is a gamer!” Someone shouted.

“Hey, do you still know what is the gamer?” Yuan Chenfei said with a smile: “The Gods have given everyone the opportunity to rise in a fair way, but you don’t know how to cherish it. You know that you are bullying here.”

“Fuck, even if you become a gamer, what is good about it? Isn’t it still a chess piece for others? The world has changed! Human beings are no longer the alpha species. No matter how hard we work, we’re only chess pieces! Can you hear me, chess pieces! Being a big one among the chess pieces, is it something we should be proud of?” The young man shouted.

“This is the reason why you are decadent?” Yuan Chenfei disdainfully looked: “Before the Gods come, you are still the chess pieces of others. When can you decide your own destiny? You never have that right! Now you have a new opportunity, but still indulging yourself, it’s simply looking for death!”

These words made everyone stunned.

Yuan Chenfei has said: “Waste is still waste. Seeking excuses for your own laziness, every waste is good at it. People like you… I have seen many.”

“What the hell are you talking about?” A young man seemed to hate others for saying that he is a waste and climb up to trouble Yuan Chenfei.

The response he received was that Yuan Chenfei fiercely and ruthlessly, kicking and breaking two of his ribs.

Yuan Chenfei dismissed: “I said that you are a waste. You thought it was courage to yell at the gamer? No, this is an idiot! As a reward for your idiot, this is my award.”

He said that one foot had stepped on, and the young man’s calf had broken.

Retracting the foot, Yuan Chenfei from the self-going forward.

A new order was being born, and the process of birth was bound to be full of iron and blood.

Yuan Chenfei was trying to adapt to the upcoming new world. The scene just now was the process of his efforts to adapt to it.

It seemed pretty good now.

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