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Game of Gods – Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Lifestyle Job

“You temporary receive Lifestyle Job: Collector.”

“You gain 4 skills.

One: Identify (temporary). This skill can be used to identify a variety of materials. You can only own it for real if you use it to identify more than one hundred pieces of material.

Two: Collecting (temporary). This skill can be used to collect a variety of herb. You can only own it for real if you use it to collect more than one hundred herbs. If you can get more materials, you can improve the quality of your Collecting.

Three: Peeling (temporary). This skill can be used to instantly peel off the skin of the target creature. You can only own it for real if you use it to peel more than a hundred pieces of skin. If you can get more materials, you can improve the quality of your skinning.

Four: Mining (temporary). This skill can be used to obtain ore from a designated mine. You can only own it for real if you use it to get more than a hundred pieces of ore. If you can get more material, you can improve your mining skills.”

At the same time, his totem mark also showed a reminder,

“Lifestyle Job Quest: Collecting materials. Time limit: 12 hours.”

In other words, Yuan Chenfei must complete the Quest of collecting materials within twelve hours. The four skills are actually four designated Quests. Each time he completed one, he would get a corresponding skill.

At least one corresponding skill must be obtained in order to truly become a Collector.

In fact, this Lifestyle Job had three branches, which correspond to plants, animals, and ores. As for Identify, it’s easiest to complete because it only required identification of one hundred materials, unlike the other three. In other words, as long as any branch was completed, the Identify skill would definitely be available.

It’s very difficult to complete three branches in twelve hours because not everything could be a material, thus it required a long search. The most important thing was that when a large number of gamers concentrate on finding materials, often the appearance of a piece of material would lead to looting.

The low efficiency brought about by looting made many people unable to complete even one Quest, let alone improve quality.

Moreover, after a gamer failed the Lifestyle Job Quest, he couldn’t receive that Quest again. Of course, he could still choose another Lifestyle Job, but it also came with a new Quest. If failed all, then he was completely out of touch with Lifestyle Job.

Although Lifestyle Jobs did not improve combat effectiveness, they were a guarantee of making money.

According to the design of the game, Classes were mainly used to strengthen themselves, and it’s necessary to rely on Lifestyle Job to make money. Therefore, for Lifestyle Job Quest, it’s better to be cautious.

But Yuan Chenfei didn’t care about this.

Because there was no one competed with him.

Everyone was still shocked by the changes brought by the Heavenly Palace, and there was not even one start to kill monsters, let alone became a gamer.

In this case, it’s too easy for Yuan Chenfei to do the Quest.

After taking the Quest, Yuan Chenfei received a pickaxe and a material bag, which could store the material indefinitely. Unfortunately, it’s a Quest item and must be returned after use.

Leaving the tower, Yuan Chenfei no longer stayed and went directly to the plain.

A lot of people outside the tower were still waiting there. When they saw Yuan Chenfei came out, they all went around and asked, “Hey, hello, how did you get in? What happened inside?”

Yuan Chenfei didn’t bother to talk, ran away.

“Hey, don’t run!” Everyone rushed to chase him. However, Yuan Chenfei was a level 1 gamer now. He already had an athlete’s physique, thus normal people couldn’t catch up with him. They could only watch him run away, angrily cursed that this guy was too mean.

They didn’t think that there was no reason he should be generous for strangers.

After running for a long time, Yuan Chenfei saw that no one caught up and stopped.

The time was already at 12:30, and it has been one and a half hours since the appearance of the tower. Three and a half hours left until animals became level 1 monsters. Five and a half hours until the game officially started.

For Yuan Chenfei, this was a rare precious time.

Not only no one competed with him, but all animals and plants were also in level 0 state, the most vulnerable time. As a level 1 Beastmaster, his physical quality and fighting ability were obviously improved, almost nothing could endanger him now.

Just took a few steps, Yuan Chenfei saw a strange flower not far away.

Yuan Chenfei used the Identify skill and got feedback:

“Three Lives flower, system material, can be picked up.”

The next moment, Yuan Chenfei has activated Collecting skill and put the flower into the bag.

If he didn’t have the Collecting skill, he still was able to collect it, but there would be a greater chance of destroying the material, and the quality would be reduced. The same rule applied to Peeling and Mining.

Yuan Chenfei went forward non-stop. Whenever he saw any strange plant, he would go forward to identify. With the map, he was very clear about his position and direction.

Just like this, Yuan Chenfei quickly came to a cave.

This was a mine.

After the magical transformation of the Earth, many of the originally barren hills became mines.

Looking around to confirm there was no one, Yuan Chenfei took out the pickaxe and started mining.

Every time he dug a piece of ore, Yuan Chenfei would identify it. The initial rate of mining is exceptionally high, and basically every several swings he got a piece of ore.

In a short time, Yuan Chenfei has already filled a hundred pieces of ore.

In the later period, this was basically unthinkable.

Not to mention the monsters that may come out at any time in the mine, even the smallest mine would have a large group of people, which was enough to reduce the efficiency of mining. But now, he was digging alone, even the monsters haven’t started to grow up yet.

Although he has already dug a hundred ore, Yuan Chenfei was not satisfied but continued to dig. Lifestyle Job skills also have levels, but only five. After the basis of 100 pieces, each time he got 50 pieces more, the skill’s level was raised by one. The target of Yuan Chenfei was the highest level, so he needed 300 pieces of material.

Two hours later, Yuan Chenfei took off with three hundred ore pieces and started to look for various materials.

When he went back to the farm, he had already collected more than 150 herbs, and the time was just around 4 pm.

The animals on the farm also reached level 1.


Going back to the farm, he could see that all little animal’s eyes were red.

That was due to hungry.

In the past two days, Yuan Chenfei basically gave them a small amount of water and a little food to keep them alive. So even though Divine Energy improved their physique and allowed them to evolve, hunger still made them dizzy and powerless.

So when Yuan Chenfei came, these animals looked at him with hateful eyes one by one – evolution improved their intelligence and made them learn hatred.

Yuan Chenfei did not care, he just opened a cage.

The rabbit inside immediately rushed out and bit him.

The rabbit’s head was already catching up with a dog’s, thus this bite was fierce and much faster than the dog’s bite.

But at the same time, Yuan Chenfei had closed the cage door, just made the rabbit stuck on the door, then he took out a blade and cut at the neck of the rabbit.

The rabbit was still madly twisted to bite Yuan Chenfei, but he calmly cut down one by one, until the rabbit died.

Used Peeling skill, a rabbit skin was already in hand.

Yuan Chenfei also harvested and retained the rabbit meat.

Solve one rabbit, Yuan Chenfei opened the second cage, the same way.

These animals were now only level 1, but they were more powerful than before and had some fierceness. However, in the cage, they were hungry for two days, and their combat power has already dropped to the lowest level, so Yuan Chenfei’s work was arguably relaxed.

The level up rule of the Game of Gods was simple: killing 100 monsters at the same level.

However, it’s simple but not necessarily easy.

Killing a hundred monsters to level up, even in the game it may be done in less than an hour, in some games the necessary time was even in minutes, but in reality, it’s not a small number.

The attributes of the monsters were usually not lower than the same level gamer, so every time they killed a monster, they had to go through a battle.

Killing ten chickens a day could be a problem. Going through ten battles a day, it’s definitely a matter of life and death.

Yuan Chenfei killed these monsters easily, it is because they have been hungry for two days, and the strength has been greatly suppressed.

Even so, it took him more than an hour to kill a hundred rabbits. When he killed the last rabbit, his arms were too tired to lift.

“Fuck, no wonder the Peeling skill is the hardest to gain. I just need to catch and kill from the cage, and it still needs an hour. If I’m in the wild, 12 hours were too short.”

Field battles were much harder than this because no one knew what to expect.

Sometimes you may not find a monster for a long time, but sometimes you may encounter a large group.

This was still level 1.

As the level increases, the monster’s strength would become stronger and stronger.

Although both level 1 and level 99 only need killing 100 monsters to level up, the fact was that the more it went to a later stage, the harder it was to kill the monster.

In the late period, everyone’s level up method was to form a group to kill a monster, it’s common to need several months to raise one level.

So if he didn’t learn Peeling skill at the beginning, it was harder to learn in the future.

At this moment, killing a hundred rabbits, Yuan Chenfei was promoted to level 2. He could clearly feel that the familiar warm current in the body reappeared, and his own energy and physical strength also rose.

If he was only an athlete before, then his physical fitness should now be comparable to Mike Tyson, not counting the other aspect of his simultaneous growth.

It could be said that he now has the power of Mike Tyson, the speed of Usain Bolt, the flexibility of Lionel Messi and the toughness of Bear Grylls.

Although he was still at the mortal level, he was already standing at the peak of mortals.

At the same time, Yuan Chenfei got another skill point.

He still did not add to Duel Space skill, but to general skills.

His choice was Enhancing Endurance.

Human endurance was limited, and long-lasting fights could easily lead to physical and mental exhaustion.

Even Mike Tyson would feel tired when he kills hundreds of rabbits in a row.

A little endurance enhancement could effectively improve the working hours of Yuan Chenfei, let him continue to work so that he could seize this rare opportunity, did not waste even a little time.

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