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Game of Gods – Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Tower of God

Each Class had two types of skills, namely general skills and class skills.

There were 10 general skills: Enhancing Vitality, Enhancing Endurance, Enhancing Skin, Enhancing Resistance, Enhancing Attack, Enhancing Strength, Enhancing Agility, Enhancing Willpower, Enhancing Sense and Enhancing Energy. Their main role was to improve attributes in all aspects.

Every time a gamer leveled up, their attributes would naturally grow. The direction and extent of the growth would vary according to Class. The general skills were additional reinforcement, and the degree of reinforcement was relatively fixed, which was the highest extent of the natural growth of each level.

For example, a mage and a warrior reached level 10. Because of the different directions of reinforcement, the vitality of the mage could not be compared with the warrior. According to the principle of the Game of Gods, the vitality growth of the warrior is naturally 5, while the vitality growth of the mage was only 1.

But for general skills, all stats increase were based on the highest extent, which was 5.

So if this mage added a lot to Enhancing Vitality, it’s entirely possible to surpass the warrior in terms of HP.

This is the role of general skills.

Ten different general skills were corresponding to ten different directions. For example, Enhancing Vitality increase vitality which decided HP, Enhancing Endurance increased stamina, Enhancing Strength represented the ability to carry weight and overall strength. Enhancing Skin increased Defense, Enhancing Agility represented movement and attack speed, Enhancing Sense increased the ability to sense the environment, for the mage it also represented the ability to communicate with nature and enhance spell attack.

The second type was class skills.

After became level 1, two skills appeared in the class skill bar of Yuan Chenfei.

The first skill was Master of All – “You can skillfully use all kinds of weapons and fight with bare hands, but it doesn’t give you extra attack power.”

The second skill was Duel Space – “Create a duel space, where you can duel with a targeted beast. It is also a space for storing pets.”

However, these two skills were currently in a bleak state, which meant they couldn’t be used.

At the bottom of the professional skills, there was also a line: “Skill Points:1”. Which means that Yuan Chenfei has a skill point.

As long as this skill point was added to the corresponding skill, the skill would light up, which means it can be used.

From the note left by Liu Yang, Yuan Chenfei has already understood the whole system of the game.

The core ability of Beastmaster was Duel Space.

As a Summoner, Beastmaster could summon up to five pets to fight for themselves, and the way to get a pet was the duel space. As long as you defeat a beast in the duel space, it would become your pet.

Therefore, Duel Space could be said to be the skill every Beastmaster must have.

Regardless of this, Yuan Chenfei didn’t intend to learn this skill now.

After all, he’s only level 1, there is no need to be so anxious to collect the pet.

The reason why Beastmaster was also called tyrannical animal trainer was that this Class, although heavily depended on the summoned pets to fight, had no sympathy for their pets. Beastmasters could only domesticate the beasts weaker than themselves, and after becoming a pet, the beast lost the potential to level up. With the improvement of their own strength, the beast would not keep up with their own development, so Beastmasters must change the pets after a period of time. They would not grow together with the pets, but continuously abandoned old pets and domesticated new pets.

Therefore, those who loved animals were not suitable for this Class.

Yuan Chenfei chose it because the Beastmaster was the most potential Class in all 21 Classes.

The strength of the pets was closely related to Beastmaster’s own strength, because of the duel space’s properties, so the stronger the Beastmaster, the stronger the beast that could be defeated and conquered. To some extent, the real power of Beastmaster was to multiply his own strength by six.

But the potential was just potential, and how it developed would depend on the individual.

As for now, Yuan Chenfei was not eager to gain a pet, so his first skill was Master of All.

After the skill was light up, the totem mark prompted:

Master of All, skill level 1/20.

After learned Master of All, Yuan Chenfei took a knife and he could obviously feel that he was skilled in the use of the knife.

This skill allowed him to use a variety of weapons, but it’s limited to skilled use, and he could not get extra bonus damage.

Before learned the skill, Yuan Chenfei was just an ordinary person who has the physical fitness of the athlete, then the current Yuan Chenfei was an athlete with certain fighting skills.


After that, Yuan Chenfei did not continue to kill. After all, those small animals were only level 0, killing them now was too wasteful.

However, this did not mean that Yuan Chenfei had nothing to do.

After completely become a gamer, Yuan Chenfei began to deal with a hundred mice killed by him.

He cut the mouse corpse, took the mouse heart out of it, and set it aside.

After collecting a hundred rat hearts, Yuan Chenfei put them into a bag and walked out of the farm.

Not far from the farm, a red tower was standing.

It should be said that the reason why Yuanchenfei chose to buy the farm here was that it’s near the red tower.

The red tower was called the Tower of God[1]. In this game, it’s equivalent to system stores plus the teleportation point.

At this time, many people have gathered around the red tower, but no one could enter. This was because the red tower was currently only open to gamers. However, it would not be long before the red tower open to everyone.

After Yuan Chenfei came here, he did not stop and walked directly to the Tower of God.

“Hey, don’t try, nobody can get in!” Someone who had tried before said to him.

Yuan Chenfei ignored it. He walked over to the invisible wall and stepped forward. A wave of water rippled in front of him, and Yuan Chenfei had entered.

Several people seeing this were dumbfounded.

“This… how is this possible?”

“Can you get in?”

Some men tried to walk inside.

The next moment, a surge of electricity appeared out of thin air, a large group of people was also numb to the ground.

“Fuck, what’s going on? Why he can go in but we can’t?” Someone yelled out in anger.

No one answered him.

At this time, the tower area was still empty.

After Yuan Chenfei entered, he went straight to a small shop, where the storekeeper was a strange four-armed creature.

The four-armed creature saw Yuan Chenfei, his eyes lit up: “Welcome, dear customer. I really didn’t think that Paroro’s shop can welcome the first guest so soon. What do you want? This shop sells a variety of energy-rich meat.”

“I don’t plan to buy anything. You know, I don’t have any Crystal Coin in my hand, but I have this. Maybe I can exchange for some money.”

Yuan Chenfei opened the package and revealed a hundred rat hearts.

Paroro looked at him and muttered, “Oh, the heart of the level 0 mouse, is there a lower grade material?”

Yuan Chenfei shrugged: “I think there isn’t, but you’ll still buy it, right?”

“Yes, they can be used to make a pot of fried hearts, I can pay you ten White Crystal Coins for this,” Paroro said.

“No problem.” Yuan Chenfei agreed.

Although these creatures were able to communicate and speak, in here they played the role of NPC, no matter how well you spoke, they wouldn’t give you more money.

In the Game of the Gods, everyone must act in accordance with the rules of the Gods.

Unless the Gods give privileges.

White Crystal Coins was the standard currency of the game and the lowest currency. And ten White Crystal Coins was the standard price of the rat hearts, no more, no less.

Yuan Chenfei quickly received his Crystal Coins, which looked like a small crystal that emitted white light.

In addition to being used for currency, the most important role of Crystal Coins was energy.

After all the sources of energy have failed, the Gods have given humanity a new source of energy, which was these special crystals. They were suitable for any device, and a White Crystal Coin allowed a car to run for ten minutes at the speed 40 yards per hour.

After getting the money, Yuan Chenfei went to another store.

There was also a weird creature sitting inside, a twisted head with an octopus-like body attached to it.

“I want a simple map of the surrounding area.” Yuan Chenfei placed ten White Crystal Coins on the table.

“Here, take it.”

This was a map of the surrounding terrain, but unlike the Earth map, it’s the background of the world of the game, so the center of the map was the tower. There was also a red mark on the map, which represented Yuan Chenfei himself.

When Yuan Chenfei moved, the red mark would also move to give the corresponding position.

This was also the biggest feature of this map.

It’s still a simple version, if it’s the perfect version, the map would even give the surrounding monster information in real-time. But the price od a perfect map was expensive, not easy for ordinary people to afford.

“Thank you.” Yuan Chenfei took the map and walked out.

Next, he walked to another store.

The one sitting in this store looked like a human being. If didn’t consider her long snake tail, she was still a beautiful woman.

The snake tail beauty was holding a piece of leather and doing sewing. Seeing Yuan Chenfei come in, she greeted him: “The honorable first gamer, what do you want?”

Yuan Chenfei replied: “I hope to get a Lifestyle Job here.”

“Oh, what Lifestyle Job do you want?”


The snake-tailed beauty looked at Yuan Chenfei: “It’s the right choice in the perfect timing. If so, then follow the rules.”

She touched his forehead, at the same time his totem mark became slightly hot.

After a moment, Yuan Chenfei looked at his own stats screen. Under Class’s information, appeared Lifestyle Job’s information.

TL’s note:

1. Original “high tower”, but I think it’s too common, so I change a bit.

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