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Game of Gods – Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Crisis

In the coffee shop on Linshui Street, Yuan Chenfei sat by the window, and Liu Liu was sitting opposite.

“Hey, why are you so kind today, treat me a drink after afternoon tea?” Liu Liu asked while eating the strawberry sundae.

Yuan Chenfei looked out the window, from here he could see the opposite street. A regional bank was open.

Liu Liu’s problem brought him back from his distant thoughts.

He thought about it and said, “Do you think it is possible for people to predict the future?”

“Yes.” The girl replied greatly: “There are many of this in film and television.”

“I am not talking about film and television, but the reality.”

The girl laughed, then looked at Yuan Chenfei: “I don’t know is there any person can predict the future, but I know what I will do if I can predict the future.”


“Need to ask? Of course, first, buy stocks to make quick money, then go investment, let the future make money, let all the people work for me, and finally become the world’s most powerful woman!” Liu Liu excitedly said.

This answer was not unexpected, or it could be said if it’s not this answer, that was surprising.

“If that, the future you know is chaotic, all the order does not exist, and the new world is replaced by it, and you will be destined to fall in the new world, become poor and suffering, then ultimately die?” “Yuan Chenfei asked again.

“… Is there such an unlucky guy?” Liu Liu was depressed.

Yuan Chenfei nodded gently.

“Well, if this is the case… then try to change it. The future is not set in stone. As an aspiring young woman, I can’t easily bow to my fate!” Liu Li vowed.

Yuan Chenfei smiled: “I don’t know if you are still an aspiring young woman.”

Liu Liu extended her tongue: “Just joking. In fact, I really have to meet the situation you said. I think… I may not insist on living. I can’t say that I committed suicide like Liu Yang. You asked me what to do? It will not be influenced by Liu Yang. Do you really believe that there will be big changes in the future?”

“I’m always trying to stand in the patient’s shoes.”

“So this is the reason you asked me to drink tea?”

“Is it not OK?”

“Nothing, just a little disappointment. I thought you want to seduce me, but unfortunately… I have prepared.” Liu Liu was depressed.

Seeing Yuan Chenfei’s expression didn’t change, she changed back to smile and said: “Hey, do you really not have any thought about me? I can service you from the kitchen to the bedroom.”

Liu Liu liked this kind of joke, she had said this joke to Yuan Chenfei more than ten times.

But Yuan Chenfei also knew that Liu Liu’s jokes sometimes were more than just jokes.

So he replied: “Sorry, you know me, I have always pursued friend of benefits, not wife.”

“Who said that I want to be your wife? You are delusional.” Liu Liu licked her lips.

Yuan Chenfei bowed his head to see the time.

He sighed softly: “It’s coming.”

“What is coming?”

Yuan Chenfei did not answer, just continued to look at the opposite bank.

The watch on the table ticked each second.

Finally, it was three o’clock.

The heart of Yuan Chenfei suddenly became nervous.

However, the street was quiet and nothing happened.

He just waited, time passed.

Everything was still quiet.

Yuan Chenfei has looked at the watch again. It’s already 3:07.

Retracting his gaze, he smiled: “Contact with many patients, my own psychology is inevitable affected. Sometimes I will even believe in the patient’s nonsense…”

When he didn’t finish talking, he heard a loud noise.

Yuan Chenfei turned back and saw three masked big men came out from the opposite bank. They jumped into a van at the corner and escape.

“Ah, bank robbers!” Liu Liu was not afraid, but shouted excitedly.

She didn’t look back at Yuan Chenfei.

He was sitting motionlessly in the chair, sweating a lot.


On the way back, Yuan Chenfei didn’t pay attention to anything around.

It turned out to be true!

All this turned out to be true!

Liu Yang really could predict what will happen in the near future.

Car accidents, robberies, all were recorded by him on the book and confirmed.

And if he continues to go on…

As soon as he thought of the contents recorded in the book, Yuan Chenfei could not help but feel a bit of stun.

He had to find a place to sit down.

He needs time to digest this information.

It also took time to think quietly.

After a long time, Yuan Chenfei finally woke up from his meditation.

He looked outside.

The sun was still bright and the market was still bustling.

But Yuan Chenfei knew that all of this could not last for too long.

Yuan Chenfei looked at the time.

Three days left!

After three days, everything would change!

There is no time to waste myself. Yuan Chenfei determined.

It’s been more than a day since he got the notes.

This day was mostly spent to confirm Liu Yang’s prophecy and digest this explosive information.

It is also a very wasteful day!

Yuan Chenfei has never hated his own waste of time as right now.

He walked back to the clinic. Liu Liu was already at work, saw Yuan Chenfei, she was about to speak. Yuan Chenfei had said: “Cancel all appointments within three days from now.”

“Ah?” Liu Liu stunned, she still wanted to ask but Yuan Chenfei has quickly entered his office and closed the door.

“What are you doing?” Liu Liu whinnied, but she still followed his words.

In the office, Yuan Chenfei has turned on the computer and quickly wrote it on it.

He was planning.

He must take all possible considerations in the shortest possible time and respond accordingly.

This was a big problem. After all, he was facing a drastic change in the future.

In this upheaval, everybody was an ant.

Yuan Chenfei knew that he was powerless to change anything. He could only plan for himself as soon as possible and be well prepared.

Three days is not enough!

Yuan Chenfei sighed and thought about writing the plan quickly.

Then he started to call: “Brother Buu? Yes, I want a loan, I need 1.5 million… Yes, I have a house in the city, worth 1.8 million, which can be used as the mortgage, all the documents are complete. No, I only borrow one week, I ask for it tomorrow… I can only get 900,000? How about 1 million? It’s urgent… The interest is no problem, anyway, it’s just a week. I will come over tomorrow.”

The first thing that Yuan Chenfei did was to find a way to make money.

As a psychiatrist, Yuan Chenfei’s income was excellent and he was not short of money. However, after all, the working hours were short and the deposits were limited. Most importantly, the more money he had, the better his plan, so he could only mortgage the house. To this end, he found a usury loan outside. It’s natural to not look for a bank because the bank procedures were complicated and it’s difficult to get it within three days.

Because of the mortgage, and the various formalities and documents were complete, the other party was very quick to promise that he would receive the money tomorrow.

After borrowing money, it’s the time for spending money.

Yuan Chenfei started to call.

“Mr. Qin? I heard that you’re going to sell your chicken farm? Yes, I want to buy it… I can… I can prepay a part of the deposit, and then pay the full amount in three days… Can’t I? Well, I can pay a half first… I know, just three days… good. Thank you.”

“Miss Li? Are you selling rabbits here? Yes, I want a batch… Can I pay the full amount in three days… Sorry, the money is tight… Thank you…”

“Mr. Ho? I need some medicines… I have to pay the full amount… well, please send it tomorrow afternoon…”

One by one, in a short time, Yuan Chenfei had already rented or bought and bought a large amount of materials.

All these things, as long as they can be paid in three days, Yuan Chenfei would try to drag it to that time.

First, it could reduce the pressure on funds. Second, it’s subconscious reflex. Yuan Chenfei still can’t confirm that things will happen.

If the dramatic changes did not occur after three days, then Yuan Chenfei could also choose to return.

Although it’s inevitable to lose some money, at least it would cause him bankrupt.

This was also the principle of Yuan Chenfei to do things: in any case, make some preparations for the future.

Yuan Chenfei also thought about whether or not to tell others about Liu Yang.

But in the end, he found that he didn’t have to worry about it at all.

Because if he did that, there were only two possible results.

One: Do not believe.

Two: Believe.

If the public did not believe, it’s equal to saying nothing, so it’s better not to say.

If the public believed, the consequences may be worse.

Because if Liu Yang said that it is true, then whether human beings know in advance is not important at all. Preparing in advance would not bring any help to human beings. Instead, it may cause panic and let humanity experience a man-made disaster ahead of time.

There was also a third possibility, that was, people believe what he said, but the change has not come.

The consequences were even more serious – he would be sentenced for manufacturing of rumors and causing serious consequences

Understanding this point, Yuan Chenfei also gave up the intention to say it.

Of course, it’s necessary to properly remind people around him.

However, when he thought about it, he realized there was no one around him who was worth reminding.

Yuan Chenfei’s mother died when he was eight years old. His father was a jerk. He gave him to his grandmother shortly after his mother’s death, and he was happy outside. Grandma raised Yuan Chenfei and let him go to school, but she has passed away. In the third year of college, his father was beaten in the bar because of a ruckus. He was still a vegetative person.

Other relatives had nothing to do with him, that is, they have not helped him and have not harmed him.

So for a long time, Yuan Chenfei was not an orphan, but he lived like an orphan. In this case, naturally, there was no need to remind anyone and let himself have a group of competitors.

After dozens of calls and ordering a large amount of supplies, he went out of the office.

Seeing Liu Liu, Yuan Chenfei said: “Liu Liu, starting tomorrow for three days, I don’t have to go to work for the time being.”

“Why?” Liu Liu guessed something, otherwise, Yuan Chenfei would not let her cancel all the appointments.

Yuan Chenfei thought about it and said, “If I tell you, the words that Liu Yang said are not nightmares, but the future. What do you think?”

“You are crazy.”

“So you won’t believe it right?”

Liu Li shook her head.

“So if I tell you I believe it?” Yuan Chenfei said.

Liu Liu was shocked: “Are you okay?”

Seeing her like this, Yuan Chenfei smiled and patted Liu Liu’s shoulder, “Nothing. But I still hope that you can listen to me and prepare some medicine at home.”

“Why do I have to prepare for those things? If the end is coming, I should prepare some food and water, shouldn’t I?”

Yuan Chenfei answered very seriously: “First, this is not the end of the world, but the dramatic changes in the world. Second, you did not seriously look at his medical records. According to his memories, if that day really came, food and water is not a problem. Because there will be no shortage of resources, it will be greatly enriched.”

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