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Game of Gods – Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Glasses of Insight

Because it’s a Tower of God in the city, the number of gamers here was very high, and it seemed that there are thousands of people.

These people were wandering around the tower, full of curiosity about the new world.

Yuan Chenfei did not waste time as always, and went straight to the large square and then found make a public message:

“Looking for an Alchemist who has learnt Alchemy Cycle – Myriad Transformations!”

Alchemist was a Class in Mage branch, specializing in the production of various equipment and items. Alchemy Cycle – Myriad Transformations was the basic skill that specialized in making items.

Compared to the equipment store, the equipment produced by Alchemist was usually cheaper, and as long as there are recipes, blueprints and materials, they could make special equipment and items that are not available in the store, so in the game of Gods, eventhough they’re not the strongest Class, but definitely the most wealthy Class.

However, the Alchemists also spent a lot of money. In the early period, Alchemists had no fighting power, and they struggled very hard, often had to depend on other gamers.

Yuan Chenfei was now looking for such an Alchemist.

As far as the Alchemists were concerned, as long as someone called for cooperation, they absolutely immediately rushed over.

Sure enough, as soon as the message came out, a lot of Alchemists paid attention for it.

Yuan Chenfei directly said: “I won’t bring others to level up, only cooperative production.”

When hearing this, most Alchemists didn’t want to negotatie.

For Alchemists, leveling up was their weakness, and crafting was their strength.

Weak and strong must complement each other to be cooperative. Just production… Is that making them bringing him?

“Stupid, who will work with you?”

They walked away one by one.

Many Alchemists have come and gone, but none of them was willing to cooperate with Yuanchen.

Yuan Chenfei was not in a hurry.

He only needed one Alchemist to cooperate, so naturally he wanted to find the most suitable one.

He just waited so slowly.

Finally, someone asked: “Excuse me, what item do you want to make?”

Has anyone finally been interested in this?

An Alchemist who was not interested in crafting more items, was definitely not a qualified Alchemist.

In order to produce excellent products without fear of losing money, it’s something an Alchemist must have.

Looking at the Alchemist who was questioning, he found that was a teenager, wearing glasses.

Yuan Chenfei smiled and replied: “Glasses of Insight.”

“Glasses of Insight? What’s the use of it?” asked the boy.

“It is used to identify the target and get relevant information.”

The boy is excited: “Is it the item that can make you know how many HP your opponent has, how many attack damage…?”

Yuan Chenfei shook his head: “The game of Gods does have attributes, attack damage, and HP, but these are only standards used to measure the individual’s strength. There is nothing like you can act just fine with 1 HP, but down to 0 HP and you fall dead. So, Glasses of Insight is also impossible to let you see attributes with specific numbers, because attributes are also vague and cannot be accurately quantified. What it can see was only the evolution level of the target.”

“It sounds useless.” The teenager muttered.

“Look at everyone.” Yuan Chenfei laughed.

He asked: “What benefit will I have?”

“You still don’t the blueprint of Glasses of Insight, right?” Yuan Chenfei said: “This blueprint requires 100 White Crystal Coins. I will pay it. The materials are also provided by me. So you have the blueprint to learn, and I get a pair of glasses. How about it?”

“Deal!” The boy immediately agreed.

It’s equivalent to using 100 White Crystal Coins to hire him to make a glasses. This price was still good with the current market conditions. After all, Li Zhanjun spent three days but have earned just more than 400 White Crystal Coins, which showed that it’s difficult to make money.

But for many Alchemists, they may be willing to ask for money instead of blueprints.

Only those who really loved this Class would choose the blueprints.

For them, this was earning.

It seemed now that this boy have true love for Alchemy.

The boy’s name was Han Feiyu, a level 1 Alchemist.

Since childhood, he have loved to play with all kinds of gadgets, so he chose Alchemist class after became a gamer.

But after becoming an Alchemist, he realized how difficult this way was. Alchemist had no offensive skill, they could only rely on the natural growth attributes to fight, but as Alchemist belonged to the Mage branch, the total natural growth attributes was the least, so killing monsters was particularly difficult.

However, he did not care. According to Han Feiyu, he was very happy to be an Alchemist. He could happily make things he likes. He had no requirement for level. He was not pursuing power anyway.

Hearing his statement, Yuan Chenfei smiled and said: “A very good attitude. In fact, sometimes the more the pursuit, the more you can’t get it. Having carefree mentality, sometimes it can be really powerful.”

“Well? You sounded a bit interesting.” Han Feiyu said.

Yuan Chenfei just smiled.

Because of the rarity of skill points, leveling up as fast as possible wasn’t the right way in the game of Gods.

On the contrary, suppressing the level and collecting Blood Orb was the correct way to play this game.

Therefore, Han Feiyu’s mentality of “not seeking advancement” was precious here.

As long as he maintained this mentality, he may have one seat among the strongest ones.

Alchemist was was still very strong in the later period.

Although not the most famous of the late stages, considering their wealth, it is definitely the most moist.

Glasses of Insight required some other materials besides the eyes of gorilla, but they were all available from the tower store.

Yuan Chenfei has money, so he directly bought them. As Han Feiyu calculated, just these materials costed more than 200 White Crystal Coins , plus the blueprint and the eyes of gorilla, the cost must be more than 400 White Crystal Coins.

Han Feiyu only felt that the other party was really extravagant for spending so much money on a glasses that could only see the level.

With the materials, Han Feiyu began to craft the glasses.

The way Alchemist crafted item was very simple. First, they draw a corresponding Alchemy Cycle, then put the materials into them according to the blueprints. The materials would automatically assemble into the required item, and the whole process takes about 30 minutes.

The Glasses of Insight was quickly produced, and Han Feiyu discovered that this turned out to be a separate len, not a pair of glasses.

“How is this thing used? It can’t be wore on the face.” Han Feiyu said.

Yuan Chenfei smiled and said: “This is an old-fashioned monolithic mirror. There is a chain below. It is usually tied with a chain. When you use it, you just need to put it on your eyes.”

“That is too much trouble.” Han Feiyu muttered.

Saying that, he put the Glasses of Insight in front of his right eye, and he saw a row of words appeared above Yuan Chenfei’s head: Yuan Chenfei, level 4 Beastmaster. Nothing more.

“Level 4?” Han Feiyu was shocked by the level of Yuan Chenfei.

At this period, most people were still in the stage of ordinary human, level 1 was rare, level 2 could be counted as mighty. Suddenly a level 4 came out, it’s the sun rose at the midnight, Han Feiyu’s eyes are bright.

“Be quiet!” Yuan Chenfei shushed Han Feiyu.

If this was exposed, it would definitely attract a group of people to stalk him.

There was never a shortage of people in the world who was shameless.

Han Feiyu was not an idiot. He immediately realized that his shouting might bring trouble to Yuan Chenfei. He was busy returning the glasses to Yuan Chenfei. He whispered aloud: “Boss, you are amazing!”

Although Yuan Chenfei didn’t care too much about fame, having someone who called you Boss and looked at yourself with a adoring look, this still let Yuan Chen feel good.

He smiled and touched Han Feiyu’s head: “You are not bad. Work hard and there will be a future.”

“Unless you bring me, it is difficult.” Although Han Feiyu was comfortable with the status quo, but to say that there was a chance, it was a fool to not take it.

Yuan Chenfei smiled and said: “If you believe me, don’t hurry to level up. Sometimes it is not a good thing to go too fast, concentrate on making more money, collect some blueprints and upgrade yourself.”

“But you are still going too fast.” Han Feiyu muttered.

Yuan Chenfei shook his head: “From today, my speed will slow down.”

Han Feiyu was stunned.

Yuan Chenfei once again said: “Remember, don’t level up too fast. If you do, next time I see you, I’ll consider bringing you.”

Patting Han Hanyu’s shoulder, Yuan Chenfei left.

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