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Game of Gods – Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Heavenly Palaces

The chicken farm bought by Yuan Chenfei was in a suburb of Wenan, a very remote place. The advantages were that the place was more spacious and the facilities were completed.

The owner, Mr. Qin, was a native and was nearly sixty years old. He had a big red face of a drunkard, but in fact, he rarely drank alcohol.

There were about 3,000 chickens in the chicken farm. The business wasn’t bad, but the work is heavy. Mr. Qin was getting older, his children were not willing to accept the business, so he could only sell the farm.

The price given was acceptable, although he was very dissatisfied with the condition the payment only came in full amount after three days, Yuan Chenfei insisted on this, so he has no way. To this end, it’s specifically stated in the contract that the portion that has been paid was for the chicken, and the unpaid portion was for the land rent. To put it bluntly, he was afraid that Yuan Chenfei would sell his chicken then run away.

But after Yuan Chenfei arrived, Mr. Qin knew that he thought too much.

Because not only Yuan Chenfei did not sell any of his chicken, but he also brought a large car of livestock.

The cars were full of rabbits, ducks, and squatting birds. Under the command of Yuan Chenfei, they entered the chicken farm and began to unload the goods. Lao Qin stunned when seeing this.

He even buys mice!

Looking at the little mouse, the hamster, and the old Qin brought in the box, I was completely shocked.

“Yuan…Dr. Yuan, what are you doing?”

“Nothing, just to raise some other animals, this is called mixed breeding.” Yuan Chenfei answered.

Mixed breeding? Are you thinking I’m a dotage, old man? What kind of mixed breeding is just to put all the animals on a farm?

Mr. Qin thought he had to remind him: “Different animal needs are different, and the breeding method is different. In addition, the cage has to be cleaned regularly. There must also be a special trough and water channel. If the environment is not good, they will be sick. Put them together, I am afraid that it only takes a few days to get into trouble.”

“I know, don’t worry, this is only temporary.” Yuan Chenfei smiled.

Of course, he knew that such an irresponsible mess would cause problems.

But he only needed a few days.

More exactly, he only needed two days.

“Then how do you feed them?” When I was older, I was nosy, and the old Qin Ming didn’t want to ask, but I still couldn’t help but ask.

“Do not feed.” Yuan Chenfei casually answered.

“Don’t feed?” Mr’s Qin eyeballs almost came out of the sockets, and then his expression was like he has understood something, laughed: “You can really make a joke.”

But the truth was, Yuan Chenfei did not make a joke.

The animals that were shipped, Yuan Chenfei root did not intend to feed them.

He just wanted to starve them, at best, let them drink some water.

In less in two days, these animals would not starve to death, Yuan Chenfei could also save a lot of energy.

In addition to all kinds of small animals, Yuan Chenfei also brought a lot of medicine. As for food and water, Yuan Chenfei did not make many preparations.

After Lao Qin left, the entire farm was left with only one person flying.

Looking at the empty chicken farm, Yuan Chenfei suddenly felt lonely.

This time, I was pushing everything in this shop.

A great gamble!

It’s crazy.

But it’s already done, there was no turning back.

Yuan Chenfei could only choose to go on this road.

For the next two days, Yuan Chenfei was not idle. He found some carpentry, bricklayers, and renovated the entire farm.

In addition, Yuan Chenfei also bought a few weapons.

It’s not easy to buy weapons in China. Yuan Chenfei has spent a lot of time and effort to get two steel knives, a hoe and a bag of smashing arrows.

In this way, the knife was still not edged.

Yuan Chenfei bought a piece of sharpening stone and grinded it for an afternoon.

The most important change in the farm was still in the middle of the open space.

A huge iron cage was built in the center of the open space.

The cage was large, and the most important thing is that it is made entirely of stainless steel.

Each steel bar is as thick as an arm, and even the floor is covered with steel.

This cage alone took Yuan Chenfei 10000 RMB, it’s also the main thing that made workers busy for these two days, for which the workers think that Yuan Chenfei was crazy.

What does he want to do?

No one knew what Yuan Chenfei wants to do.

He just silently sharpens his knife and exercises every day.

The three-day temporary hug does not make his body strong, but it could make his body function significantly improved so that the sedentary body was healthier and the spirit was fuller.

Three days later.

The day finally arrived, and Yuan Chen flew a stool, sat on the field and looked at the sky silently.

It was early morning.

The old-fashioned wall clock hung in the room ticking, and soon the bell rang at eight o’clock.

There was no change between heaven and earth.

Everything was still so quiet.

The mood of Yuan Chenfei changed a little.

With the experience of the previous robbers, Yuan Chenfei knew that Liu Yang’s record of time was not absolutely accurate, so he did not immediately lose his expectation, but as time passed, his mood remained unstoppable and slipped into tension.

Until the blue sky rose on the horizon.

Seeing the moment of the blue fog, Yuan Chenfei almost cheered.

But then he thought: Am I too unscrupulous? The world is about to change, the laws of physics are lost, the old social order will cease to exist, and everything will change. In this change, many people are bound to be unable to adapt and be eliminated, even die…

I am cheering because of this change, it is not very good.

But… I still feel happy when I feel uncomfortable.

It was not in vain for my own efforts.

Also in order to bid farewell to ordinary life.

Yes, Yuan Chenfei knew that from this moment on, his life was destined to be no longer ordinary.


On this day, large pieces of blue mist appeared at the same time around the world.

No one knows where it came from, why it happened, and the whole world has fallen into a panic.

Governments have turned to the most famous scientists in the country, but the scientists knew nothing about it and can only say that they are working hard.

But soon they discovered that they didn’t need to study at all.

Because after only a half-day, the answer came out.

At 9 o’clock in the morning, the second hour after the blue mist came out, a looming group of buildings suddenly appeared in the sky, like Heavenly Palaces, across the sky.

Because of the angle, people could only see a Heavenly Palace, but in the eyes of the governments with satellites, they see a whole five Heavenly Palaces, which appear in the five airspaces above the earth, and the five Heavenly Palace architectural styles. They were all different, but they are all solemn, magnificent, full of sacred atmosphere.

They suddenly appeared like this, and there was no sign at all. It seemed to appear out of thin air, which shocked governments.

In this case, governments naturally sent a large number of drones to explore.

However, when the drone came to the vicinity of the Heavenly Palace, it was like being blocked by a layer of invisible wall and could not enter. The most amazing thing is that they lost their speed, but they did not fall, but they hung in the air. If the controller ordered them back, they could even fly back as normal. It was just the camera equipment that was carried on the plane, but nothing was taken.

As if they were just air in front of the camera.

This made the countries puzzled.

At the same time, the joint meeting of countries in response to emergencies was officially convened. In the absence of drone detection, it was decided to attempt to send a communication request to the five Heavenly Palaces.

However, their communication request did not receive any response.

Instead, new conditions were beginning to emerge.

The new situation occurred after the third hour after the appearance of the Heavenly Palace.

At the same time, major power stations around the world have found that their power supply is rapidly declining.

Emergency power stations of each power station did not find any problems, but the power generation was always reduced at a fixed frequency. For this reason, the power station had to issue an emergency power outage notice, and a large blackout that swept the world was officially launched, and it spread more and more as power continued to decline.

In the end, the power generation of a power plant can only supply the needed of several machines. Governments have to concentrate most of the remaining electricity in the government and key sectors to ensure external linkages.

However, people soon discovered that this is only the beginning.

What was affected is actually more than electricity, but the entire energy industry.

Including oil, coal, nuclear power, and gas, all energy industries have experienced large-scale efficiency declines at this moment.

The problem in the energy industry has resulted in the stagnation of the entire society, the machine stopped operating, the factory stopped production, the car could not travel, and some planes flying in the sky fell directly from the sky. Fortunately, there is a process of lowering energy efficiency. Most of the aircraft could be landed on time, but there are still many planes and boats were sunk. This day has also become the day of accidents. All localities are in a crazy accident, but they are in the departments and enterprises of various countries. But the governments have been paralyzed, thus the world was even more ambitious.

All of this happened in one day.

In the fourth hour, at 11 o’clock in the afternoon, a large number of red towers suddenly appeared around the world.

Each tower was nine stories high and there was a blank area around the tower.

The locals tried to get in but were blocked by invisible walls. They tried to attack this high wall, only to get a ruthless electric shock.

In the sixth hour, one o’clock in the afternoon, the first riot caused by energy problems appeared in a country in the Western Hemisphere.

In the process of the local government fighting the riots, people discovered a new problem.

The guns were starting to get useless.

Everything was intact, but the bullets that were shot out became weak. Flying out to a maximum of a dozen meters, hitting people on the body only caused a weak pain, the power of guns dropped to the toy gun’s level. Even the artillery, missiles were no exception.

The eighth hour, at three o’clock in the afternoon, people have new discoveries.

The animals and plants of all parts of the world began to grow wild.

This should actually start after the appearance of the blue mist, it should be the first change, but it is only realized after eight hours. Because it was during these eight hours that all the animals and plants were doubled in size, and their temper was doubled: People who were attacked by animals were found around the world.

Governments have therefore fallen into a slap in the face, and despite their exhaustion, they have never received any response from the Heavenly Palace.

The tenth hour, five o’clock in the afternoon.

At the joint conferences of various countries, the receivers that have been making communication requests finally responded.

That was a response from the Heavenly Palace.

The UN issued a question: “Who are you guys? Gods? Or alien race?”

Response: “All.”


What kind of answer was this?

Shi Rongzhi, a member of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, a famous anthropologist, said with excitement after saying this: “Yes, it can be counted. Not from the earth, all can be called alien races, and this kind of technology that can easily change the whole planet can also be called the gods’ power. When things develop to the extreme, this is one, the only difference is how you understand it. The so-called end of science is theology, placed in us In front of you is a living example!”

The UNs who understood this point are excited.

They sent a second inquiry to the Heavenly Palace: “What purpose do you have?”

“Change this world.”

So the UN naturally asked the third question: “Why do you want to change?”

“For a game.”

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