Game of Gods – Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Escape From The Cage

Going out of the room and gently bringing the door to the door, Yuan Chenfei took a long breath.

I finally killed soemone myself.

It turns out that the feeling of killing is not good at all.

There is a kind of tumbling inside, which makes me feel sick.

Not only that, but even the eyes are black.

Is this being stimulated?

Sure enough, seven superhuman’s physique will feel uncomfortable after suffering strong mental stimulation.

But fortunately, I can still control myself.

Although his heart was waving, the expression of Yuan Chenfei is calm.

He walked slowly slowly step by step. In the room behind him, a group of young gangsters were shaking with each other until his footsteps gradually drifted away, and they cried together.

They finally realized the changes in the world.

Leaving the residence of Brother Buu, Yuan Chenfei to see the time and walked in the other direction.

The chickens on the farm have been killed all, but now he was still at the level 4 50%. From now he had to find the monsters by his own.

Although having three Elite roosters has made his fighting power far superior to the ones in the same level, he was very clear that this was only a temporary lead.

In order to be the final winner of the cage, he still needs more efforts, one step at a time, and he can’t make a mistake at all.

Fortunately, he already has the next action plan.

The world has changed dramatically. After the coming of the Gods, everything has evolved, and all life was transforming in an extraordinary direction.

But the speed and the direction of conversion are different.

According to Liu Yang’s notes, on the fourth day of the coming of the Gods, the creatures began to advance to level 2, and their differences began to manifest. All life was no longer synchronized, but began to differ. Some lucky lives would advance by leaps and bounds.

But most importantly, the monsters gained absorption ability.

The so-called absorption mean they can absorped Divine Energy from the human body in the reverse direction. Those Elites, Commanders, Lords, and Kings came into beings mainly by this way. Purely killing other monster to rank up was unusual, needed foreign factor like Bloodlust Potion.

Before today, monsters could also level up, but only from internal battles.

After today, the monsters could level up from battles with human.

Therefore, the Earth was destined to become a big hunting ground. Humans and monsters, predators and preys, the rules set by the Gods make it impossible for anyone to stop this war.

Not mention that after a while, the Gods would open Otherworldly Gates and let them contact with living beings of other worlds. At that time the Earth would be really lively.

Those who were willing to be ordinary and didn’t want to make progress would know what is regret.

It’s already noon, and the creatures in various places were entering level 2. Elite monsters should also begin to appear.

The next thing that Yuan Chenfei has to do is to find these Elite monsters to hunt.

But before that, he still has to do one thing.


There was a zoo in the eastern suburbs of Wen An.

It’s just a small zoo, the animals inside were mostly old and weak.

However, such an old and weak zoo that, after the coming of the Gods, has finally become a terrible death zone.

It’s all because a tiger in the zoo – Lovely.

Lovely was a very cute name, but the owner of the name was not cute at all. In Liu Yang’s notes, shortly after the arrival of the Gods, this tiger became a nightmare for Wen’an. It ate thousands of people and became a Lord tiger. Leading thousands of monsters, it’s a disaster.

Humans finally failed to get rid of it. It was defeated by another Lord tiger in a battle for becoming King tiger.

But now, Lovely was just a bad lucky tiger that has been hungry for a few days in the Tiger Garden.

It was hungry because no one dared to feed it.

The game of Gods has brought about change for all things, so that all life has the ability to evolve and has the level. But the division of this level, the Gods were very irresponsible – up to the lions and tigers and eaglea, down to mice and ants, all the creatures before the coming of the Gods, all categorized as level 0, only after accepting the baptism of Divine Energy their essence of life was changed, and upgraded step by step.

This created a big imbalance – the danger of hunting a level 1 tiger and the danger of hunting a level 1 chicken were obviously not the same thing.

However, in the eyes of the Gods, this was normal.

There was no absolute equality in life. The level was determined by the evolutionary level of life and has nothing to do with strength.

A level 1 Lord monster could easily crush a monster that was ten levels higher than it.

Same princple, Yuan Chenfei, who has eaten 11 Blood Orbs and had three Elite pets, could also crush an ordinary level 10 gamer.

If someone thould that the level represented the strength, that was their business. Gods did not say so.

So from the tigers to the flies, at the beginning were all level 0.

As for who could go further, who could go to the end, that was their own business. Gods did not care.

God did not pursue absolute equality. Absolute equality could lead to loss of fun in the game.

God cared only about fun.

As long as it could bring them fun, that was good.

Therefore, even seeing that the progress of Yuan Chenfei was obviously abnormal, they did not care.

Some gods would even consciously make this kind of abnormality.

Who could guarantee that Liu Yang’s abnormality is not intentionally made by a certain god?

Who could be sure that there is no other person who receives special treatment in addition to Yuan Chenfei?

The world was so big, if there were accidents, it’s fun!

Therefore, justice and balance were not the purpose of the game.

Fun was!

That’s how the powerful beasts in the zoo will be ignored.

Want to level up? There were chickens and ducks to kill, so who was going to fight with a tiger?

Especially in an era where firearms became less destructive.

Lovely was so hungry for three days in the Tiger Garden.

Because of evolution, Lovely was not easily starved to death, but it also made it hungry enough. It’s just that the Tiger Garden’s fence was too high, it couldn’t come out.

But today, the situation was different.

It found that its strength was even greater, and even the jumping power increased.

It didn’t know that it was promoted to level 2, but it felt that the garden that was trapping it till now seemed to be unable to restrain itself.

It whispered, and the tiger looked at the outside, then slammed into the air.

It has never been so high.

In this moment in the air, it felt the beauty of life.

The tiger was out of the cage!

Jumping out of this small cage that limited it, Lovely saw itself coming to a wider world.

It’s too hungry to enjoy the scenery of this world, it just wanted to have a good meal.

But the first thing became its food was not a person, but a beast that has also been kept in another cage.

That was a fox.

This sly fox also rose to level 2 and broke out directly with its sharp teeth.

It just didn’t know that outside of the cage, what may wait for it was not only freedom, but also disaster and death.

This unlucky fox encoutered Lovely when he was just free.

It slammed into the throat of the fox and snapped its neck.

The evolution made this fox not die immediately, but the toughness only brought a greater pain. It struggled in the tiger’s mouth, twitching, and was cheated by the belt bones before losing the last vitality.

“Hey!” After eating this level 2 fox, Lovely felt that it was full of strength, and made a violent roar.

Then it saw a person who should not have appeared in its original life track.

Yuan Chenfei.

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