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Granting You a Dreamlike Life Chapter 10

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In the evening, Duan Tianci blew a hot air while carrying the soup into the room of Tianying: “In the afternoon, after each play, my sister has recently worked hard for the work.”

Tian Ying took the bag of money in his hand and rummaged around and poured money into it.

“Tian Ying, what are you doing?”

“Look for money. Go to the police station ” Tian Ying answered the thorns.

Duan Tianci put down the soup in his hand and looked at her anxious appearance, thinking for a long time before opening. “Xu Gongzi is kind to us, you have to save him, I have nothing to say. But you have to think clearly, there is a jealous life-saving money in this money, do you really care about it? If you say a word, that person When Xu Gongzi saw it, he was not an ordinary person. He had a bunch of people waiting to pounce on him to save him. The weakest part of it is us.”

“If there is no him, I may have been now… brother, there are many people to save him, that is his network. But I can’t do anything that I can’t do with my heart’s kindness.” Tian Ying sinks a bit, from the money The hospital’s hospitalization and medical expenses were counted in the bag. “But brother, you are right, I can’t ignore it. You will hold the money first, and the rest will find another way.”

Tian Ying looked at the purse and removed the medical expenses. The money can’t be managed by so many patrols. In desperation, she thought of Luo Fusheng. “Brother, let me go out.”

Duan Tianci took her, and Tian Ying looked back at her brother and looked worried. He still didn’t say anything, only put a cloak on her. “It’s cool at night.”

Seeing that she had drilled out like a little fox, Duan Tianyi lamented. I hope that you are really for the sake of your mouth, not the feelings in your heart.

Mei Gaomei’s door opened, and the waiter heard that she came to find a small head. After the request, she led Tian Ying into the ballroom. Along the way, the songs and dances of the eyes were flat, and Tian Ying looked at them for a while. The world outside the beach was so hot that the people here couldn’t feel it at all, just drunk and dreamed of death.

The waiter said that the family was on the second floor of the box. They were not allowed to go up and asked her to go up the ladder. Tian Ying’s scalp went into the beautiful color of the dog’s horse, and walked through the dance floor wearing a enchanting or luxurious girl who walked up the spiral ladder. Her plain dress and the Yan Yanyan next to her body formed a sharp contrast, which attracted people’s attention. There are many other people talking.

Tian Ying went to Luo Fusheng, Luo Fusheng and another person are drinking with a boss-like person, surrounded by several sexy karaoke dancers. There were a lot of empty wine bottles in front of them, and several dancers were still toasting Luo Fusheng. Tian Ying’s face was stunned by Luo Fusheng, who was in a state of sorrow. He was one person who looked ignorant of the world’s hardships, and he was implicated in Xu’s squad.

Tian Ying has been standing next to it for a long time, Luo Fusheng slowly opened his mouth: “What are you doing here?”

“I came for Xu Xingcheng.” Tian Ying went straight to the subject.

Luo Fusheng got up straight from the sofa, and the eyes that had just been slightly stunned became clear: “He? What happened to him?”

“Xu Xingcheng was arrested for helping me. Can you find a way to redeem him?”

Luo Fusheng listened and was a little nervous, shouldn’t it, who was tired on the beach and rushed to the second master? He frowned and asked: “Who was caught?”

“People in the police station.”

“Police?” Luo Fusheng seemed to hear a joke, and the nervous look immediately relaxed and leaned back into the sofa. But he immediately turned to think, a plan came to mind, want to tease this savage little girl.

He said with a very embarrassed expression. “Police? It can be serious. You know, the police and our gangs are always fighting the wells without water. Even if we are bigger, we can’t easily interfere with them.”

Tianying heard this, his face was full of disappointment, Luo Fusheng secretly observed her facial expression, this little girl’s emotions were all on her face, just like a transparent person. It’s simple, but it’s fun too.

Luo Fusheng immediately turned around. “But hey, today is your luck, the wife of the police chief is playing here. If you can please the lady, if she says the last sentence, it is simple.”

As Said, Luo Fusheng’s hand on the sofa sitting between the dancers back and forth, pointing to the frost sister who is drinking, said. “Hey, this is the wife of the Secretary! You are going to ask her.”

When she heard this, she almost squirted out the wine. What kind of tricks this kid is playing again.

Tian Ying is puzzled to see the woman. Although the woman is dressed in a gorgeous manner and has a lot of manners, but the eyebrows in the eyes are too heavy, will it really be the wife of the Secretary?

Tian Ying can not take care of the true and false, and the doctor who is in a hurry to go to the hospital next to the cream sister. “Mrs. Secretary, can you help me with this friend?”

She looked at Luo Fusheng, he had a look, and the frost sister immediately stood up. I took the attitude of the lady of the upper class and said, “Girl, I am very understanding of the mood, but hey, I am a guest of Master Luo. Today, even if you are pleading, it should be that Luo Shaoye came to tell me is this like rectification?”

Tian Ying was confused by the double springs of these two people. She looked at Luo Fusheng in a distressed way and hesitated. Although he is not willing to ask him in his heart, he has to be inferior. “Less home, please… help Xu Shaoye?”

“It’s not impossible to help Xu Xingcheng, but I want to hear you sing a play last night.”

“When is this all the time? Also listen to the drama. Do you want to play with me? I really don’t know how there is a friend like you!” Tian Ying called out his words.

Luo Fusheng had a pair of eyes. This is a very close friend who will call him. Did the two people know each other for a night, but have they developed into close friends? “Friends are sometimes not necessarily reliable.”

Tian Ying gritted his teeth. “Do you want to listen to that scene? I will sing you now!”

“Wait. I suddenly didn’t want to listen to the drama. Let’s dance.” Luo Fusheng pointed to the dancers who were dancing on the stage.

“You want me to dance with the group of dancers who are bare-chested. Are you trying to humiliate me?” Tian Ying’s words are not reserved for the dancers. In fact, the entire beach on the dancers’ style is a senior prostitute. It is no wonder that Tianying is biased.

The girl was herself was a dancer, and when she heard her, her face changed immediately. In the future, the reprimand was interrupted by Luo Fusheng.

Luo Fusheng’s eyes were cold, and the temperament of the monk came out again. “Shame? Who is humiliating who is not necessarily. We are the beautiful dancers on the stage to make money on their own, selling sweat and smile, what is the difference between you and this play? Why do you not see them?”

Tian Ying was flushed by his little face, but he knew that he was not paying back. Frost sister pulled the loose sleeves and signaled that he was too heavy. After all, it’s still a little girl, and it’s not malicious.

Originally, he just wanted to tease the baby. I didn’t expect Tian Ying to use his prejudice to humiliate all the dancers present. Even if it is not for her, he should also give a lecture to her little girl who knows nothing about the world. “You jumped to their satisfaction today, I will go to save the Stars.”

Tian Ying gritted his teeth and turned to a stage with a row of dancers. The dancers are dressed in glamorous clothes, and only Tian Ying stands among them like an ugly duckling. Luo Fusheng and Mei Gaomei all the guests stood on the stage and looked at it. Luo Fusheng looked at the embarrassed look of Tian Ying and took the lead to applaud. Luo Cheng saw his applause and even someone blew his whistle. The baby on the stage is even more embarrassing.

At this point, the cheerful music sounded, the dancers smiled, and the movements began to dance neatly. The dances of MGM are all sexy dances. After a while, everyone twists the chest and kicks out the big white legs. The baby is caught in the middle of them. They can’t keep up with the rhythm. They can’t do such large-scale movements. A dumb duck. Luo Fusheng looked at the stage and his face eased a little.

At this point, there is a collective action that requires the dancers to cross each other’s arms. The dancers on both sides of the Tianying also used their arms to hold the Tianying, jumping with Tianying. However, Tian Ying did not keep up with the rhythm, the foot was awkward, and the dancers around him fell to the ground, while the dancers were holding hands together, so like dominoes, all fell to the ground. The dancers suddenly picked up because of the pain.

Tian Ying stood up and apologized to all the dancers. “Sorry, sorry, I blame myself. ” Luo Fusheng looked in his eyes and finally revealed a rare smile.

Frost sister secretly looked at his look and shouted: “Is it a girl?”

“Yes.” Luo Fusheng answered very simply.

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