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Give A Kiss To Paranoid Men [Quick Transmigration] C3

Translated by Hanni

“But it’s muddy too, dolls are not easy to wash. I’ll go back and think about it.” Ji Ting wiped the dirty mud on the tiger doll. As a result, the more the dirt was wiped off by her, the more she felt dirty…. She hid it, pretending nothing happened.

The heavy rain was still falling, and the thunder blew from time to time, as if to fall on them at any time. As Shen Tuchuan stared at Ji Ting, his eyes flashed blankly.

“It’s too cold. You’re not in good health. Let’s hurry back to the hospital.”  Although Ji Ting was wearing a raincoat, she was soaked in most of the rain. The rain got into her clothes and made her body temperature colder. She was covered by the raincoat but felt very wet and sticky.


When she saw Shen Tuchuan’s stupefaction, she thought he hadn’t come out of the anger of being thrown out of the house and had to go up to help him.  According to Shen Tuchuan’s character, Ji Ting was ready to be pushed away. However, he did not do so. He just asked in a low voice, “Why?”


“What?”  The rain was so heavy that Ji Ting couldn’t hear him clearly, so she squatted down and looked at him, “what did you say?”

Shen Tuchuan looked at her face, and the woman looked into her eyes, without any impatience, as if he would not make her angry by doing anything, but——

“Why? Why help me? ” Shen Tuchuan thought that he was trash. He had been growing up on the street for so many years. His character was so bad that even his brother after so many years abandoned him. This woman had just met him for the first time. 

Why did she help him so much?

Ji Ting didn’t expect that he would ask suddenly. She didn’t know how to answer. She couldn’t directly say that she was bound by readers’ complaints. She had to help him, right? But she couldn’t think of a temporary reason. Under the pressure of Shen Tuchuan’s gaze, she could only vaguely say, “You go to the hospital with me first, and I’ll tell you later.”

Her words of delaying time fell into Shen Tuchuan’s ears and became her deceiving him to go to the hospital. Normally, he would not go back. But this time, after a long silence, he nodded in silence.


  Ji Ting saw that he didn’t struggle with this problem, and obeyed to go with her. She immediately felt relieved and reached out to help him up. Shen Tuchuan’s eyes fell on the crutches in the corner.  After a fierce battle, the old crutch was already torn apart.


“Let me help you.”  Ji Ting whispered persuasively.


Shen Tuchuan lowered his eyes and rejected her proposal.  Ji Ting sighed and said, “Just this once, won’t you be ill if you continue to stay under the rain?”

Shen Tuchuan licked his lips and looked down on her hand holding the tiger doll. Ji Ting hid it behind her: “If you don’t follow me, you won’t get this.”

Shen Tuchuan’s face was cold, but he didn’t say anything, at last, he held out his hand to her.

Ji Ting laughed, grabbed his hand around her shoulder  and stood up. The tall youth leaned against her body, although the youth was very thin, but his weight was not light, Ji Ting stood up and after a moment almost fell down.

But she still clenched her teeth, holding his right arm around her shoulder, and her left arm around his back while holding the tiger doll, the two staggered to walk in the heavy rain. As for Shen Tuchuan’s other luggage, neither of them said that they would take it away, letting those tattered things soak in dirty water.

When the two of them arrived at the hospital, it was already half an hour later, the doctor rushed to scold them, and re-prescribed medicine for Shen Tuchuan. Ji Ting wasn’t spoken to by the side, so she went to the store next to the hospital and picked up two sets of sportswear. She changed directly, and took Shen Tuchuan’s clothes  to the hospital.

At this time, Shen Tuchuan had put on the hospital gown and laid down. When Ji Ting got to the ward, he was obediently lying down.

“You did well and did not run away.”  Ji Ting sat down beside the hospital bed with a smile. She took the tiger doll with her when she went out. It was strange that he was willing to run.


The teenager looked at the dirty doll in her hand and looked at her with less hostility, but remained indifferent: “You haven’t answered me yet. Why do you want to help me?”


Ji Ting lost the smile on her face for a moment. How could the child remember so well? He hadn’t forgotten it yet? She suddenly regretted that she didn’t listen to her friends when she was a child, she should have learned to write stories, now she couldn’t make up a reason.

After pausing for a long time, Ji Ting finally had an answer: “Because I like you, seeing how likeable you are, I wanted to help you as soon as I saw you.”


“…… Really, “Ji Ting lied with a sincere face, without any psychological obstacle as she deceived the child,”Actually my heart is very weak, I saw you and wanted to help you at first sight. “

Shen Tuchuan glanced at her: “Do you think I believe it?”

“……” It was true that a virgin’s heart was weak. She thought about it and became more sincere. “Well, there’s one more thing, actually I fell in love with you at first sight. “

There was silence for three seconds, and Shen Tuchuan’s face was expressionless: “You fell for me at first sight.”

“Yes,” Ji Ting said smoothly, “but don’t get me wrong, I have no other meaning and will not offend you. I just want to be nice to you. Really, if you don’t reject me, I will be very happy. “

“When you saw me today, I was lying in the garbage like a dog. You said you loved me at first sight?” Shin Tuchuan’s eyes flashed with sarcasm. Was this woman treating him like a fool?

Ji Ting’s mouth twitched slightly, she really forgot about it.

“What is your purpose?” Shen TuChuan’s face was completely cold, “I have nothing, only a rotten life, what do you want from me? Organs? Blood? Or is it my life?”


“I really don’t want anything. Believe it or not, that is my heart.” After listening to herself talk, Ji Ting discovered that there were too many flaws in her reasons, but at this point, she could only go on without changing her words.

Shen Tuchuan stared at her, not believing a word.

 Ji Ting paid no attention and showed a gentle smile: “When you were in a coma, I took your ID card to go through the hospitalization procedures. Your name is Shen Tuchuan, right? My name is Ji Ting, six years older than you and 23 years old this year. “

“No matter what you want, you will not succeed.” Shen Tuchuan’s voice was hoarse, apparently not believing her words.

“I really don’t want anything …” Ji Ting thought about it and paused. “No, my parents have left and I am the only one in the family. I really want a companion. Why don’t you come and live with me and I’ll raise you. “

 Ji Ting thought that what she said was feasible, fearing that Shen Tuchuan’s self-esteem would be frustrated. She explained tenderly: “I won’t force you to have something with me. We will get along like roommates. I will provide you with the opportunity to graduate from college. If you still don’t like me then, just work hard and return the money I spent on you. What do you think? “

She was confident that the child would not be tempted by a woman six years older than him, so she used this excuse to take him to her side to take care of him, and when he embarked on a normal life path, she would disappear from his life.

Shin Tuchuan paused and looked at her with ‘you’re crazy’ eyes. This proposal stated clearly that it was only good for him and it was not bad. As for Ji Ting, there was almost no benefit for her. However, he would not agree, because he did not believe that this woman liked him.

Seeing his expression of refusal, Ji Ting sighed in her heart, and sure enough, she acted too hastily.

The two chatted for a while, most of the time Ji Ting talked. Shen Tuchuan hardly spoke, but he soon showed signs of exhaustion. Ji Ting quieted down, after waiting for him to sleep, she covered him with the quilt, she held the tiger doll and went to the bathroom.

When she went out today, she bought soap and colorful floats. At the moment, Shen Tuchuan fell asleep, so she was free to wash the doll. The mud on the plush doll was the hardest to wash, but her patience was good. She rubbed it carefully with her head down. Soon the dirtiest part of the doll was clean and she began to wash elsewhere.

As she washed the doll, she only felt a little tired, but she didn’t care. After washing, she drained the water and went out to borrow a hair dryer. When a soft and clean little tiger appeared, it was already an hour later. Ji Ting became more and more uncomfortable and hurried back to the ward with the doll.

   Shen Tuchuan was still sleeping. She looked forward to putting the doll beside his pillow, and then leaned on the edge of the bed waiting for him to wake up. But Shen Tuchuan didn’t wake up, she couldn’t wake him up. He was lying on the bed, his face was abnormally red.

Before losing consciousness, she suddenly thought that Shen Tuchuan was asleep now, wearing a loose hospital gown, it was the best time to see his crotch. It was a pity that as soon as she thought of it, she fell asleep.

Shen Tuchuan didn’t sleep well. People he knew surrounded him in his dream. Everyone laughed at his incompetence and his body. Li Tuo stood among these people and looked at him with a disdainful smile, as if he didn’t care about everything he had sacrificed for him.

He hated it so much that when he wanted to rush up and end them, there was no one around for an instant, only endless darkness devoured his body. He was powerless to resist and could only let the darkness cover him. When he thought he was going to die, he suddenly smelled disinfectants. He opened his eyes and saw the ceiling with the light on.

It was a hospital ward.

Shen Tuchuan’s fingertip moved and met a warm object. He paused and lowered his eyes. He saw his finger poking Ji Ting’s face and pressing a small dimple in her face.


 He subconsciously poked again, and then saw her face that was abnormally red. He lowered his eyes and was lost in his thoughts for a moment when he saw his clean tiger doll. Then he got out of bed with the tiger doll. If what this woman said before was really true, then he didn’t have to worry about her hurting him, and he could have a temporary shelter.

It was a pity that she was lying. How could someone like him.

Near the door, there was a clang behind him. He paused and left with the doll. The door of the ward made a soft noise, and there was only one person left in the room.

A minute later, the door was opened again. Shen Tuchuan came back with a cold face, he leaned against the edge of the bed and dragged Ji Ting to the bed. It took a long time to drag her up, and he was sweating all over.

Shen Tuchuan gasped heavily. After resting, he lit the pager and was ready to leave again. However, before he got up this time he was caught by his waistband by Ji Ting. As soon as he turned back, he looked Ji Ting in the eye .

Ji Ting looked at him drowsily. She kept mouthing words, but she didn’t speak. Shen Tuchuan frowned and reluctantly bowed his head to listen. After he lowered his head, Ji Ting spoke clearly.

What she said was: “Take off your pants and show me.”


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