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Game of Gods – Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Funeral

Yuan Chenfei met Liu Yang again half a month later.

On his rest day, he drove home, but on the way back, he saw Liu Yang enter an alley.

Entirely out of responsibility for his own patients, Yuan Chenfei stopped to enter the alley.

Then he saw Liu Yang standing in a corner, hiding behind some old boxes, watching what the cat was looking at.

I can still hear what Liu Yang is doing.

He got closer and heard that he was saying, “10, 9, 8…”

Yuan Chenfei could not help but say: “Hey, what are you doing?”

Liu Yang was shocked by this voice. He turned back and saw that it was Yuan Chenfei. Suddenly he pulled Zhang Yuanfei and pulled him to the box, then put his index finger on his lips: “Hey!”

Yuan Chenfei did not know what it was, Liu Yang had looked outside.

He said: “It’s coming.”


What is coming?

When Yuan Chenfei was puzzled, he saw a motorcycle suddenly rushing across the wall and crashed into the wall. The rider on the motorcycle also fell and rolled out very far.

Then he saw Liu Yang slapped and laughed: “Is it seen? Did you see it? It fell! It really fell!”

Yuan Chenfei was surprised to see Liu Yang. He didn’t understand what Liu Yang was doing.

However, Liu Yang’s words obviously angered the fallen rider. The other party climbed up and yelled at Liu Yang: “What is this funny? Looking for death?!”

Liu Yang shouted: “Yeah, I am looking for death! We will all die!”

After saying that, he turned and ran out and ignored the rider.

Yuan Chenfei saw that the rider was in good condition and pointed to his head and said, “Sorry, he has a problem here.”, then went chasing Liu Yang.

Out of the alley, he saw Liu Yang standing in the middle of the street, looked up to the sky.

A large number of vehicles that were blocked by him slammed the horn, but he ignored it. Several grumpy drivers had opened the door and it seemed that they had to get off the bus and smash him.

Yuan Chen flew and ran over to open Liu Yang: “What are you doing? Are you crazy?”

Liu Yang was just looking at the sky: “The change is coming… we will all die… we will…”

“Liu Yang, wake up! It’s just your dream!” Yuan Chenfei was facing Liu Yangdao.

“No!” Liu Yang shouted.

He looked at Yuan Chenfei and suddenly grabbed his collar: “Dr. Yuan, you don’t understand. I am not mentally problematic, I saw it…”

“What did you see?”

Liu Yang paused and replied: “Seeing… the future!”

Yuan Chenfei was stunned by Liu Yang’s answer, and it took a while to react: “Don’t be kidding.”

“I am not kidding. Didn’t you see what happened just now?” Liu Yang excitedly shouted.

“Yes, I saw it. A motorcycle hit the wall. Believe me, it won’t break the earth.”

“No, I mean, I knew that it would happen before that. Because I saw the future!” Liu Yang shouted and the spirit regained control.

Yuan Chenfei was stunned by his words: “You mean… you know in advance that there will be an accident there?”

“Yes!” Liu Yang nodded very seriously.

“That’s good, you tell me what will happen next.” Yuan Chenfei asked. He did not directly deny the other party, but asked questions about the other party’s words.

“Change… terrible change, that is what I told you, it is not a nightmare, it is a prophecy, I really see it.” Liu Yang said that he could not help but tremble.

Yuan Chenfei shook his head: “That is too far, can you still tell me what will happen on earth today?”

“I can’t do it.” Liu Yang snarled: “I can only know what I experienced personally.”

“Then, here, the next second thing, whatever. Anyone who will spit on the ground will do.”

“…No, no, I don’t remember so much. Everything I saw was seen in my dreams. Some I can remember, some I can’t remember.” Liu Yang said with frustration: “These things are messy. They are churning in my mind like a nightmare…but they are not dreams!”

He grabbed the collar of Yuan Chenfei, his voice became sharp, and his shout was full of fear: “This is the fact, it is the upcoming future. There are still a few days… no, there are only a few days. It will happen. They will come, the whole world will be different! Not the same! If you can’t adapt, you will die!”

“Hey, hey, don’t be excited!” Yuan Chenfei tried to hold him down.

However, Liu Yang’s strength was great. He became crazy, dancing and shouting: “We will all die, we will die! Struggling has no meaning, and efforts are meaningless!”

Then he looked around and murmured: “All this will be destroyed. Living is just a crime, it is suffering… I have already experienced it once. Do I have to go through it again? No, no, I don’t want it, don’t want it! ”

Just then there was a young man passing by, and when he heard him, he was very disgusted and glanced at him. He muttered: “What a crazy man. If is it bad to live, then why don’t you go to die?”

As soon as this was said, Yuan Chenfei changed his face.

Sure enough, as soon as hearing this, Liu Yang’s eyes brighten: “Yes, it will be sooner or later… We all will die sooner or later, then why should I stay alive?!”

He rushed out.

Yuan Chenfei did not catch it, shouting: “Liu Yang, don’t!”


In the harsh brakes, a heavy card ran over Liu Yang’s body…

Yuan Chenfei closed his eyes and couldn’t bear to watch.


Liu Yang’s funeral was held three days later.

When Yuan Chenfei arrived, he was almost beaten by relatives of the Liu family.

Because they thought it is Yuan Chenfei killed Liu Yang.

Fortunately, Liu Yang’s mother, a kind old lady dissuaded everyone.

After litting incense sticks in front of Liu Yang’s coffin, Yuan Chenfei turned and said to the old lady: “I am sorry that I have not saved his life…”

“I know, this isn’t your fault.” The old lady whispered: “This is life, he always said that his life is destined to die, and that death is the same when he died early. When he said that, I have been worried that this will happen, so I asked him to see a psychiatrist, but I didn’t expect it to happen, and it happened so quickly.”

“It turned out that you asked him to come.”

“Yes, he always said that he dreamed of a big change in the world, and everything became no longer the same. At the beginning, there was still some sanity, and then it became even more terrible. He said that he can see the future, see the gods and demons descended to the world, see the laws of physics were transformed… a lot of messy things.”

“Yeah, he also told me this way.” Yuan Chenfei sighed: “I could have helped him, but he only came once, and the treatment has not begun yet.”

“I know. After that, he locked himself in the room, wrote and painted there all day, his mouth full of nonsense, and prophecy. He said that there will be a robbery on Linshui Street, and then say there will be a car accident in Jiming Alley…” The old lady said helplessly.

Yuan Chenfei said: “Jiming Alley? He told you that there will be a car accident in Jiming Alley?”

The old lady nodded.

Jiming Alley was where Yuan Chenfei met Liu Yang the second time.

At this moment, when I heard this, the heart of Yuan Chenfei trembled uncontrollably: “Have he told you about a car accident? For example… motorcycle? Or car?”

The old lady shook her head: “I don’t remember, who cares about his gibberish. If it weren’t for him who died near Jiming Alley, I wouldn’t remember this. Near this Jiming Alley, there was a car accident and it was my son who died.”

The old lady thought Liu Yang’s prophecy as a description of his own car accident, but the car accident did not happen in Jiming Alley, so she would not believe that Liu Yang really saw it.

In her case, this somewhat close prophecy was just a coincidence.

However, in the heart of Yuan Chenfei, there was a wave of tsunamis.

He stood up for a while and said: “Old lady, I have a ruthless request.”


“You said Liu Yang is messing around at home. Can I see that?”

“It’s there, a book.” The old lady pointed to the front, there was a pile of sundries. According to local customs, the debris of these dead people was also burned together.

Yuan Chenfei flew up and took the book pointed out by the old lady and looked through it carefully.

“Hey, what are you doing? Don’t mess things up.” A family member called him out.

“Oh, sorry, I am his doctor, his notes during his lifetime help me understand his status.” Yuan Chenfei was busy.

“What about that? He is already dead, do it have use anymore?”

Yuan Chenfei replied: “But his situation is rare. If I can learn more, I may avoid such a tragedy in the future. So, can I ask you to give this book to me? Of course, I can pay.”

Everyone has skipped a heartbeat when they heard about the money.

However, the old lady stopped them: “If you want to take it, feel free to do so. If you can save more people, it is also a merit.”

“Thank you, Mrs Liu.”

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