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Game of Gods – Chapter 18

Chapter 18: The Eye of Gorilla

The target of Yuan Chenfei was actually not Lovely.

He was looking for another creature in this zoo.

It’s a gorilla.

This gorilla was a star in the zoo and can be used for various performances.

After the Gods came, it was also the only one left to be cared by a breeder – that breeder had deep feelings for it and were reluctant to leave it.

But the first thing the gorilla did after reached level 2 was to kill that breeder.

The breeder may love the gorilla, but the gorilla did not love him.

It ate him.

However, it couldn’t enjoy the freedom for a long time, as it’s killed by gamers two days later.

Yuan Chenfei came to find it because this animal could provide a material – the eye of gorilla.

This guy’s eyes can be used to make an item.

Although the eyes of gorillas were not unusual, at the present stage, gorillas were difficult to find. In Wen An, it could only be found here.

Unexpectedly, he didn’t find the gorilla, but met Lovely.

He watched Lovely jumped out of the tiger garden and watched it eat the little fox who also fled the cage. At that moment, he had a brainstorm.

Is it the same situation outside of my own cage?

Beyond that, there is freedom, but there is death too!

Then Yuan Chenfei laughed.

Everything has just begun, and now I think those are still too far away, as long as there are counts.

In fact, no matter what is outside the cage, it is impossible to stop people from yearning for freedom. The result of comprehension is to remind yourself that you should be more careful to deal with it and be more cautious in making choices.

As for now, he has to get rid of this tiger first.

Lovely has already fixed his eyes on Yuan Chenfei.

Although it’s only level 2, it’s a tiger after all, thus its power was much stronger than the chicken.

Yuan Chenfei did not dare to unserstimate it, directly released three Elite roosters from the duel space.

Although these three fighting chickens were strong, they were relatively weak in facing the tigers.

The racial gap has overshadowed the level gap, facing a tiger obviously trigerred a natural fear.

Fortunately, the system authority was more effective here, despite the fear, but under the command of Yuan Chenfei, the three Elite fighting chickens bravely rushed up.

The tiger screamed and the huge tiger claws slammed out.

On the strength, even the Elite chicken was not the opponent of the tiger. As soon as the two sides contacted, an elite chicken was sent flying out.

Fortunately, although the quality was not enough, the number could make up: the other two elite chickens also took the opportunity to rush to the tiger, each made a drill.

Finally, the attack power of the elite monsters were still effective. Each of them has already made two small holes in the tiger’s body. However, with its powerful and vigorous vitality, the tiger did not care much about this loss.

It roared and turned, and it bit another chicken.

The tiger’s teeth was a more dangerous and deadly attack than the tiger’s claw. If it is bitten, the elite will have to lie down.

Fortunately, there was Yuan Chenfei.

He attacked in time.

At that moment, the blade draw a brilliance arc and blocked the slam of the tiger.


The strength of this tiger was really great.

With his level 4 physicque, he couldn’t stop it.

When I earns more Blood Orbs, I must improve my own Strength. Yuan Chenfei said to himself.

The strength of Beastmaster was that the stronger your strength, the stronger the pets that you could tame, so the core principle of this Class was to upgrade yourself.

Unfortunately, at this stage, Yuan Chenfei mained added skill points to Duel Space, so his own fighting power wasn’t high. Otherwise, he would directly pull this tiger into the duel space.

As for now, doing that was equal to suicide.

A tiger could make a good pet, but Yuan Chenfei didn’t hestitate to skip this chance.

As long as his strength was enough, he could tame even a Monster King.

Beasmaster’s limit of collecting pets would always be only one – defeat the monster with bare hands!

At this moment, Yuan Chenfei had the aid of three Elite monster, so Lovely gradually be opressed.

Suddenly, the tiger screamed and turned.

It actually ran away!

“Fuck!” Yuan Chenfei snorted.

One of his pet chicken was seriously wonded, but he harvested nothing.

Although this was called “Game of Gods”, it’s still the reality. Monsters were not idiots, they still knew to run away when feeling the danger.

This is a tragic reality.

Gamers must kill monsters to level up, but monsters were never easy to kill.

Not only that they would escape, but they could also upgrade by killing gamers!

Seeing that this tiger ran away like this, Yuan Chenfei could only helplessly sigh.

Unless he pulled it into the duel space, it’s impossible for him to stop a tiger from running away.

At least not now.

When he’s stll regret, suddenly a wind came from behind.

Yuan Chenfei knew that it was not good, and slammed into the ground. At that moment a huge black palm had passed over his head.

Before he got up, the two fighting chickens had bravely rushed to protect him.

Yuan Chenfei looked back and cursed!

The sneak attacker was exactly the gorilla he’s looking for, White.

That’s right, as a black gorilla, its name was White.

However, White was obviously not white at all, not only the skin was not white, but the heart was also black.

It actually knew sneak attack!


Yuan Chenfei was also angry, and the blade was cut toward the head of the gorilla.

This time, I can’t let the other party run anyway.

While slashing the blade, Yuan Chenfei took out a small crossbow from his bag.

In the tower, he earned more than 6,000 White Crystal Coins by selling chicken skin and chicken meat. In addition to 1,000 White Crystal Coins used to buy a Dueling Invitation and more than 4,000 White Crystal Coins used to buy Blood Orb, there were still 1400 left.

Yuan Chenfei originally had a crossbow, but the power was too weak. After spending 300 White Crystal Coins, he upgraded it to a formal system weapon.

Crossbow was originally a weapon for Archer Classes, and it’s difficult to play by other Classes.

However, Beastmaster was an exception, because the skill Master of All allowed them to use all kind of weapons other than firearms, just not get any bonus damage.

Yuan Chenfei chose this weapon because it’s the most powerful of all low-level weapons, and it’s also the most independent of its user’s attributes.

The power of a bow was composed of three parts: gamer’s Strength, bow and arrow.

As a gamer who was not Archer, Yuan Chenfei could not give it any bonus, but at least could play the power of the crossbow and the arrow itself.

This weapon could also be said to be one of his trump cards. In the early days when his own strength was not enough, he relied on it to deal with some powerful targets. However, since the arrow was a consumable item, Yuan Chenfei was not willing to use it when dealing with the tiger.

But now facing the gorilla, Yuan Chenfei truly wanted to kill it.

At this moment, he continously shot the three arrows.

Three small arrows were inserted in the chest of the gorilla, causing it to scream.

“My aim is still quite bad.” Looking at the gorilla’s chest, Yuan Chenfei sighed.

He wanted to attack the vital parts on the chest, but he did not shoot acurately, otherwise it should be able to form crit damage.

There were only two ways to improve aiming. One was to practice hard, and the other was to improve the skill Master of All.

The former was a waste of time, the latter was unrealistic by now, so in a short time, Yuan Chenfei did not expect to improve his shooting skills.

In fact, there was another way to improve the lethality, that is, applying the poison on the arrow.

However, the system poison was not cheap, and if a monster was killed by the poison, its meat could not be sold. So using poisons not only increased costs but also reduces the income. Under normal circumstances, the gamer would not use it.

Fortunately, the gorilla was just level 2. After three arrows, the injury was not light. It’s not as talented as Lovelu. Under the attack of one person and three chickens, it also wanted to escape.

However, Yuan Chenfei would give it a chance, once again shot three arrows. This time he aimed at the leg, which was a lot more difficult, the result was that only one arrow hit.

“Fuck!” He cursed.

Fortunately, it’s still useful. The leg injury made the gorilla’s escape difficulty suddenly increase. After all, he could not escape and was killed all the way to death.

However, its dying counterattack also caused another fighting chicken to be seriously injured.

Two of three pets were seriously injured, so Yuan Chenfei also felt helpless. Although it can be improved slowly after using the medicine, it is difficult to restore the fighting power in the next two days.

This was only a level 2 monster.

However, this is the status quo!

Monsters were not easy to deal with.

Farming monsters? That is just a good noun.

As the level increases, gamers would become more aware of this.

Get the eyes of the gorilla, Yuan Chenfei quickly left the zoo.

This place is too difficult. The monsters inside are mostly difficult to deal with, and there is no benefit. It is better to go back to the city to kill chickens and kill ducks.

Wen An also has a tower in the city center.

The blood-colored tower directly appeared at the intersection of the city, and the road junction was blocked.

Fortunately, no car has passed yet.

Once it was the most prosperous area in the city, the tall buildings that lined up, and the traffic was very busy.

It is still prosperous today, but it is no longer the bustling shopping, but the prosperity of the gamer.

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