Game of Gods – Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Game Is Divine

A game!

From the depths of the distant universe, went through billions of light-years, came here to transform a whole planet, just to play a game?

The heads of state, the presidents, the Prime Ministers, when facing this answer, were all stunned.

China, Beijing.

In a big office, a vast picture of a Heavenly Palace was displayed on a white wall.

In the inner part of the palace, there were faint hills and undulating rivers, and occasionally huge flying beasts in the sky could be seen. The reason they know it was a huge flying beast because the proportion of the flying beast is directly covered a mountain. It flew in the sky, thunderous roared, then turned back and glanced at it, and this eye appeared on the wall, and everyone looked terrified.

This was not the human’s own technology, but a response from the Heavenly Palace.

“A game!”

These two large words written in Chinese appear on the screen, which was even more dazzling.

“So you came here from far away, just to play a game?” A respected old man asked the white wall.

The picture on the white wall appeared automatically, and then people found out that as long as they spoke to the picture, Heavenly Palace would send feedback – maybe they didn’t even need to speak.

“Yes.” The picture showed a big word again.

“This is ridiculous.” In the big office, the big men who are in charge of the country’s destiny also sighed at the same time.

For them, this was obviously incomprehensible and unacceptable.

“No, this is not ridiculous.” Shi Rongzhi suddenly said.

“How do you understand this?” asked an old man.

Shi Rongzhi replied: “In fact, I have considered this question a long time ago. If one day, if aliens come to Earth, what would they do for us? Resources? If a race can go across countless light-years to Earth, in their eyes, what kind of resources are not available? The vast universe, the infinite stars, all kinds of planets, are the things of the Lord, the countless resources. What is the meaning to run to the Earth to plunder?”

Everyone was at a loss.

Shi Rongzhi continued: “Slavery? It also has no meaning. A race that can cross the universe and transform the existence of the planet, what use do we have for them? It is as if we are now encountering a population of primitive society, will we enslave them? Take them as workers, they don’t recognize words, so educate them may cost much larger. Of course, maybe we will try to control them, but that will definitely not be the purpose of running through us, but only for a certain purpose.”

“But for the game, this is too ridiculous?”

“Why is it ridiculous? I feel that this is not funny, but it is very real. Because this is the inevitable development of society!”, Shi Rongzhi replied: “When the material resources of a society are highly developed, the spiritual needs that follow will more and more high. Needless to say, even in our own modern world, the game is already an industry with huge scale. Traditional games have all kinds of cards, chess, mahjong, and high-end sports. Sports, competitive events, and all kinds of electronic games that have emerged with the development of the Internet, and even a variety of rich nightlife, are part of the game. In this world, humans can not have many things, but they can’t live without games. It can be said that everyone, from the day of birth, is to know the world through the game and to touch the world. The title of the game seems to be not very serious, but the truth is… it is the most serious thing in the world!”

“Playing at the expense of life?”

“What’s wrong? Anyway, it’s not your own life. Think about what the kids do when they are young? Find an ant nest and then pour a pot of boiling water in. Is it because of hatred? Is it because of need? Is it because of fear? No, just for entertainment. It’s a game for fun. However, for ants, that is the disaster. ”

“But that is the child’s behavior. Do you want to say that such an advanced race have children’s mind?”

“Even if you are an adult, you will go to the zoo.”

Everyone was silent at the same time.

Shi Rongzhi said with more excited: “No one can leave the game, because that is our spiritual needs. In the past, human society in the era of insufficient productivity and resource scarcity to meet survival as the first condition, so games are simple. With the gradual development of our productive forces, the material conditions are becoming more and more abundant, and the games that satisfy the spiritual needs are becoming more and more, and they have become an important part of our lives. People’s playing time is thus constantly extended, according to the investigation report of previous years, it shows that today’s per capita game time in China is more than four hours per day, and the game time of a few otaku is more than ten to sixteen hours per day. This standard does not include traditional game time such as sports, chess, singing, etc. It’s just our world. If it’s a super-civilization that can cross the light-years and cross the Milky Way, there is no need to worry about resources. What do you need to worry about material resources, what do you usually do?”

“Playing games.” An old man blurted out.

“Yes.” Shi Rongzhi nodded. “For them, it’s normal to cross the starry sky and transform the planet in order to play a game. After all, in terms of their technology or ability, the transformation of the planet should be very ordinary trivial matters. On the contrary, it is fun, and the games that can satisfy their needs are becoming less and less. After seeing countless prosperous lives, the lonely and long life, and finally the rest…may be just boring and empty.”

Is that right?

Everyone looks at the white wall screen together.

The word of the game in the Heavenly Palace gradually faded away, re-appearing a row of handwriting.

“Game is divine.”


The conversation was still going on.

As Shi Rongzhi said, they were here just for the game.

In order to play a game, they transformed the planet.

In order to play a game, they transformed Earth’s lives.

“You mean, all the changes outside are to transform us?” the old man asked.

The white wall replies: “You are too weak, there is no meaning to play now. You need to be enhanced, need improvement, need to evolve.”

“How did we evolve?”

“The fog is a special resource that we cast. They will deeply influence and change the world, let life evolve again, and also improve the way energy is used in your world.”


“Yes. Electricity is too backward. We have blocked this energy use and handed it to your new energy block technology. This is a universal energy that can be used in a variety of devices.”

Everyone was excited when they heard this.

“So, isn’t this a doomsday? It’s a new origin?” Someone has realized this.

“But the earth-shaking changes are also doomed to bring about great social turmoil.” Old politicians knew very well that even if it is a good thing, sudden changes would inevitably lead to various problems at the social level.

Even some good things can be only temporary good things, but in the future, they may become a disaster.

For example, everyone wanted to live forever, but if everyone could really live forever, what would the Earth be like?


Sometimes good motivations may not bring good results, not to mention that the Gods’ motivation may not even be good.

Above the white wall, the Gods replied: “That is what we want to see.”

Seeing this, everyone understands.

For the Gods, they don’t have any results.

They just want to see the change.

Because this was their game.

Game of Gods!

The five Heavenly Palaces represented five powerful Gods.

They selected the Earth and selected humans.

In this game, human beings were just dolls and must act with the interests of the gods. As for the human’s will, it didn’t matter.

Just as humans didn’t think about the feelings of mice.

This was the day of happiness for mankind: technology would be innovated, life would be evolved, and people no longer had to worry about life and death, because in the days to come, human life would be greatly extended, and the chance of getting sick was negligible.

This was also the day of disaster for mankind: Mankind was no longer the master of all things, but the object of being dominated. The old order was destined to collapse and a new order was coming.

When people knew about it, the whole world was boiling up.

The Gods only gave humans a day to adapt.

No matter how they protest, it didn’t make sense.

The Heavenly Palaces stopped responding to humanity and replaced it with a new world.

The world of the gods!


After the appearance of the blue mist, Yuan Chenfei began to observe the small animals that he raised. Strictly speaking, he was the first person to discover the changes in the size of small animals.

Yuan Chenfei knew that this change comes from the kind of blue mist.

This was an energy that changes the essence of life. It’s given by the Gods. It’s said that the gods became as they were now, it’s because of this energy.

Now, they brought this energy to the Earth.

According to Liu Yang’s description, this kind of energy was called Divine Energy by the Gods. As long as something absorbs this energy, it could be promoted and evolved.

Any life could absorb this energy to gain evolution, with only one life exception.


Human beings couldn’t evolve by directly absorbing Divine Energy, but they could extract Divine Energy from each other by hunting the evolved life.

Simply put, it’s to upgrade the monster.

This was the action of the Gods – they banned the ability of humans to directly absorb the Divine Energy, changed to the current way.

Yuan Chenfei once suspected that before the Gods came, they must have played the human game, so they were set it according to human game setting. But more likely, because the upgrade has the same meaning as the evolution of life, so it has become a universal truth that is universally applicable.

In short, what the Gods chose is such an RPG game. They gave humans the ability to level up, and then they were there to watch the battle of fish in the tank.

Whether the fish liked it or not, it didn’t matter for them.

Because there was already a reason for psychological preparation, Yuan Chenfei did not waste time there to be confused, panic, he just waited silently.

At eleven o’clock noon, after the appearance of the red tower, Yuan Chenfei called Liu Liu with the last power of his cellphone.

“Liu Liu, you have seen it.”

“Yes… I saw it, oh my god, what Liu Yang said it is true!” Things have been happening for three hours, Liu Liu was still in extreme shock.

Yuan Chenfei said: “You understand. Just remember what I told you about Liu Yang’s memory?”

“Yes, it is.”

“Remember. Just do two things now. First, buy a batch of medicines. The new era is coming. Most of the resources on the planet are rich and no longer worth the money. But except for medicines, some medicines still have value. Hoarding some, it is good for you. Second, go buy a knife, then go to the streets, if you see those mutants or evolutionary creatures, just kill them. Remember, if you don’t want to be eliminated by this era, just fight hard. Finally, I suggest that you think about what Liu Yang said. In this new era, what is important. This will help you in the future. But don’t be stupid, say anything, some resources, if others have …you don’t have it.”

“I understand!” Liu Li was busy with the promise.

“Then go do it, from the appearance of towers, the game has already begun.” Yuan Chenfei said, then hang up the phone

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