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Give A Kiss To Paranoid Men [Quick Transmigration] C2

Translated by Hanni

Ji Ting’s mind went blank for a moment. She calmly lifted his waistband up, as if she was helping him change his clothes: “I’m sorry for changing your clothes without permission.”

Shen Tuchuan, like a wounded little beast, silently grabbed his waistband and stared at her warily. In the end he was a young man who had not yet grown into a scheming villain. He could not hide the hatred he had for the world.

 But it was also good that he showed it. It was better than the blank expression he had in the alley before. Ji Ting pretended that she hadn’t done anything, helped him slow down the drip, and gently spoke: “This is a nutritious needle. It’s good for your health. I just ordered lean meat porridge, you can drink it when it gets here.” 


Shen Tuchang looked at her and clearly felt that he had been washed and his clothes had been changed. The soft cloth was pasted on his clean body, and he felt alive in an instant. For the first time, he looked at the woman with his eyes on her bright and clean face. He stopped for a minute and suddenly pulled out the needle on the back of his hand.

Ji Ting was startled when she saw this. She quickly held down his hand. The young man’s eyes, which still looked extremely weak, suddenly became fierce.

“I won’t hurt you, if you don’t like it, I’ll ask the nurse to help you pull it out, but you can’t pull it out yourself, ok?” Ji Ting quietly spoke to him, but her hands firmly held him down.

Shin Tuchuan struggled two more times. Soon he was exhausted. Only his eyes were still staring at Ji Ting. Obviously, he hated the fact that a stranger was taking care of his affairs.


Ji Ting didn’t care about being watched like this, but smiled at him. Shen Tuchuan’s eyes had a little inner double lid, with slightly upward corners. It was a kind of eye shape with great momentum. Although he was still growing, she could imagine how charming he was after he blackened ten years later.

The fate of such a good-looking child was so bumpy. Ji Ting understood the readers’ complaints.

Just as she was distracted, there was a knock on the door outside. She said, “Please come in.” Then she smelled the porridge. It was the take-out she ordered. The porridge was put on the table by the takeaway brother. Ji Ting was going to get it. Suddenly he noticed Shen Tuchuan’s eyes, She didn’t get up immediately, one hand pressed his wrist and the other rang the call bell.

Shen Tuchuan was seen through by Ji Ting. His eyes became even colder. He simply closed his eyes and refused to look at her. His heart was not bothered.

The nurse came quickly and didn’t agree with them when she heard that they wanted to pull out the nutrition needle, but when she saw that they insisted, she had to help pull out the needle.

After pulling out the needle, Ji Ting let go of his hand. She turned her head and opened the lunch box, she kept stirring the porridge with a disposable spoon to make it cool. Ji Ting stared at Shen Tuchuan. Seeing that he was determined to ignore her, she quietly brought the porridge closer to him and deliberately fanned it in his direction.


The devil also had the instinct to eat, what was more, he was only a minor, Ji Ting clearly saw his throat move, she couldn’t help but smile. He should have been extremely hungry, otherwise he wouldn’t have risked his life to protect a pancake.


The plot in the original text was the most difficult time in Shen Tuchuan’s life. His brother betrayed him, his left leg was ruined, all his savings were used to pay for his medical expenses. After several days of hunger, he finally put down his dignity and picked up plastic bottles and bought one pancake with the money earned.

And that pancake was now in the garbage dump in the alley.

  There was thunder in the thick clouds outside the ward, and the rain finally came as promised. Ji Ting checked the temperature of the porridge. After she was sure that he could drink it, she stopped teasing him. She scooped a spoon and put it close to the young man’s lips.

“Have some. I lost your pancake. This is for you.” While Ji Ting tried to feed him, she did not forget to take care of the self-esteem of the young man. However, his mouth remained closed, even if his throat instinctively swallowed, he refused to take a bite.

Ji Ting didn’t take back the spoon, but firmly held it close to his lips. After a while, the stubborn young man finally opened his eyes impatiently and said his first words to her: “Roll.”

Although it was only one word, it was much better than the previous silence. Ji Ting smiled clearly: “Eat a bit, it will soon get cold.”

“I permit you to roll”, Shen Tuchuan spoke with a hoarse voice filled with agitation as he stared at her fiercely.


If she was in the real world, which man dared to challenge her again and again, it was estimated that Ji Ting would have already kicked him to the ground. It was a pity that she was now facing her target. If she dared to do whatever she liked, she may not be able to return home with her life.

Ji Ting took a few deep breaths in her heart to calm down. Her smile remained the same: “Ok, I can roll, but you have to eat porridge first, otherwise I won’t leave.”

She then put the porridge where Shen Tuchuan could reach it, retreated to the wall, leaned against it and looked at him with folded arms, meaning that she would not leave without him eating.

Shen Tuchuan’s eyes flashed a trace of disgust. His first reaction was to knock over the porridge bowl. But he had no strength to do anything at this time. His eyes were fixed on lean porridge with little oil stars and chopped shallots and coriander. His hungry body simply made him unable to do anything wasteful.

“Eat, I’ll leave as soon as you finish.” Ji Ting added.

  Shen Tuchuan glanced at her for a long while, and finally brought the porridge to his mouth. Although eating the porridge was humiliating, as he ate the warm and smooth porridge, his movements accelerated without prolongation. Ji Ting, seeing that he was finally willing to eat, she sighed and left immediately. One was to fulfill her promise, and the other was to go to the doctor to ask about the prosthetic.

Although his left leg amputation was a foregone conclusion, Ji Ting still wanted to make him have a healthy life as much as possible, among which a prosthetic was essential.

She went to the rehabilitation department to ask about the situation. After communicating with the doctor, she came to the conclusion that the more expensive the better. At present, the most suitable prosthetic for a person like Shen Tuchuan was a newly introduced prosthetic in China . It was light in weight and flexible in joints. Although it was not comparable to a normal leg, it could make him look and feel like a normal person to the greatest extent.


And the price was quite good.


Ji Ting’s identity in this world, was a very ordinary passer-by, all her net worth was only a damaged two bedroom apartment in a residential area plus a hundred thousand yuan deposit, some of the money was given by the system, otherwise it would be less.


She was afraid she would only have a few thousand Yuan left after buying the artificial limb. Although Ji Ting heartily decided to get the best, but there was no need to make a reservation for the time being. After all, it would take two days to persuade Shen Tuchuan to install it. She left the rehabilitation department with a heavy burden of going bankrupt, and suddenly she remembered that Shen Tuchuan did not seem to know her name.

She sniffed lightly, patted her head and walked to the ward, she walked slowly to the ward and saw the nurse waiting at the door. Ji Ting listened for a moment and her eyes flashed with a trace of annoyance.

“You are the patient’s family, right? Where is the patient? It’s time for him to have an infusion.” The nurse saw her and immediately asked.

Ji Ting went to the door and looked inside. The window was wide open. The curtains were blown like waves by the wind outside. The heavy rain outside splashed into the house and had already made most of the floor wet. She should have known, that boy was a madman, how could he honestly stay in the hospital.

“I’m sorry, Miss nurse, this child is at odds with me and must have ran away.” Ji Ting apologized and went to the ward to get a raincoat. She talked with the doctor for too long, and it was estimated that the little bastard had already arrived home.

The nurse frowned: “This is nonsense. His temperature has just dropped and he is going to take another rain. Does he want pneumonia?”

“I’ll find him now, please.” Ji Ting put on his raincoat and ran out hurriedly. When she rushed into the rain, she looked back. Fortunately, she had settled the teenager in the first floor before. Otherwise, he may have had to be fitted with another leg if he fell.

Ji Ting entered a taxi that stopped by the side of the road and gave the address. The taxi slowly entered the traffic, and she sighed softly. In the original novel, Shen Tuchuan was also taken to hospital after food poisoning, but when he woke up, he slipped away secretly because he had no money to pay the medical expenses.

She guessed that he ran back to his rented house as in the original novel. Ji Ting frowned as she thought of what happened to him next.

According to the original development, when Shen Tuchuan returned to his residence, he found that the landlord had thrown out all his belongings. The only relic left by his mother, a hand-sewn tiger doll, was also thrown into the sewer. Suffering from these experiences, he went completely crazy. He rushed to find the landlord and tried his best, but was beaten by the landlord’s relatives.

The lost relic and being beaten like a wild dog completely distorted Shen Tuchuan’s desire for good. He blamed Li Tuo for everything he experienced and embarked on the road of revenge until he finally died of illness in prison.

Now she didn’t know how much the plot had developed. She just hoped she could reach the boy in time. Ji Ting watched the pouring rain outside, and her heart felt like it was going to sink to the ground.

At the end of the alley near Shen Tuchuan’s rented apartment, there was a sudden traffic jam in front of it. Ji Ting immediately got off and rushed forward. In the alley, Shen Tuchuan was lying down beside the sewer. His new clothes had become dirty. His eyes were red and he was staring at the dark pipes. The hatred in his eyes almost burned him.

The fat man behind him was still sneering: “If you can’t pay the rent, roll as soon as possible. It’s really unlucky to bother me to pack up your things.”

The man’s relatives immediately became sarcastic, and several people scolded the young man and ridiculed him wantonly.

 The rain was loud, but Shen Tuchuan could only hear his breathing. He got up from the ground with a cold face and rushed towards the man with a shrill roar and a crutch.

The man was startled and kicked subconsciously. When Shen Tuchuan was kicked, he tried his best to hit the man with his wooden crutch. The man who was hit immediately covered his head.

Shen Tuchuan fell to the ground, a handsome face immersed in the sewage, struggling to kill the man. The man screamed and looked at his hand. He was furious when he found blood, and immediately rushed to raise his fist.

Ji Ting saw this scene immediately she got close. She rushed over and shielded  Shen Tuchuan, causing the man’s fist to hit her back. She felt that her lungs would be coughed out. Dumbfounded, Shen Tuchuan’s pupils dilated as he looked at Ji Ting’s pain filled expression.

Unexpectedly, suddenly someone came and the man stopped subconsciously. Ji Ting ignored the sharp pain coming from her back and hugged Shen Tuchuan. When she looked up at the man again, her face no longer expressed her pain. A pair of sharp eyes stared at the man: “if you move your hand again, I will call the police and make you eat prison food.”

“Prison food? He attacked first, if he wants to eat, he will eat!” The man clutching his head, was livid. “If you don’t pay for my medical expenses today, I’ll make you all go to jail! “

“Then call the police. Anyway, there is a camera here and everything has been filmed just now,” Ji Ting spoke with a sneer, glancing at Shen Tuchuan’s scattered belongings. “You have destroyed private property and also attacked a woman and a minor. All this is evidence. “

  ”So leave?” The man was quite a scoundrel, obviously he knew that this matter was nothing at all to him. But looking at the child in her arms. He looked like a ghost. Maybe he would faint. It was better not to touch them.

The man and his relatives winked at each other, and the relatives immediately pulled him: “Forget it, let’s leave these kids, walk around and have a drink.”

The man immediately followed and swore as he left. Ji Ting coldly called out, “Stop.”

“What else do you want to do? Today, I’m kindly letting you go. You’d better get away from me. ” The man said impatiently.

Ji Ting looked at him contemptuously: “I and my brother’s medical expenses are 2,000 yuan, bring it.”

“You want money?!” The man was furious and began leaving.

Ji Ting let out a snort of derision: “You can go, but your house is still there. Do you think people know about you throwing out your tenants’ things and beating people up? Would anyone dare to rent your house?”

“Are you threatening me?” The man wanted to hit again, but he was afraid. He was afraid that they would really go out to discredit him. He could only pay under the persuasion of relatives. He did not have enough money in his hand and borrowed some from relatives. Finally, he managed to gather up to 2,000.

When handing it to Ji Ting, she looked at him coldly and didn’t answer: “One thousand less.”

“No less, it’s 2,000.”  The fat man’s face quivered with anger.

 Ji Ting smiled slightly: “You just used 10 obscene words, 1000.”

“Don’t go too far, stinky woman!” The man was so angry that he wanted to fight, but was pulled back by his relatives.

Ji Ting glanced at him. “1,000, I don’t want a dime more, but you don’t want to be unable to rent out this damaged house. Even if us brother and sister die here, it won’t make your situation better. “

The man paused as he saw her domineering eyes, and suddenly realized that what she said was true. He really met a mad dog this time. No matter how much he scolded, he borrowed another thousand yuan in anger, threw the wet money on Shen Tuchuan, and turned away with his relatives.

These people disappeared around the corner, Ji Ting’s shoulder relaxed. Rolling it up and putting the money in her pocket. Seeing that Shen Tuchuan was still staring at her, she was too embarrassed to explain: “This type of snobbish person cares most about money, other revenge methods are useless . Losing his money makes him feel distressed. Let’s go, let’s go back to the hospital. “

Thanks to her timely arrival, otherwise the little bastard would have been beaten and he would spend a miserable night in the rain, with his life span cut by half. Thinking of the bleak night after he was beaten in the original text, she unconsciously held him tight. Shen Tuchuan’s ear was pressed against her heart, hearing her intense heartbeat, he suddenly realized that she was afraid.

Ji Ting held him for a few seconds and then let go. She walked to the sewer where he was lying. She pretended to be doing nothing and asked, “Did something fall off when I saw you here just now? Wait for me. “

With that, she grabbed the black iron fence with her white hands, lifted it up and looked inside with her head outstretched. With the dirty rain and fermented garbage, she almost couldn’t open her eyes when she looked down. Fortunately, this old-fashioned sewer was not sealed, and it was not deep inside. Otherwise, the smell would kill her or she would drown.

Seeing the inside situation clearly, Ji Ting went in without hesitation. A flash of lightning passed by. The night was as bright as day. Shen Tuchuan looked at the sewer entrance. After a long time, Ji Ting climbed out. Her face was disgusted and she looked nauseous, but she became gentle the moment she saw him.

With a crooked smile, she took the same dirty doll and asked him with a crooked head: “This one looks cleaner. Is it yours?”

Shen Tuchuan’s fingertip moved and his heart, already as white and bloodless as ashes, suddenly quivered.


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