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Game of Gods – Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Repay The Loan

After walking through the long street, Yuan Chenfei arrived at the Xiangyuan Community.

Here was his home.

However, Yuan Chenfei came here not to go home, but to go to the supermarket downstairs.

It’s still open, but the shelves were basically empty.

The coming of the gods brought great panic to the public, and the energy recession made the whole society stagnate, which triggered a wave of buying.

Three days later, almost all the supermarkets in the various regions were snapped up, but the replenishment did not come. The factory was no longer produced, and transportation was also paralyzed.

In fact, this situation would not continue for long before it was improved, because people find that the food and water they need was available in the Tower of God, and energy can also be obtained through the crystal coins. Material resources would not be a hindrance to the society, the disorder was the biggest trouble in the new world.

But before that, people didn’t know this.

The lack of materials further ignited the public’s fears, coupled with the chaos of law and order, which further triggered social unrest, which led to the scene Yuan Chenfei saw.

In addition to this, there was another obvious phenomenon, that is, the price of goods is soaring due to lack of materials.

In just three days, prices have risen twenty times.

In this way, there were still many people who can’t buy anything.

Yuan Chenfei found a supermarket owner to do business.

The supermarket owner was Yuan Han, who is also a resident of the community. Because he and Yuan Chenfei were neighbors upstairs and downstairs, they were familiar with each other.

Therefore, when Yuan Chenfei saw him, he said directly: “I have some goods, does your supermarket need it?”

“Why not?” Yuan Han was in desparate need of the supply.

When he was selling, he was happy, but he didn’t expect it to be out of stock. The result is that a large amount of banknotes stuck in his hand as there was no place to buy new stock.

Even in the most chaotic places, there was order.

In wars such as Somalia, Syria, there were hawkers to buy and sell. This was the end of the world, so he still had to do the business to earn money.

Of course, the situation was changing and the way of doing business was changing.

Many things were appreciating, and many things were depreciating.

For example, money was becoming more and more worthless, so Yuan Han was in a hurry.

Now, there was someone willing to exchange money for goods, which was naturally the best news he has ever heard.

“The goods are in my house, not much. This is the list.” Yuan Chenfei handed a note.

Yuan Han took a look, although not too much, but it’s okay.

He asked: “Twenty boxes of instant noodles, ten boxes of eight-treasure porridge, and five hundred kilograms of rice, rice is now worthy, ten boxes of snacks… ten boxes of milk, I said buddy, where are you coming from so many things?”

“Less nonsense talk, give a price.”

These goods naturally were bought before the Gods coming, just wait for the chance.

Yuan Han calculated it and said: “For these goods, I will give you 200,000 RMB. How is it?”

Yuan Chenfei said: “Get out of the way.”

Yuan Han was anxious: “How can you be so greedy? Three days ago, these goods worth less than 100,000 RMB. I am giving you the double pricw, why aren’t you satisfied?”

“You didn’t have to look for me to buy the goods three days ago.” Yuan Chenfei replied: “You go to the market to see, is there any goods? It’s all empty. Now, everyone still has some food, believe it or not. After a period of depletion of food, everyone has to go to the streets to grab food. Money? It is toilet paper now!”

Yuan Han did not think that Yuan Chenfei would say so: “You quite understand, then why do you still find me to sell goods?”

“You don’t need to care about it. The final price, 1.2 million, can you accept?”

“Are you robbing?” Yuan Han jumped up.

Yuan Chenfei sighed and shook his head: “If you don’t want to buy, someone does.”

“Don’t, don’t!” Yuan Han said, “Isn’t it still a matter of negotiation?”

Yuan Chenfei resolutely shook his head.

He did not lie to Yuan Han.

Although the food would not be lacking in the future, the money would continue to depreciate.

Because people would use crystal coins as a currency, it would not take long before the government issued banknotes completely lose the meaning of circulation.

Selling food to him now was really to help him, and saved him from seeing his money turn into waste paper.

However, Yuan Han was still not completely give up.

After repeated discussions and no results, Yuan Han finally paid 300,000 RMB, only dared to buy a quarter.

Yuan Chenfei also went with him, and went to several supermarkets, and sold the rest of the goods before leaving.

Leaving the community, Yuan Chenfei went to Zhongduqiao.

Zhongduqiao was located in the west of the city, and the loan shark whom he borrowed from lived here.

The purpose he sold goods was to pay the loan he borrowed before.

Came to the loan shark’s house, Yuan Chenfei opened the door.

“Hey? Is it you, kid?” The loan sharks was called Brother Buu, and he clearly remembered Yuan Chenfei.

“I am going to repay the loan.” Yuan Chenfei threw a bag of cash in front of him, “One million, you can count.”

Yuan Chenfei borrowed one million, but Buu actually only gave him 950,000 RMB. Because there were 50,000 RMB interest was deducted at that time.

In a week, 50,000 interest was not unreasonable. In fact, even more evil thing was still behind: after entering the extension, the daily interest rate was 0.5%, the profits would roll down like a snowball until even a multi-millionaires would go bankrupt.

Perhaps it’s for this reason that Brother Buu did not catch the money for Yuan Chenfei.

Not only that, he even showed some dissatisfaction.

Just looking at the black bag, he said: “One million? Are you kidding me?”

Yuan Chenfei did not move: “Brother Buu, what do you mean? The deal is to borrow for one week, interest is 50,000, and it will be deducted when borrowing and one million will be repaid within one week. Nothing is wrong.”

“That is what you said, but why don’t you say that one million a week ago is not the same as one million now? When you borrow money from me, one million can buy a forty square room. Now? It can’t afford to buy a toilet!”

Yuan Chenfei smiled and said: “But what does this have to do with me? If you don’t lend money to me, can the money be appreciated in your own hands?”

Brother Buu immediately said: “It is not the same thing. Devaluation in my hand, I’m happy. But in your hands, you have to pay me back.”

Yuan Chenfei was also shocked by his insane logic. He laughed and said: “This is the first time I hear that the money is not calculated according to interest, but according to inflation.”

Brother Buu’s finger knocked on the table and made a squeaky sound: “This is my place, I’m the rules here.”

Next to him, a man came forward: “Kid, know your place. Brother Buu is a gamer.”


Yuan Chenfei looked at Buu.

There were items that can show the identity and level of a gamer, but they haven’t appeared yet, so if the gamer themselves don’t say, no one would know.

But then again, gangsters were often the ones like this kind of thing the most.

Fight to become strong and bully the weak? They loved to do this.

Therefore, in many novels of the apocalypse genre, humanity was corrupt, and it’s not entirely unreasonable.

In addition to the tragic environment created by the times, another important factor was that in such an era, the more evil, the stronger.

Brother Buu was a gamer or not, Yuan Chenfei did not know, and did not care.

He said faintly: “Already become a gamer? Since you know how to adapt to the new environment, you should not waste time in this place.”

Buu grinned: “Less crap talk. Eight million, you have to pay me before midnight, otherwise, it will be calculated according to the interest behind.”

“If I don’t pay?” Yuan Chenfei asked.

Buu shook his head: “Then leave a hand here first.”

“Just one hand?” Yuan Chenfei thought for a moment and nodded: “Good!”

With “good” word came out, the light flashed!

A hose of blood spurted out, accompanied by a sharp scream.

Buu screamed when holding his wrist.

One of his hands was cut off.

“My hand! My hand!” Buu screamed loudly.

This scene scared other people to death, and they went backward and looked at Yuan Chenfei.

Yuan Chenfei stood there with his blade and looked at the hand on the ground.

He showed unsatisfied expression, and it scared everyone.

In fact, they did not know that Yuan Chenfei was not unsatisfied, but was trying to adapt.

If somebody touched his chest at this time, they would find that the heartbeat of Yuan Chenfei was very fast.

He was very nervous.

Anyway, this was his first time attacking other people.

Killed thousands of animals was one thing, harming a person was another matter.

The morals and laws of the old days could not be cleaned up in three days. The order of the past still bonded him, making him unable to see the law as nothing.

But he must do this.

He knows what the future is like and he must work hard to adapt.

So he stared at Buu’s hand and calmed his mood.

His heartbeat was still fast, but his face was calm.

For a while, Yuan Chenfei came out of his own guilty emotions.

He wiped the blood stains with Buu’s clothes.

The movement was slow but very stable.

Then he said: “The hand has already been given to you, is the account clear?”

“Clear, clear, clear!” Buu sweated and nodded in pain.

Yuan Chenfei turned.

Going a few steps to the door, as he thought of something, he suddenly stopped, just stood there and did not leave.

After a moment, he said:

“I always feel that it is not a good thing to ‘release the tiger back to the forest’ in this way… may ‘burn the grass till its roots’ is better.”

When his words finished, he turned around and drew the blade out!

Blood sprayed!

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