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Game of Gods – Chapter 6

Note: “Player” and “gamer” are two different terms. A man is a gamer, an entire race is a player.

Chapter 6: Mystra

The time when the Game of Gods was announced was at 6:00 pm. One hour after communicated with Heavenly Palaces, the UN announced the conversation to the world.

But the time when the Game of Gods really started was at eleven o’clock, the moment when the tower appeared.

In other words, as a prophet, Yuan Chenfei has the opportunity to take a step ahead of others.

This time difference was seven hours.

This was a rare opportunity, and Yuan Chenfei naturally wanted to firmly grasp it.

Put down the phone, Yuan Chenfei took the knife and went to the field.

There was a large amount of chicken here.

After three hours, the body shape of these chicken pikas has changed significantly, but most of them were not very strong.

Yuan Chenfei knew that at this time, they were only level 0.

Yes, since this was a game, there was naturally a level system.

These small animals were level 0 monsters.

If they were given five hours more of growth, they would evolve into level 1 monsters.

According to the rules of the Game of Gods, killing 30 level 1 monsters was enough to level up to level 1.

This was not an easy task. Although the evolved rabbit was not as strong as human beings, it’s extremely fierce. Even if it’s only level 1, it could still hurt human.

However, a normal adult would still win. The premise was that he had that courage.

As for now, Yuan Chenfei needed to hunt and kill 100 level 0 white mice to level up.

Although killing one hundred was just a little troublesome, Yuan Chenfei did not plan to wait five hours.

He explored his hand and grabbed a little mouse: “Sorry little guy, although I’m reluctant, but this is Gods’ will.”

“Tweek!” The white mouse threatened Yuan Chenfei.

It bit him.

Just before the bite, Yuan Chenfei squeezed the mouse, and the short knife in his hand pierced the body of the mouse and nailed it all to the ground.

The little mouse was still not dead, shaking his head against Yuan Chenfei.

“Sure enough, after evolving, the vitality is strong, will not die without giving enough damage?” Yuan Chenfei wasn’t surprise, just snorted and made another stab.

The little mouse finally died.

A trace of blue energy floated out of the body of the little mouse and entered the body of Yuan Chenfei.

There was not much energy, and Yuan Chenfei did not feel any obvious changes in the body.

However, he was not discouraged, but continued to grab a hamster to kill.

Although these little hamsters have experienced a significant increase in the physique, they were still incomparable to people. In the case of Yuan Chenfei, they were killed by one by one.

Unfortunately, no matter how much he killed, he did not feel the changes in his body.

But when Yuan Chenfei killed the hundredth, he felt that an energy in his body suddenly appeared and swam his body. As this energy swam, the body of Yuan Chenfei began to change dramatically.

He could clearly feel that he is becoming strong, even his senses were clearly sharper.

This meant that the physique of Yuan Chenfei has been significantly enhanced. Compare with ordinary people, his body could now compete with athletes and even surpass athletes in some aspects.

This was very contrary to science.

After all, from the point of view, the evolution of life should be gradual, subtle and silent.

However, the ability of the Gods make science no longer scientific.

The growth of life is no longer a gradual process, but a phased improvement.

Because this was the world of the game.

Game of Gods!


“Congratulations, young people, you are the first one to become a gamer. Unfortunately, this game does not have a top prize. ”

With the level up of Yuan Chenfei, a voice rang in his ear.

Yuan Chenfei looked around, saw no one, so he just said to the sky: “It doesn’t matter, at least I got the attention of Gods.”

Then the voice laughed: “I am not a God, I am only the embodiment of the system Gods created for this world.”

Yuan Chenfei laughed too: “Gods still use a system? Isn’t that something on the scientific side?”

The system replied: “This is your misunderstanding. Magic or science, there is no essential difference. Have you said that the end of science is theology? In turn, understand all the fabulous abilities. It can also be achieved through scientific means. Even if what you see now is unreasonable, it is only because your scientific background is not enough. This is like the primitive people on earth see modern society, and you will feel that you are God.”

Yuan Chenfei nodded: “This is indeed the case.”

The so-called mystery was just not enough to understand.

Once you understood it, that’s science.

Science and magic could be the same thing.

So the demon will use the system, and it is nothing strange to have the system elf. It is just a noun.

“What should I call you?” Yuan Chenfei asked.

“You can call me Mystra.”

Yuan Chenfei’s eyebrows frowned: “Goddess of magic?”

In Dungeons & Dragons, there was a magic goddess called Mystra, who rules the Weave of magic, giving the magic casters the ability to use magic.

The system called herself Mystra, and its meaning was self-evident.

Mystra smirked: “Yes, Mystra is in charge of the Weave of magic, and I’m in charge of the world’s game system. All your skills must be obtained through me, so I am this world’s goddess of magic, right?”

“It’s true. It really should be what you just said. The system on the scientific side, on the mysterious side, became the goddess of magic. The two are just different nouns, and there is no change in essence.” Yuan Chenfei also laughed.

Mystra also smiled: “You are very interesting, human. You not only became the first one to become gamer before the release of the gods game, but even facing all these mysteries, it is not surprising that you seem to have some knowledge.”

“If I say that it is just a big nerve, do you believe it?” Yuan Chenfei asked.

Mystra smiled and said: “Oh, you don’t have to hide anything from me. Gods won’t care about it. Even if you really know some information in advance, it must be because of Gods’ arrangement.”

“Gods did not arrange for me to know this in advance.”

“That has nothing to do with me. For Gods, this is just a game. Even if someone gets some benefits because they know in advance, it has no effect on Gods. It is as if you have some pets, will you care about the gains and losses between pets?”

Yuan Chenfei thought about it and nodded. “Yes, I don’t care. So what do the gods care about?”

“As you know, this is a game. What do you think the gods care about in the game?” Mystra asked.

Yuan Chenfei squatted and looked down for a while, whispering: “Since they are coming to play games, of course, they care about people who bring them fun.”

Mystra laughed happily: “The answer is correct!”

Gods didn’t care if you cheated or not.

They only cared about who can bring them fun.

“Thank you very much for your remind.” Yuan Chenfei said very seriously to the air.

“You’re welcome.” Mystra replied: “In any case, you are the only gamer for now. I am very busy. When I get more promoters later, I will become very busy. At that time, I don’t have time to chat with you.”

“So even a goddess of magic can’t chat with thousands of people at the same time?”

“Gods are not omnipotent, they are just strong enough. Me too…” Mystra said profoundly: “I can deal with many people at the same time, but for me, that is also very troublesome. Unless there is anything interesting things, otherwise I won’t talk.”

“A goddess of magic also likes interesting things?”

“I am the system of Gods, the satisfying of Gods is my pursuit.” Mystra’s tone suddenly became serious. It made Yuan Chenfei has the kind of feeling of a boss checking his workers.

After thinking about it, he asked: “So… what do Gods like? I mean, what makes them happy?”

“You need to find the answer yourself.”

After that, Mystra no longer responded to his question, only said: “Well, young gamer, start your choice now. What kind of Class do you choose to become?”

A screen appeared in front of Yuan Chenfei.

In this game, there were currently 20 Classes, divided into five branches: Warrior, Night Walker, Archer, Mage and Summoner. Each branch has four Classes.

However, Yuan Chenfei knew that there was actually the 21st Class.

But that has nothing to do with Yuan Chenfei – not every hidden Class was a good thing. Although the hidden Class in the Game of Gods was powerful, it’s definitely not a good Class. The cost of gaining that power was so high, so he didn’t think about it.

Yuan Chenfei looked at it carefully, found that nothing changed from what he knew, replied: “I chose the Summoner branch, class Beastmaster.”

“The tyrannical animal trainer… accept!” Mystra’s voice was rigid and full of justice.

With her words, a beam of light shone on Yuan Chenfei.

Bathing in the light, Yuan Chenfei felt a strong burning sensation in his chest.

After a while, the burning sensation stopped, and Yuan Chenfei looked down and saw a strange beast head tattoo on his chest.

This was the totem mark of the Beastmaster.

The main role of this totem mark was to officially open the skill bar of the class.

At this moment, he touched the totem mark, and Yuan Chenfei has seen his stats.

Yuan Chenfei

Race: Human (male)

Class: Beastmaster.

Beastmaster: also known as tyrannical animal trainer, tame the beasts and make them become summoning entities.

This was followed by the skill bar below.

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