Granting You a Dreamlike Life Chapter 11

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The cream sister took the lead and asked people to call the baby.

Tian Ying trotting back to the position on the second floor of the beginning, Liu Hai have sweat on the forehead and can not care to wipe. “I did what you said. Can you help save the Stars now?”

It seems that she is really nervous, Luo Fusheng is not slow to smoke a cigar, Chong Tianying spit out a cigarette ring: “Please ask the police to help for the money.”

Tian Ying rushed to take out the money in his arms and put it on the table. “I know. This is all my money.”

Luo Fusheng glanced at a few scattered silver dollars on the table. “Are you taking me to open up?”

Tian Ying began to realize that Luo Fusheng was playing himself, and he did not have the heart to help. Thinking of just dancing, I also missed so much time, maybe Xu Xingcheng is now beating in the prison. Thinking of this, she was so angry that she wanted to play with  Luo Fusheng, but Luo Fusheng gave a press on the sofa. Tian Ying looked nervously at Luo Fusheng, and her mouth was wide. “What are you doing? Let me go. Liar, rogue!”

Her eyes were red, and it seemed that she was about to drop the golden beans. Luo Fusheng gave up her hand. “I really want to save him… Then would you like to sell the most valuable thing in you?”

The dancing girl next to the wine heard it, and sneaked at the sneak. Tian Ying apparently understood the same meaning as they did. The original grievances turned into anger. There is a fire in my eyes that seems to burn the shameless people in front of me.

Frost sister speaks and maintains: “You are too bad. See you have scared the little girl!”

“Don’t misunderstand, I am not interested in your chick.” He pointed to her neckline.

Tian Ying quickly reacted and protected the star pendant hanging from the neck. Luo Fusheng is closer to the baby, and lifts the pendant from her neck and looks carefully.

“I have long noticed that this pendant is very rare. It may not be a valuable item. I will give you one hundred money, lend me for a few days?” This thing is not only rare, he seems to have seen it. But where is it? He can’t remember.

Tian Ying looked at the pendant and was suddenly inspired to think of something.

“You don’t have to help.” She protected the pendant, pushed Luo Fusheng, took the money back, and turned away.

Luo Fusheng did not chase, continue to stare at the girl around. Just ask Luo Cheng to keep up, don’t let her have an accident.

Frost sister shook her head.” chasing girls is not so chasing.”

Tianying stood outside the pawn shop and took a look at the pendant from the neck. He hesitated for a long time and finally made up his mind to desperately pick up the door of the pawnshop.

The pawn shop owner opened his eyes with a sleepy eye: “Girl, what time is this? What are you doing?”

Tian Ying: “When things happens. Boss, how much is this necklace worth?”

When the pawn shop owner looked at the baby’s wear, I thought that this girl did not seem to have any good things to do. I did not expect Tian Ying to show a star-shaped diamond pendant.

The pawn shop owner thought that he was wrong, put on his glasses, and couldn’t conceal his eyes: “Girl, I’m going to make a pot of tea, go into the house and talk slowly!”

 Tianying, who had nothing in the neck, walked into the detention room of the police station cautiously, but it seemed as if the lamb had entered the wolf’s den. The policemen who had been dozing off were awake and began to look at the baby with a fascinating look. I haven’t seen a woman for a long time.

Tian Ying felt that the atmosphere was somewhat wrong, but she was still courageous and facing the sheriff in front of her. “Hello! I want to…”

“Small sister, are you coming to report the case? What is bullied? Slowly, don’t worry.” Pretending to be a gentle policeman, he grabbed the hand of Tian Ying and stroked it.

Tian Ying quickly retracted his hand, shy and humiliated, and turned away. The rest of the police officers saw them and went forward to stop her. Looking at her eyes is more and more unreasonable, Tian Ying is somewhat afraid, but in order to Xu Xing Cheng, it must be forced to calm down. “I am not coming to report the case, I want to redeem the individual…”

Regarding the matter of money, the sheriff is also serious. “Redemption? Who?”

“It was just taken by the police from the Longfu Theatre in the afternoon…”

“What are you talking about?”

The sheriff pointed to the corner and saw only one of the cages. One person was beaten beyond recognition and hung his head there. But looking at the figure is not like Xu Xingcheng.

Tian Ying will believe that he will go forward and look at it. The man looked up, not Xu Xingcheng, but he was a fat young man with a bruised face. Next to him, the other brethren of the Green Gang also went away one by one.

Fat Sanye looked like Tian Ying, first surprised, then ridiculed, a blood spurt up, Tian Ying busy to avoid. “You Xiao Nizi, very kind of love, but also know to redeem your fat man.”

The policeman beat the hand of Hu Qi with a baton, and the fat three grandfather got back. “Redeering him? That’s impossible. He got the wrong person!”

Fat three grandfather snorted. “This Nizi looked at the pure, but it was a fox-like goods. Hong Gang was less a master, and Xu had one of them to see the sky.”

Tian Ying, who cares about his irony, said directly to the sheriff. “I don’t care about this person. I want to redeem Xu Xingcheng.”

The sheriff sighed: “Xu Xingcheng?” He heard the name and unconsciously kept a distance from Tianying.

Fat Sanye feels funny: “Where is the singer you sang? This is no one in Shanghai who dares to arrest him.”

The sheriff looked at her up and down, recognizing that the girl was the little one who had recently fired in the Fulong Theatre. “What is your relationship with our great Master?”

“We are a big master?” Tian Ying couldn’t figure it out. The police station that the sheriff said seemed to be the one opened by Xu Xingcheng.

“How? If no one knows anyone, find us to redeem. Master Xu is the son of Xu Rui’an, the cabinet minister. The entire police station in Shanghai is under the jurisdiction of his father. Where are you? Where? Where are you going? His safety is not a concern for you.”

Tian Ying took advantage of the money exchanged in his arms and went out of the police station.

In the Xu family’s house, Xu Xingcheng was bored sitting on the sofa, surrounded by police and plain clothes, Xu Xingcheng frowned.  I have sent you here?”

The police and plainclothes did not speak, but looked at Xu Xingcheng with difficulty.

At this time, a voice rang from behind Xu Xing. “How? When you come back from abroad, you don’t have a home, you are fooling around with people who are not in the same place. Is this family already unable to hold you?”

Xu Ruian walked into the living room with a civilized stick and took the hat and handed it to the butler. I also took the warm towel from the wife and gave me a clean hand.

The police and plainclothes said: “Mr. Xu!” Xu Xingcheng also stood up and screamed at the father.

“Yeah.” Xu Rui’an waved his hand and the police and plainclothes left.

“Hey, life is not a trifle. If you don’t like Hong Bang, why do you want to make a marriage for me?” Xu Xingcheng feared his father, but still exported and maintained Luo Fusheng, also questioned This marriage contract.

Xu Rui’an snorted and was disdainful in his tone. “Hong Zhengxi is Hongzheng, Luo Fusheng is Luo Fusheng. Do you think that a father is really a father? He is different from you. The fortune-telling is settled early. He is the life of a lonely star. When you were a child, you should be pitiful.” He, let him play with him. It’s so big, you should know who is worth making and who is not worth it.”

Xu Xingcheng did not say anything, and did not want to collide with his father. Xu Rui’an saw his son’s temper and came up again: “How did I teach you? don’t come back; or you don’t know what you are doing. You didn’t do both, you are shaking under my eyes. Is this unknown waiting for me to catch you back?”

“I’m sorry, my father. I drank too much last night and slept in. I didn’t dare to disturb my father, but I worried my father.”

“We are all people who make great things from generation to generation. You said that if you want to go abroad, I will let you out. Now you have enough to play, it’s time to collect. From tomorrow I entered the police station and started from the civil service. I have arranged it for you.”

Xu Xingcheng’s work at work will no longer be tolerated. “Dad! I am going back to China this time, I want to learn to use it as a doctor. This is my ideal! I have contacted the local Cixi Hospital to apply.”

“Ideal? This is also ideal? You tell me what kind of society is the society today? It is a society that eats people! The guns are always the most useful. The career path is the foundation for saving the country and saving the people. You are too naive. “Xu Rui’an pinched the bridge of the nose, a pair of hate iron is not steel.”

“At the beginning, you had to go abroad to study medicine. I broke your financial source. You are a bit minded. I used the money in my hand to speculate and solve the tuition and living expenses. I don’t deny that you are a bit capable. Now you have to go back to China to develop. You should know that on the beach, the dictatorship and feudal shackles in your eyes have always been one of the best!”

Xu Xingcheng received a free and equal education in foreign countries, and he still heard the threat of him. “Yes! You have the ability to cover the sky! Please continue to catch me. As long as my legs are not broken, I will escape from this house. Cat and mouse games, I have never played like this?”

Xu Rui’an was silent and pinched the civilization stick in his hand. This is the sign before my father’s anger, Xu Xingcheng is very clear. He used to use the civilization of the cherry wood in his hand to kneel down on him and his mother. When he was only 8 years old, he was beaten and broke a rib. This is his father, never soft to anyone.

In the past, in order to invite him to the elders, did he just push his eldest brother into the battlefield and finally die in the warlord’s melee? It is not the fearlessness of any defending country, but the warlord’s intrigue, the war victims of the compatriots.

Therefore, Xu Xingcheng hates war and hates politics. All he wants to do is pick up the scalpel and save people. He is not an eight-year-old child now, even if his father wants to interrupt his leg today. He still insists on going to work in the hospital.

Xu Xingcheng stood up and was about to leave. Xu Ruian stopped him: “Wait, you are so hard to come back, don’t you see your sister? Since you went abroad to study, your sister’s autism is more serious, basically no talk. “

Xu Xingcheng listened to hesitation, pinched his fist, and finally let go of his fist and expressed his surrender.

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