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Give A Kiss To Paranoid Men [Quick Transmigration] C1

Translated by Hanni

Chapter 1

Thunder rumbled from afar. The dark clouds on the horizon seemed to be so low, looking like it was about to crush the city. Lightning loomed in the clouds, and a downpour could begin at any time.  Dirty back streets and alleys were full of the stench of rotting kitchen garbage. Pedestrians always covered their mouths and noses when passing by.

In the deepest part of the alley, a thin young man was violently pushed to the ground. When his crutch landed in his hand, fists fell on him like raindrops. The youth numbly huddled up, his hands did not protect his head, but clinged to protect the pancake in his hand.

The juvenile’s disobedience finally made the atrocious people feel uninterested, and several ruffians started swearing.

“Bah! What kind of dog is usually arrogant? Why don’t you call out?” The leader was very proud.

 “Eldest brother, it’s not that you don’t know. Shen Tuchuan came here to be a local dog raised by Li Tuo. Now Li Tuo is engaged to a rich and powerful young lady and has achieved great success. He hasn’t come back to look for him once. It is estimated that he has lost his identity. “

“Yes, I heard that the two of them were seriously injured by Li Laosi’s gang last time, and Li Tuo was saved by the eldest daughter. The local dog thought his brother had been hurt and dragged around looking for him. As a result, the treatment was delayed and amputation was delayed. If the news of the engagement had not spread all over the world these two days, it would have still been looking for him. “

As if making a successful joke, several people stared at his disabled left leg and smiled maliciously. The leader sniffed and looked at Shen Tu Chuan: “You are also a poor man. Why don’t you kowtow to me? I won’t care about the trouble you and Li Tuo have caused me before?”

“Did you hear him? Kowtow to the boss and admit your mistake!” The dog barked at once, and one of them stepped on the empty trousers under his left knee.

“Out of the orphanage, Li Tuo will be able to enter the rich gates to eat soft rice, but you can only live as a garbage, really different lives ah.”

  Shen Tuchuan stared at the ground with a straight face, but his eyes were empty, as if nothing these people did had anything to do with him.

The leader saw that he ignored him, his face instantly sank, and his eyes fell on his hand like a viper. After a long time no one knew what he was thinking, he suddenly laughed. He stepped on his hand, stomping on it hard, and immediately dyed the teenager’s hand black after stepping on it with garbage and black muddy shoes. The cake that was not covered tightly in his hand was not spared.

“What kind of thing is so precious, let me see it.” Knowing that he only had food in his hand, the leader asked maliciously.

Shen Tuchuan’s eyes instantly turned red and he grabbed his cake desperately, refusing to let go even if it was stained with dirt. Instead, his reaction aroused the anger of the leader, who was about to squat down and teach him a lesson when suddenly there was a careless female voice behind him——

“It is a bit too much for you to bully people like this.”

Except for Shen Tuchuan, people turned their heads and looked behind them. They were stunned when they saw the appearance of the person.

Here was a beautiful woman of about 20 years old. Her skin was white like snow, healthy and ruddy. Her hair was black and straight like ebony, as if coming out of a fairy tale, which was not compatible with the surrounding dirty environment.

Her face was only palm sized, her nose was quite upturned, her lips were small and red. It was clear that she should have a pure appearance, but because of her beautiful and domineering eyes, and her graceful figure, she radiated bright and passionate aura.

The leader swallowed saliva, licked his lips and smiled with his yellow teeth: “Is it too much? My brothers can do more. Do you want to see?”

As soon as his voice fell, the dogs behind him showed a tacit smile.

Listening to his frivolous words, Ji Ting didn’t get angry. There was even a little smile in her beautiful peach blossom eyes: ” Even the children are bullied. You’re really trash.”

 She then hooked her fingers to the leader. The leader didn’t mind her abusive words. He went over with a smile. Just about to pull her hand, the woman’s eyes narrowed instantly, and she stabbed him with a small stick.

Although the stick was small, it was powerful. Immediately there was a ferocious cry like a pig being killed in the alley. Looking at the man who just played rogue. He was already rolling on the ground with his eyes closed. The dogs didn’t expect this. They were about to rush past when a siren sounded outside. They hesitated for a moment.

“I’ve called the police. If you don’t leave, I’ll tell the police about your sexual harassment,” Ji Ting spoke coldly. “There’s no monitoring here, and you have people with criminal records. How would you get out of it? “

The siren sounded closer and closer, and these people looked at each other, finally unwillingly dragged their boss away. As soon as they left, Ji Ting’s shoulder collapsed instantly, taking a deep breath to calm her strained heart, she walked in front of Shen Tuchuan. Looking at his empty eyes, she sighed.

The sky was getting darker and darker. Dark clouds were carrying thunder and lightning. The pressure was getting lower and lower. Heavy rain was coming soon. Ji Ting held out her hand to him tenderly: “I asked the front merchants to play the siren just now. They should soon find out it was fake. Please leave here with me first. “

Shen Tuchuan didn’t respond. Ji Ting squatted down to help him up, but before she could reach out, he suddenly moved. His eyes stayed on the ground and he began trying to get up,  but because he only had one leg, he was on the verge of falling back down. Ji Ting quickly reached out to hold him, but he pulled back his arm without expression, reached for the crutch that was too dirty for its color to be seen, and stood up.

Ji Ting looked at his left leg and saw that the position below his knee was empty, she puckered her lips unconsciously. She had planned to cross before he was injured, trying to rewrite his fate so he would not be disabled. Unexpectedly, the crossing was delayed, until the plot had developed to the point where he was amputated.

Shen Tuchuan rose behind her and walked past  her slowly with his crutch. Ji Ting followed him silently. She was thinking about countermeasures when she suddenly saw him shove the mud-mixed cake into his mouth, she hastily grabbed him by the wrist. Just now, the teenager who regarded her as nothing paused, and his eyes immediately stared at Ji Ting like a trapped dying beast.`

 Ji Ting soothed him softly: ” It’s already dirty, let’s not have it, OK? You’ll get sick after eating it. I’ll take you to eat something else.”

She also suddenly remembered that this paragraph had been written in the novel. He would be poisoned by eating dirty cake, and his stomach became fragile from then on. Now that he had suffered, she couldn’t let him suffer any more.

Shen Tuchuan seemed to have heard nothing, but there was only cake left in his eyes. Ji Ting tried to take it away from him, but failed.

Although he was just 17 years old, he was about 185 cm tall. Ji Ting was tall, but she was short in front of him. It was impossible to rob him. Just when she wanted to persuade him, Shen Tuchuan suddenly fell towards her…. She caught him subconsciously and found that he had fainted.

The cake, which he regarded as a treasure, fell to the ground, rolled to a layer of stinking sludge and stopped at the corner, completely integrated with garbage.

The sour smell of the youth’s dirty body lingered at the tip of her nose, the original pattern of his clothes couldn’t be seen, and his jeans were covered with a layer of oil, which was in sharp contrast to Ji Ting’s white dress. Ji Ting didn’t mind. She leaned against the greasy wall of the alley and made an emergency call.

When Shen Tuchuan was sent to the emergency room, Ji Ting looked at the dirty clothes on his body, thought about it, ordered a runner to buy a new set, and spent twice the price to find a paramedic to help him clean up. After arranging all this, she went to the hall to pay for the treatment.

Standing in the line for payment, Ji Ting let out a heavy sigh.

Two days ago, she was inexplicably selected by the reader’s resentment system. Her task was to help each novel’s villain who made the reader’s feelings difficult to get a satisfactory ending. When all the reader’s resentment disappeared, she could return to the real world. The world she was in was her first task.

In this novel called “Crazy Love”, the male villain Shen Tuchuan was a good friend of the male lead Li Tuo who grew up together. After the two were seriously injured together, the female lead who accidentally passed by saved Li Tuo, but did not find Shen Tuchuan in the garbage dump. Li Tuo lost his memory after being saved and completely forgot Shen Tuchuan.

The man thought he had been betrayed, so he hated the male and female lead. After ten years of recuperation, Li Tuo recovered his memory and the male villain used his guilt against him. Finally, Li Tuo could not bear it any longer and sent him to prison with his own hands. After entering the prison, he suddenly became ill, he was less than 29 years old when he died.

Although Shen Tuchuan was the standard villain in this story, the readers felt more sympathy because of his experiences as a teenager, so they were very dissatisfied with his ending and hoped he could have a satisfactory ending.

What Ji Ting needed to do now was reverse the fate without affecting him, the male and female lead, so that Shen Tuchuan had a happy ending. The specific definition of happy ending was defined by the role. In other words, only when the man felt happy from his heart could her task be considered a success.

After going through the original text several times, she was sure that in order to make Shen Tuchuan feel happy, he must first put down his hatred of Li Tuo and then marry and have children for a safe life.

Now, the most important thing was to keep him healthy. Ji Ting with a sigh, turned to the emergency department after paying the fee. After learning that Shen Tuchuan had been transferred to the ward, she immediately went. When she arrived, the nurse had finished her work. She thanked the nurse and paid for it. After the nurse left, she sat down in front of the hospital bed.

Ji Ting looked at Shen Tuchuan. He was obviously tall and had long legs, but he was malnourished. His collar exposed his protruding clavicle, and his lower jaw was too sharp to belong to someone his age. Perhaps it was because he did not get good care after the injury. His skin was amazingly white, but his lips were sickly pale, so fragile as if he was going to die at any time.

Ji Ting saw his dry lips. She immediately found a cotton swab and moistened it bit by bit. Perhaps feeling comfortable, Shen Tuchuan’s frown slightly relaxed.

  Shen Tuchuan was still sleeping, but his frown seemed to be uneasy even in his sleep. His body had been scrubbed by the nurse, and his wounds had been bandaged. He was wearing the T-shirt she bought that had a bear printed on it, as if he were a normal 17 year old boy.

However, Ji Ting clearly knew in her heart that his hatred for the world at this time could no longer allow him to grow up normally. If she did not interfere, he would continue to blacken and distort, until he finally killed himself.

Ji Ting helped him moisten his lips, while gazing at him. Finally, her eyes rested on his lower abdomen, and her eyes brightened instantly. Before the system sent her to this world, it mentioned that on the left hip bone of all the male villains, there was a red thing like a birthmark. The more blackened the male villain was, the darker the color was. On the contrary, the lighter it was…. When he was really happy, the trace would disappear completely.

So there would be one on Shen Tuchuan’s body. What color was it now, and would it be black or red?  Ji Ting was filled with shameless curiosity. Seeing that he was still asleep, she glanced around to make sure there was no one else in the room and immediately reached out to grab his waistband.

 The pants she bought were more comfortable casual pants, so she only needed to pull down the waistband of elastic rope and saw something like a birthmark. She pulled it down further with a face filled with expectation, suddenly feeling a terrifying look, she subconsciously looked up and her eyes instantly landed on a pair of eyes without a trace of warmth.

The young man just woke up, and his face was still pale. He looked very weak, but his eyes were like a cold winter which made Ji Ting shiver.  His eyes slowly slipped from her face and finally fell on her hand.


Ji Ting stiffly looked down and saw her hand on the waistband of the teenager.


“…” Really, she could explain, she was really not abnormal.

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