Game of Gods – Chapter 9

Chapter 9: The New Era (Part 1)

After leveled up Enhancing Endurance, Yuan Chenfei really a lot better.

According to the rules of the Game of Gods, the energy required for a gamer to level up increased by 30% with each level lower. That was, to kill monsters one level lower, it took 130. Two levels lower, it needed 169. Three levels lower, it was 220.

This was also the lowest level allowed by the Game of Gods. If gamers hunted monsters whose level below their own 4 or more, not only they wouldn’t get any energy, and but they also wouldn’t get any benefit like materials.

Because Yuan Chenfei has been level 2, and those animals were still level 1, so this time he would need to kill 130 to level up.

However, because of the growth of physique and endurance, it was easier for him to kill, although it still took about one hour to reach the goal.

The current time was 6 pm.

The Game of Gods has officially begun, no matter people believed it or not, this change has been destined to sweep the whole world.

After rising to level 3, Yuan Chenfei once again acquired a skill point, which was once again used to improve his endurance.

Then he killed more rabbits, and after collected three hundred rabbit skins, he walked out of the farm for the second time and start looking for various materials to complete his Lifestyle Job quest.

It’s still no surprises and no dangers – this time the monsters were scarce, even if one or two occasionally emerged, that made no threat to Yuan Chenfei.

Yuan Chenfei soon completed the quest requirements.

Seeing the 12 hours limit was running out, Yuan Chenfei ran back to the tower.

But this time, the Tower of God was no longer empty.

In the wide area, he could see that several people were walking.

Seeing that Yuan Chenfei came in, a shirtless big man smiled and said: “Hey, there are new people coming. Kid, you are the ninth, not bad.”

These words made Yuan Chenfei laughing in his heart, but he didn’t say anything. He didn’t have time to talk nonsense with each other, went directly to the beauty snake woman’s shop, and took out the material bag: “Check my quest.”

The beautiful snake-woman took a look at the bag and smiled. “Good job, all three branches have been completed. Congratulations, you have successfully become a Collector.”

The totem mark on Yuan Chenfei’s body became hot, and there was one more line in his stat screen.

“Lifestyle Job: Collector.

Having Lifestyle skills: 1. Identify, 2. Collecting (level 5/5), 3. Peeling (level 5/5), 4. Mining (level 5/5).”

The biggest advantage of max level Lifestyle skills was that the integrity of the benefits could be maximized and in the highest quality, not mention that many special materials were only eligible for high-level collecting skills

“Thank you.” Yuan Chenfei politely said and went to another store.

“300 rabbit skins, 430 rabbit meat.” Yuan Chenfei placed the bag on the table.

Paroro smiled and said: “I don’t think you have so many gains so quickly. Good, one White Crystal Coin for each, you gained a total of seven hundred and thirty White Crystal Coins. This is yours.”

Paroro has handed seven green crystals and thirty white crystals to Yuan Chenfei.

The currency of the Game of Gods was divided into three units: white, green and purple. 1 Purple Crystal Coin = 100 Green Crystal Coins = 10000 White Crystal Coins.

At this moment, Yuan Chenfei did not put the money into his bag. He said directly: “Give me seven bottles of Bloodlust Potion, and I want to rent a material bag.”

The material bag could keep unlimited materials but was limited to materials only, and it’s expensive. Yuan Chenfei couldn’t afford to buy it now, so he could only rent one.

“Ah?” Paroro snorted: “Seven bottles of Bloodlust Potion need seven Green Crystal Coins. You really have the courage to spend that much money.”

Paroro changed hands and took the crystal coins back, giving Yuan Chenfei seven bottles of potion and a material bag.

At that time, the big man who had previously talked to Yuan Chenfei also saw this scene and was shocked: “This is not the first time you came here?”

Yuan Chenfei did not care about him and went straight outside.

The big man chased and shouted: “Hey, what is your position? The first? The second?”

Yuan Chenfei ignored him and walked away.

That guy grabbed Yuan Chenfei, refused to let him go.

Yuan Chenfei looked at him with a cold eye: “Let me go.”

He smiled and said: “Oh, you tell me, I am curious, I am not willing to not know what is going on.”

“I still don’t want to tell you.” Yuan Chenfei took a backhand and tried to break away from the big man. The big man also resisted. It actually became a competition in strength.

The big man did not catch it, but he was broken out by Yuan Chenfei.

He snorted: “You are also a warrior, and the strength is even bigger than me.”

The enhancement of the game was the same for everyone, but the basis of the individual was different, so even after the promotion, there were still nuances. This difference would definitely become less and less obvious in the future, but at the beginning, the initial difference could still clearly distinguished.

The big man did not know, Yuan Chenfei was not a warrior, but he has been level 3, the physical quality has improved three times, so the strength would be greater than him who was just level 1. If he reached level 2, he wouldn’t be weaker than Yuan Chenfei in strength.

However, Yuan Chenfei was not interested in explaining it, just faintly said: “Want to know my position? It’s simple, beat me and I will tell you.”

Said that he has turned and left.

“Remember your words.” The big guy snorted.


7 pm.

The second hour after the official start of the Game of Gods.

When Yuan Chenfei was still working hard in the chicken farm, a few people have been decided quickly and has embarked on a rush to meet the new era.

However, more people were in a state of confusion, and even unable to understand and accept this sudden change.

Xuguang City.

Xia Ning stood on the balcony and looked up at the sky above her head.

Heaven Palaces were located above the stratosphere. With the clouds covered everything, it should not be seen from the ground. But the truth was that the five Heavenly Palaces ignored the occlusion of the clouds, and even ignored the curvature of the Earth. From anywhere on Earth, a person could clearly saw all five Heavenly Palaces. As if at this moment, the Earth has flattened.

There was no scientific reason at all.

The news about the Heavenly Palace was still playing on the TV.

This was the will of the Gods. The governments couldn’t do anything about it.

The announcer was calm, but could not suppress the fear. He told everyone a tragic fact: one day ago, humanity was still the ruler of the Earth, but we have now fallen into becoming the toy of the Gods.

Xia Ning frowned, picked up the remote control and changed the channel, but the new one also talked about the Heaven Palaces – at this time, probably no other programs could be broadcast.

Xia Ning simply changed to a foreign country’s channel. A general was talking about the fate of enslavement and calling on all human beings to fight with Gods.

“Cut.” Xia Ning sneered.

“Sister.” Xia Guanghe walked in from the outside.

He was about to say something, Xia Ning has raised his hand to stop: “Let me guess, the meeting is over, everyone decided to accept the will of the Gods and give up the resistance.”

“How come you guessed it?” Xia Guanghe admired his sister.

His younger sister has always been dexterous and politically intelligent.

“It’s not hard to guess, the technology gap is too big… if that’s still technology.” Xia Ning looked back at the sky above her head, and Heaven Palaces in the distance looked so clear, as if it were close at hand: “‘Die in freedom is better than live in slavery’ are all shit. The ease of life has long reduced the fighting spirit of countless people, and it is strange for everyone to have such a noble and rare quality.”

Xia Guanghe shook his head: “The most important thing is that everyone thinks this is not a war of extermination, the Gods… tentatively said they are gods, the gods are not invading us.”

Xia Ning sneered: “Isn’t it aggression? Take human beings as toys, is it aggression? Of course, as a self-consolation, this is indeed the past. It is better than being an ant which is crushed under the foot of an elephant.”

Xia Guanghe could not speak.

Yes, there would be no resistance, no war.

The gap was too big, so big that there was no suspense.

In this case, resistance was meaningless and the outcome of the discussion was doomed.

The resistance that a few people called for seems to be more satisfying to everyone’s unwillingness to be slaves, but in reality, nothing would change the outcome. The only thing waited for those people was a disaster.

The general on the TV was still impassioned, but the picture has begun to flash.

The power was getting scarcer and the whole world was about to fall into the dark.

But soon, the new light would come.

Xia Guanghe took out a small crystal and stuffed it into the power socket of the TV.

Then the picture became stable.

“This is a crystal that we have just obtained. It has been confirmed that it can be used as a general-purpose energy source. This one is equivalent to 100 kWh.”

“This small crystal holds that much energy?” Xia Ning was shocked.

“Yes, it has already been confirmed.”

“How to get it?”

“Kill the monsters and sell them to the tower… this is the new currency of the future.”

Xia Ning did not speak.

She looked down and thought for a long time.

She said: “Is this a game?”

“Of course.”

“So what about the rules of the game?”

“It is not clear, the Gods did not say, we have to explore ourselves. The only thing we know now is… kill the monsters and level up.”

“This is ridiculous.”

“Not ridiculous for a game.”

“What do our father and his companions think?”

“They still want to wait and see if they can talk to the above about what results.” Xia Guanghe pointed to the top. Starting today, this gesture referred to the Gods.

Xia Ning’s face burst into anger: “What else is waiting for? If the matter has already been determined, you have to act quickly.”

Xia Guanghe shook his head: “It is not so easy. From now on, the rules of the whole world have changed. We don’t know what the future will become, if we go the wrong way, it is very likely that we will be lost.”

“But if we miss the opportunity, we may be a big step slower than others.”

“This is no way.” Xia Guanghe replied.

The bigger the organization was, the more careful it was to act. Even if many things were already understood, once it involved the mobilization of thousands of people, it still needed repeatedly consideration and trade-offs.

In contrast, individuals were much more agile. Just like Yuan Chenfei said, he did not need to consider what the consequences were.

Xia Ning could understand Xia Guanghe’s answer, but she was also deeply disappointed.

She thought about it and said, “Dad and uncles should be careful, I can understand. But you and I personally, there is no need, right?”

Xia Guanghe smiled: “Yes, Dad means that they are old men and used to be careful about everything. We are young people, have the momentum, can be a vanguard and explore this new world.”

New world, new rules.

From now on, no one knew what the future will be like.

Some people were unwilling to change, vowed to resist; some people were obsessed with deficiencies, cautiously wait and see; of course, there were also some people who determined to make progress and actively embrace the new era…

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