Granting You A Dreamlike Life Chapter 1

Granting You A Dreamlike Life 


Chapter 1

Translated by @tigrasev

Chapter 1

Today’s at  Shanghai it was 24 degrees with breeze, and a little drizzle.

The breeze smashed through the signboard of the “Secret Garden”, and the mixed raindrops infiltrated into the wood a little bit, finally letting the old shop located in the bustling downtown area reveal a sense of vicissitudes that should belong to it.

A young girl with a retro film machine on her neck stood at the door of the store. She held the umbrella in one hand and the old photo who was in yellow in one hand against the threshold.

It’s right here, the Xiaoyang Building, which is used for both business and residence, is still red brick. Although the the name of the store have changed, , I can see the appearance of more than 80 years ago. The shop door is small and can only be passed by one person at a time.

When the girl pushed the door in, she found that there was no hole in this inconspicuous store. The wooden door is like a time gate, and it goes back to the old Shanghai of the last century. The mossy stone road followed by the complex and colorful wool carpet leads to the red brick wall with old photos and newspapers. The bricks and tiles are the same as the one that Grandma described at her.

She walked very slowly, picking up one or two still lifes from time to time with the camera on her chest. The old things here are very tasteful. It is no wonder that this old Shanghai local dish can stand still under the pressure of a bunch of French-style Italian meals on the beach.

An old waiter standing by the inner court door and wearing a long gown greeted him. “Miss, what do you need for help?”

The girl turned around and was caught in the current situation as a bad thing, apologizing. “Sorry, I took a photo without asking for permission in advance. If the owner cares, I can delete it now.”

After the old waiter saw her appearance, he took a few seconds. He can not help but take off the reading glasses and blinked, and continued to look at her, looking at the corner of his eyes, a little tears.

The girl was panicked by his reaction. “Old man, what’s wrong with you?”

He knew that he was out of order and bowed his eyes with a long sleeve. “Nothing. The little girl looks like a woman. I was a little shooked Did the lady make an appointment in advance?”

“No. I just came back from abroad and didn’t know the rules here.” The girl saw through the shoulders of the old waiter that there were not many guests in the store, and many tables were empty. “Can you make it convenient?”

The old waiter’s face showed a distressed expression. “I am really embarrassed, our chef has regulations. Every guest needs to book in advance for also the  number of people and dishes in advance. He does not accept instant orders.”

“Do he not accept instant orders? What is the rule? Is it not that he is not capable enough to make the food that the guests need on the spot to set the rules? The chefs in the Michelin restaurant are not so picking guests.”

“This…” The old waiter could not abrupt the guests, nor dare to talk about the boss. The hatchback is difficult.

“Childish.” A low, lazy male voice came out from the mouth of the meal. She looked at the sound, only to see a white arm with a plate of color and flavor. The fragrant barbecue sticks out. If you look closely, you can find that the arm line is slender and muscular, and it is a hand that can only be imagined. But at the time her occupational disease allowed her to focus her attention on the dish.

A selection of five-flowered barbecues sizzles in the dish, topped with a layer of peeled fresh squid, and the squid is topped with a rich sauce. She could smell the scent and move her index finger a few meters away. Bravo! (Great)

The hand pressed the bell. Immediately the waiter came up and took the dish. Her attention returned to the speaker.

The dining outlet was small, and she could only see a part of his chef’s suit shaking inside. This chef should be extremely tall, because the window that is almost at the height of her chest is actually only in his lower abdomen. And this chef is very vocal, even the chef’s clothes are custom-made, LOGO on the buckle is her favorite French brand.

“This is our chef, and our owner, Cheng Boss.” The old waiter saw her looking at her, and she was very understanding and introduced to her.

“Good dishes are worth waiting for, I don’t cook for people who don’t know how to eat.” Cheng Musheng added a cool note.

“Oh. Then you are lucky.” She took out a business card holder from the bag, pulled out a business card and flew into the mouth of the meal quickly, but was steadily caught by Cheng Musheng and looked up.

Simple white business card, you can feel the silver plum blossom on the corner with a bumpy hand. In the middle, I wrote the character and it’s “Lin Jing” in Lanting font. Below is her title: a senior writer/foodie in the French “Fresh” magazine food column.

“Oh.” Lin Jingyi heard a faint smile, and it was not a kind smile from the nose.

“You know that other restaurants are spending money to ask me to eat, just to write a good word in the column. An article in my column can add a 0 to the price of each dish in your restaurant. Isn’t this? Your luck?” Lin Jingyi is not such a madman, but she is a courtesy, and evil is evil. Obviously the person in the mouth of the meal is “mad.”

“I seem to be short of money?” Cheng boss threw the business card on the window sill. The finger was unconsciously clicked on the business card. The residual oil on the finger immediately fainted on the good business card.

In one sentence, Lin Jingyi was stunned. Obviously, this man looked down on both her money and her career. After all, it was a little girl in her twenties, and the shelf that was picked up was broken up, revealing a delicate side. “I was born in France and grew up in France. I returned to this land for a cage of fried bread. Are you really willing to let me return like this?”

Fried?” The old waiter around her saw her eyes look a little more special. The predecessor of the store was one old shop from 50 years who was selling fried oysters. When the original boss was older, he sold the shop and the craft to Cheng Musheng. This is the secret garden of today. Until now, the road is fried. The package is also one of the dishes.

“Why is it a fried bag?” Cheng Musheng also asked.

Hooked up. Lin Jingyi turned and hid her awkward smile. She walked to the middle of the restaurant with a picture of a three-person photo. There was a young girl with a good face. The girl stood on the side of the body and stood two temperamental but equally outstanding boys. The old days made the photo a bit distorted and fuzzy, but I can see that the owner loved the photo very much and smashed it with a thick glass frame. The picture frame reflects Lin Jing’s figure and is a coincidence with the girl in the photo.

On the table below the photo is a dilapidated motorcycle cap and a broken jug. It seems that every old thing has a story that cannot be said by people. Lin Jing’s hand touched them carefully, as if they had touched a piece of past history.

“Do you want to hear my story?” Lin Jing asked. Cheng Musheng did not answer immediately. “My story is for you as a free lunch without a reservation, can you do that?”

Cheng Musheng was silent for a while and seemed to be considering her proposal. The old waiter showed a little anxious look, and he could not wait for him. He glanced at the old man in the long sleeve, and he made up his mind. “I hope your story is worth returning.”

Lin Jing’s mouth curled up with a proud smile, and he did not see the pitiful appearance. Cheng Musheng was shocked to see this girl. But she did not give him a chance to repent, the index finger pointed to the old photo.

The old clock in the dining room began to rotate counterclockwise. Everything around it didn’t seem to change. Everything seemed to change again in a flash. The aging is alive, the old is modern, the dust is turned into nothing, the silence becomes awkward, everything seems to They all returned to the past in a moment…

Lin Jing’s foot stepped into the scene in the photo. You can see that the water on the ground reflected the gorgeous buildings and neon lights on the beach. A car crossed the road, and Lin Jingyi looked in the direction of the car. There are bustling Shanghai beach scenes everywhere, including modern beauty, hawkers selling cigarettes, flying rickshaws, and the beautiful and beautiful dance halls. Lin Jingyi is excited to enter Mei Gaomei.

Méi Gaomei dance floor is full of dancers wearing various Chinese costumes. The female singer in the center of the stage is standing with a hot Pear roll. With the band, she is singing “Night Fragrance”, and Lin Jingying is excited to slide into the dance floor. With the handsome young man in a tuxedo dancing, the last syllable ends on the edge of the dance floor. She walked through the dance floor, walked behind the stage, and walked out from the small door.

Lin Jingyi came to a quiet Shanghai small street. In front of it was a raw fried shop. The shop door was closed. Lin Jingyi was still strange. Suddenly someone broke down from the door and fell out. It was actually a gang in the fire. Lin Jingyan was scared to turn back and wanted to run. Just turned back, she saw a black man holding a black hole at the muzzle facing himself, Lin Jing’s horrified face, the black man pressed the trigger and shot…

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